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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Exodar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Lolhlspam DI the HunterExodar-US101Not updated
2Soul FatalExodar-US85Not updated
3Cynnamin Hippie HordeExodar-US82Not updated
4Reubenok The Crazy Eighty EightExodar-US80Not updated
4Chastemonk Dragon SquishedExodar-US80Not updated
6Aileana DI the HunterExodar-US78Not updated
6Synii The GorgonitesExodar-US78Not updated
6Moominatrix The Crazy Eighty EightExodar-US78Not updated
9Fred FatalExodar-US77Not updated
9Asheria  Exodar-US77Not updated
9Kuzame ContingencyExodar-US77Not updated
12Krystenn VoltagèExodar-US76Not updated
13Tinkles Distinct AdvantageExodar-US75Not updated
13Notneuro HaloExodar-US75Not updated
15Raenbow ContingencyExodar-US74Not updated
15Someday FatalExodar-US74Not updated
17Trøøper The HorsemenExodar-US72Not updated
18Sytaera HaloExodar-US71Not updated
19Skelitor  Exodar-US70Not updated
19Blood DI the HunterExodar-US70Not updated
21Platypi Mote of Ice CreamExodar-US69Not updated
21Règrettable  Exodar-US69Not updated
21Syriaan Shadows of DawnExodar-US69Not updated
24Angryshammy Immortal IncarnationsExodar-US68Not updated
24Ahrk  Exodar-US68Not updated
26Sogru ContingencyExodar-US67Not updated
26Jaid ContingencyExodar-US67Not updated
26Mordrem Raiders RebornExodar-US67Not updated
26Nymphis Just for FunExodar-US67Not updated
26Ráine IlluminatiExodar-US67Not updated
26Mivd ScotchExodar-US67Not updated
26Chanaris IlluminatiExodar-US67Not updated
33Rare Have bubble Will hearthExodar-US66Not updated
33Kelresh Raiding with HelmetsExodar-US66Not updated
33Latala Silver Dragon TemplarExodar-US66Not updated
33Mxps KashmirExodar-US66Not updated
33Lëto IlluminatiExodar-US66Not updated
33Mooglepower Awesome ForcesExodar-US66Not updated
39Diznan ContingencyExodar-US65Not updated
39Maynärd Templars of Lia FailExodar-US65Not updated
39Opacity InfinityExodar-US65Not updated
39Dogystyle Random RenagadesExodar-US65Not updated
39Phøenixdown The Crazy Eighty EightExodar-US65Not updated
39Smiterman  Exodar-US65Not updated
45Rosalyne Mostly HarmlessExodar-US64Not updated
45Déw LegitExodar-US64Not updated
45Starseeds Horde CallExodar-US64Not updated
45Aristocrat  Exodar-US64Not updated
49Bahm The GorgonitesExodar-US63Not updated
49Nerthuz The GorgonitesExodar-US63Not updated
49Aramith Raiders RebornExodar-US63Not updated
49Bullshifts Seven Deadly SinsExodar-US63Not updated
49Nebeni  Exodar-US63Not updated
49Fluoryne Glory Or DeathExodar-US63Not updated
55Ophellia Distinct AdvantageExodar-US62Not updated
55Orlha ArchonExodar-US62Not updated
55Cinnamonroll DI the HunterExodar-US62Not updated
55Fâcial  Exodar-US62Not updated
59Reea ContingencyExodar-US61Not updated
59Alethian Righteous BladeExodar-US61Not updated
59Prozac Inner CircleExodar-US61Not updated
59Jaad FatalExodar-US61Not updated
59Vesania Nulli SecundusExodar-US61Not updated
59Notlegolas FatalExodar-US61Not updated
65Thordaal Distinct AdvantageExodar-US60Not updated
65Gimehli We Cleared KazakhstanExodar-US60Not updated
65Praetura  Exodar-US60Not updated
65Rùfus ContingencyExodar-US60Not updated
65Bellefray The Dragons HammerExodar-US60Not updated
65Monkhealsftw The GorgonitesExodar-US60Not updated
65Trinkette MisfitzExodar-US60Not updated
72Sekkendou îcønExodar-US59Not updated
72Deadhod Raiders RebornExodar-US59Not updated
72Floradelle La VéritéExodar-US59Not updated
72Zhong ContingencyExodar-US59Not updated
72Dorinarae Impossible StandardsExodar-US59Not updated
72Kaiaka ContingencyExodar-US59Not updated
72Jorbon Righteous BladeExodar-US59Not updated
72Shádõw FatalExodar-US59Not updated
72Selkis Is Mentally UnstableExodar-US59Not updated
72Vanaphylaxis  Exodar-US59Not updated
72Shäpower Violent TendenciesExodar-US59Not updated
72Speed  Exodar-US59Not updated
72Bixbeezle The CartelExodar-US59Not updated
72Yoyomomococo League of DoomExodar-US59Not updated
72Subdue Ouch That HurtsExodar-US59Not updated
72Taiesha  Exodar-US59Not updated

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