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Fenris-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Cuffaladin Learn to PlayFenris-US78Not updated
2Solsnake Towards GloryFenris-US77Not updated
3Tertzak  Fenris-US73Not updated
4Slaaneshi The OutcastsFenris-US72
4Touko Undead FuryFenris-US72Not updated
6Tokiko Hand of PainFenris-US70
6Rob  Fenris-US70
8Verfands RebirthFenris-US69
8Mirna ShadynastyFenris-US69Not updated
8Kungfuzombie The Lunatic FringeFenris-US69Not updated
11Malignynt Rednekk SoldiersFenris-US68
11Razielmalice Chaotic NeutralFenris-US68Not updated
11Elisaria Order of EnlightenmentFenris-US68Not updated
11Treebearcat Order of EnlightenmentFenris-US68Not updated
15Strom  Fenris-US67
15Bob  Fenris-US67
15Metoma Square OneFenris-US67
15Gimertion  Fenris-US67Not updated
19Baristolth Hand of PainFenris-US66
19Mize Strawberry NubcakesFenris-US66
19Manavgion Undead FuryFenris-US66Not updated
19Magicmewse  Fenris-US66Not updated
23Misdemeanor Chaotic NeutralFenris-US65
24Jannic The HoneybadgersFenris-US64
25Cheeseynacho The OutcastsFenris-US63
25Balach The OutcastsFenris-US63
27Vaharesh Ooh ShinyFenris-US62
27Kazashammy  Fenris-US62Not updated
27Whitecastle Evil AngelsFenris-US62
27Souly Alterred LivesFenris-US62
27Loktar Square OneFenris-US62
32Tashigi Echoes of FenrisFenris-US61Not updated
32Jellydonut  Fenris-US61Not updated
32Delaisse  Fenris-US61Not updated
32Sniprwolf  Fenris-US61Not updated
36Eagan  Fenris-US60
36Ashartï so much junkFenris-US60
36Syzzle The OutcastsFenris-US60
36Decaymint Strawberry NubcakesFenris-US60Not updated
36Supertush Chaotic NeutralFenris-US60Not updated
36Jacysfist Ooh ShinyFenris-US60Not updated
36Lysander  Fenris-US60Not updated
43Beerless End Game TheoryFenris-US59
43Angellik Evil AngelsFenris-US59
43Xplicitt  Fenris-US59Not updated
43Poisonetta Strawberry NubcakesFenris-US59Not updated
43Sharpnel The BenevolentFenris-US59
43Jeromebootz  Fenris-US59Not updated
49Josephjts Towards GloryFenris-US58
49Garut so much junkFenris-US58
49Dreamtalker End Game TheoryFenris-US58
49Lishira The OutcastsFenris-US58
49Vicfire RebirthFenris-US58
49Goodapollo Angel SanctuaryFenris-US58
49Greenbeers Howlin HurricaneFenris-US58Not updated
49Pandapotts The OutcastsFenris-US58Not updated
49Deadñugent Valor AcademyFenris-US58Not updated
58Cbaoth Towards GloryFenris-US57
58Kalzak End Game TheoryFenris-US57
58Shushienae LordsofDarknessFenris-US57
58Moonbow Disciples of the LightFenris-US57
58Wheelie Towards GloryFenris-US57
58Ònyx Twisted TrinityFenris-US57
58Sharker The BenevolentFenris-US57Not updated
58Shaydryn League of ChampionsFenris-US57Not updated

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