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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Fizzcrank-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Mystical  Fizzcrank-US111Not updated
2Neology Hells GloryFizzcrank-US90Not updated
3Endy when in doùbt hearth oùtFizzcrank-US85Not updated
4Tocu InappropriateFizzcrank-US78Not updated
5Puppykicker Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US77Not updated
5Lizzytwo  Fizzcrank-US77Not updated
7Elyk ReforgedFizzcrank-US74Not updated
8Vellidra  Fizzcrank-US72Not updated
9Mureesh PantheonFizzcrank-US70Not updated
10Murlockisser Dont Think SmallFizzcrank-US69Not updated
11Narus The Scary DoorFizzcrank-US68Not updated
11Strangehunt Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US68Not updated
11Lizzêy  Fizzcrank-US68Not updated
14Onii Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US67Not updated
14Krodoss The Scary DoorFizzcrank-US67Not updated
14Onae InappropriateFizzcrank-US67Not updated
14Thorgy IconFizzcrank-US67Not updated
18Cottonmaster Used NapkinFizzcrank-US66Not updated
19Smyt Staff In Your EyeFizzcrank-US65Not updated
20Telo ExodusFizzcrank-US64Not updated
21Nukette  Fizzcrank-US63Not updated
22Treerooy ReforgedFizzcrank-US61Not updated
22Hitcap InappropriateFizzcrank-US61Not updated
22Caramann Hells GloryFizzcrank-US61Not updated
25Shamantics Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US60Not updated
25Heita Midnight VirtueFizzcrank-US60Not updated
25Meilling Total Party KillFizzcrank-US60Not updated
25Diffuse Best In Both SlotsFizzcrank-US60Not updated
29Shadowhell Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US59Not updated
29Afx Untamed HeritageFizzcrank-US59Not updated
31Chinook The HauntedFizzcrank-US58Not updated
31Crimsondemon  Fizzcrank-US58Not updated
31Mdaz The HauntedFizzcrank-US58Not updated
31Jiae  Fizzcrank-US58Not updated
35Leïleï Keep Moving ForwardFizzcrank-US57Not updated
35Çherushie  Fizzcrank-US57Not updated
35Pandamental ExodusFizzcrank-US57Not updated
35Sevasal The Scary DoorFizzcrank-US57Not updated
35Satherus  Fizzcrank-US57Not updated
40Deathmagic RemnantsFizzcrank-US56Not updated
40Illusive ExodusFizzcrank-US56Not updated
40Wrothe  Fizzcrank-US56Not updated
43Grismortuus Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US55Not updated
43Troggles Keep Moving ForwardFizzcrank-US55Not updated
43Ravalina Valiant EnforcersFizzcrank-US55Not updated
43Rrah Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US55Not updated
43Delîlah BaneFizzcrank-US55Not updated
48Nightmares RemnantsFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Syphrilla Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Pitfiend InappropriateFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Minigris The Lost GodsFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Lirina Blood of the HordeFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Komander  Fizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Valléntina KAHUFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Lbrookl omnipotentFizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Nirez  Fizzcrank-US54Not updated
48Bigsmoo Southern NationFizzcrank-US54Not updated
58Ralfferly Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US53Not updated
58Budai Alexstrasza RefugeesFizzcrank-US53Not updated
58Quesly Twilight AccordFizzcrank-US53Not updated
58Kasume  Fizzcrank-US53Not updated
58Antidentite  Fizzcrank-US53Not updated
58Togglespark  Fizzcrank-US53Not updated
64Joval The HauntedFizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Boxmaster Used NapkinFizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Seirei Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Tinypaws ExodusFizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Xia MaraudersFizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Xanona  Fizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Leenen Calamity PvPFizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Mætshield  Fizzcrank-US52Not updated
64Sansvie Legacy of DarknessFizzcrank-US52Not updated
73Talinthyr  Fizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Poearia  Fizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Viroo Hells GloryFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Kaelysa Dark Steel KnightsFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Grizzlebees Power Word AwesomeFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Poisonivyz Hells GloryFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Moonblade New DawnFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Krahm MaraudersFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Carpenoctem Power Word AwesomeFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Plutowar Night HuntersFizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Kazras  Fizzcrank-US51Not updated
73Riko  Fizzcrank-US51Not updated
85Cosette Echo CompanyFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Ganu BenevolenceFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Kitnorville Of the Adventures incFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Rasputine ExodusFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Wolfbones madness and chaosFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Facetious Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Kakoori Expatriate AsylumFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Nirvanana Glorious FuryFizzcrank-US50Not updated
85Phex Power Word AwesomeFizzcrank-US50Not updated
94Vulfur Censorship is CancerFizzcrank-US49Not updated
94Bisquit Chaos UnisonFizzcrank-US49Not updated
94Márley Used NapkinFizzcrank-US49Not updated
94Jessum Seraphim of MourningFizzcrank-US49Not updated
94Raznor Death Note SocietyFizzcrank-US49Not updated
94Mickabo ExodusFizzcrank-US49Not updated
94Feilena InappropriateFizzcrank-US49Not updated

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