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Farstriders-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Zaeriak ShadowGuardFarstriders-US109
2Arnóra AegisFarstriders-US95
3Bright  Farstriders-US80Not updated
4Yiago AegisFarstriders-US78
4Vivida Trinity CouncilFarstriders-US78Not updated
6Laura Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US74
7Amalei PandamoniaFarstriders-US73
8Vatov Knights of AzerothFarstriders-US70
8Rossignol Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US70Not updated
10Amilessa AegisFarstriders-US69
11Avestara The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US67
11Sponge The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US67Not updated
13Liadan The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US66
13Fangshifter Stormwind GuardFarstriders-US66Not updated
15Noctum SleeplessFarstriders-US65
15Ius Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US65
15Nightspawn AegisFarstriders-US65Not updated
18Harlie The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US64
18Basic VoodooFarstriders-US64Not updated
18Delaphina  Farstriders-US64Not updated
18Meatax AegisFarstriders-US64Not updated
22Dominitari Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US63
22Autotaco The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US63
22Mcmurphy SleeplessFarstriders-US63
25Junkai Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US62
25Bastian Court of MiraclesFarstriders-US62
25Huhai Eye of The WorldFarstriders-US62Not updated
28Tìna AegisFarstriders-US61
28Lucian The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US61
28Sealalicious Nightsong MoonFarstriders-US61Not updated
28Tristallon Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US61
28Hasmia The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US61Not updated
28Bearoness The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US61Not updated
34Hydrargyrum SleeplessFarstriders-US60
34Aethra The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US60Not updated
34Sparklies Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US60Not updated
34Andanas The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US60
38Ginness Kind of a Big DealFarstriders-US59Not updated
38Bravestone Sun Tzu CouncilFarstriders-US59Not updated
38Treyandon BurasadareFarstriders-US59Not updated
38Ardtor AegisFarstriders-US59Not updated
42Jyn VoodooFarstriders-US58
42Kalliope The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US58
42Ischade Justice SeekersFarstriders-US58
42Biscotti Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US58
42Runetann VoodooFarstriders-US58
42Varromande Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US58
42Massic The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US58
42Lexaeus The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US58Not updated
42Tmth Dirt NapFarstriders-US58
42Varnaa Phantom RegimentFarstriders-US58Not updated
42Kunimitsu Uniteds HavenFarstriders-US58Not updated
42Lithlatira Hoggers MaraudersFarstriders-US58Not updated
54Kasimir SleeplessFarstriders-US57
54Legendary Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US57
54Rainfellow Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US57
54Tovius SleeplessFarstriders-US57
54Cowfurion Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US57
54Fails Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US57
54Rixian Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US57
54Degan The Seven KingdomsFarstriders-US57Not updated
54Kronici SleeplessFarstriders-US57
54Petitmortina Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US57Not updated
64Briznot The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US56
64Santanome Justice SeekersFarstriders-US56Not updated
64Sisterblood WARLORDSFarstriders-US56
64Brizzly The Senatus AltiusFarstriders-US56
64Dewshine  Farstriders-US56Not updated
64Kalvandra Hallowed ArcanaFarstriders-US56Not updated
64Redonda AegisFarstriders-US56Not updated
64Vootoo VoodooFarstriders-US56Not updated
72Banshiff SymphonyFarstriders-US55
72Zevelna VoodooFarstriders-US55
72Amynthel Shaolin PunksFarstriders-US55
72Aliis The Hellfire AngelsFarstriders-US55Not updated
72Sacelerene Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US55
72Shiverstrike Eternal GloryFarstriders-US55Not updated
72Tartana Natural OrderFarstriders-US55Not updated
72Shøckzqt AegisFarstriders-US55Not updated
72Aristenae Natural OrderFarstriders-US55
72Mazruk  Farstriders-US55Not updated
72Flux High MaintenanceFarstriders-US55Not updated
83Zapeey AegisFarstriders-US54
83Kurzed Ancient VanguardFarstriders-US54
83Knorr Heaven and EarthFarstriders-US54
83Rhiane AdamantineFarstriders-US54
83Amastasia Silvermoon SwordmaidensFarstriders-US54

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