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Firetree-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Charlesseta  Firetree-US99
2Diabolical ONEFiretree-US88
3Phaidra InsomniaFiretree-US86
4Fbz Thunder QuacksFiretree-US79
4Malachi Pie ChartFiretree-US79
6Nagi InsomniaFiretree-US78
7Tomlin Risen From the AshesFiretree-US76
7Karstag ADDICTIONFiretree-US76
9Adamwest AbsolutéFiretree-US75
9Pesticles Pie ChartFiretree-US75
11Seksier Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US73
12Vicario ONEFiretree-US72
12Altrag InsomniaFiretree-US72
12Kagonos Risen From the AshesFiretree-US72
12Entrari Risen From the AshesFiretree-US72
12Sparkstorm VanquishFiretree-US72
12Svel  Firetree-US72Not updated
18Lumaelaron AbsolutéFiretree-US71
18Garcher JudgementFiretree-US71Not updated
18Ferro BlasphemyFiretree-US71Not updated
21Ixit AbsolutéFiretree-US69
22Rawriör ONEFiretree-US68
22Gamtard tlcFiretree-US68
22Duskstalker tlcFiretree-US68
22Earp Osceola and RenegadeFiretree-US68
22Getpissed Pie ChartFiretree-US68Not updated
22Kenshiiro RevolutionaryFiretree-US68
28Ellros Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US67
28Chinpokomon InsomniaFiretree-US67
28Greyfox SolidarityFiretree-US67
28Lillíth  Firetree-US67Not updated
28Jazzpah Take TwoFiretree-US67
28Lovetrap  Firetree-US67
34Vellaella AbsolutéFiretree-US66
34Stormstriker Risen From the AshesFiretree-US66
34Smackyou WingusAndThePingPongBoysFiretree-US66
34Gamard StormFiretree-US66Not updated
34Necrojester Pie ChartFiretree-US66
39Mikkaal Vs the WorldFiretree-US65
39Stikfas Goon SqwadFiretree-US65Not updated
41Substandard tlcFiretree-US64
41Lynxwing AbsolutéFiretree-US64
41Whiterune Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US64
41Darman tlcFiretree-US64Not updated
41Missfire Paradigm ShiftFiretree-US64Not updated
41Saraphum The Art of PvpFiretree-US64Not updated
41Orbie  Firetree-US64Not updated
41Nevelenevele Chosen Firetree-US64Not updated
41Necrojouster Pie ChartFiretree-US64Not updated
41Rusk  Firetree-US64Not updated
51Peatree InsomniaFiretree-US63
51Kickin ONEFiretree-US63
51Tiderunner Semi ProFiretree-US63Not updated
51Kiyomaro Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US63Not updated
51Pandalicious InsomniaFiretree-US63Not updated
51Kamaki ShadowFiretree-US63
51Telethal Pie ChartFiretree-US63
51Tiimor  Firetree-US63Not updated
59Cia Vs the WorldFiretree-US62Not updated
59Verdy tlcFiretree-US62Not updated
59Expletive  Firetree-US62
59Megan DefinityFiretree-US62Not updated
59Startswithw ONEFiretree-US62Not updated
64Raelena tlcFiretree-US61
64Neal AbsolutéFiretree-US61
64Sermarå VanquishFiretree-US61
64Sdharbor Vs the WorldFiretree-US61
64Daergor No LifeFiretree-US61Not updated
64Humoroff For The SporeFiretree-US61Not updated
64Harpokin Pie ChartFiretree-US61Not updated
64Klamnei  Firetree-US61Not updated
64Fel  Firetree-US61Not updated
73Pryda ONEFiretree-US60
73Kenshunter Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US60
73Soultiller No ThanksFiretree-US60Not updated
73Angelluz Pie ChartFiretree-US60Not updated
73Arcsin  Firetree-US60Not updated
73Madrazos Pie ChartFiretree-US60
73Holli  Firetree-US60Not updated
73Teddydaniels DelusionalFiretree-US60Not updated
81Bantrolled ONEFiretree-US59
81Tinytauren Super Secret SauceFiretree-US59
81Imthenodo  Firetree-US59Not updated
81Torash RevolutionaryFiretree-US59Not updated
81Nephytis Star Stack On StarFiretree-US59Not updated
81Ebrielle Die Or Live TryingFiretree-US59
81Kerinda tlcFiretree-US59
81Zeldenub Super Secret SauceFiretree-US59Not updated
81Ados Pie ChartFiretree-US59
81Unleashedoom Risen From the AshesFiretree-US59Not updated
91Désespoir Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US58
91Hinatta Suggestive ThemesFiretree-US58
91Noelitha Risen From the AshesFiretree-US58
91Farscape Talons of the ZephyrFiretree-US58
91Dellamortas  Firetree-US58Not updated
91Fuselighter AbsolutéFiretree-US58
91Holyhawtness  Firetree-US58Not updated
91Ðmx  Firetree-US58Not updated

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