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Eredar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nudist Game OvérEredar-US96Not updated
2Altruce Game OvérEredar-US66Not updated
3Sazaku Game OvérEredar-US58Not updated
4Gummiebears Game OvérEredar-US56Not updated
5Pwnography Game OvérEredar-US53Not updated
6Nightsmoke Game OvérEredar-US51
7Baerik Game OvérEredar-US50Not updated
8Biluu Game OvérEredar-US48Not updated
9Zho Game OvérEredar-US47
9Married Game OvérEredar-US47Not updated
11Simonphoenix Game OvérEredar-US46Not updated
12Partieboi Game OvérEredar-US43Not updated
12Lodus Game OvérEredar-US43Not updated
12Francium Game OvérEredar-US43Not updated
15Krué Game OvérEredar-US41Not updated
16Malfuron Game OvérEredar-US40
16Executeus Game OvérEredar-US40Not updated
18Kafizzle Game OvérEredar-US39Not updated
19Uxaur Game OvérEredar-US38Not updated
20Sukiie Game OvérEredar-US37Not updated
20Fubarrogue Game OvérEredar-US37Not updated
22Akromo Game OvérEredar-US36Not updated
23Scholae Game OvérEredar-US35Not updated
23Mokatoka Game OvérEredar-US35Not updated
25Stabbinfever Game OvérEredar-US34Not updated
25Swiftkill Game OvérEredar-US34Not updated
27Jehryn Game OvérEredar-US33
27Elfton Game OvérEredar-US33Not updated
29Truckk Game OvérEredar-US32Not updated
30Cenon Game OvérEredar-US31Not updated
30Silentj Game OvérEredar-US31Not updated
30Darkfalcon Game OvérEredar-US31Not updated
30Lylian Game OvérEredar-US31Not updated
34Rogueforlife Game OvérEredar-US30Not updated
34Gulden Game OvérEredar-US30Not updated
36Lyrubunael Game OvérEredar-US29Not updated
37Sindar Game OvérEredar-US28Not updated
37Xithryl Game OvérEredar-US28Not updated
39Homicidex Game OvérEredar-US27
39Electricitý Game OvérEredar-US27Not updated
39Primeval Game OvérEredar-US27Not updated
42Andalas Game OvérEredar-US26Not updated
42Atlås Game OvérEredar-US26Not updated
42Incendio Game OvérEredar-US26Not updated
45Sirlocke Game OvérEredar-US25Not updated
45Drualloch Game OvérEredar-US25Not updated
45Riellon Game OvérEredar-US25Not updated
45Misonea Game OvérEredar-US25Not updated
49Ayuzawa Game OvérEredar-US23Not updated
50Dåwn Game OvérEredar-US22Not updated
50Seel Game OvérEredar-US22Not updated
50Haïku Game OvérEredar-US22Not updated
50Elementius Game OvérEredar-US22Not updated
50Vasher Game OvérEredar-US22Not updated
55Manalow Game OvérEredar-US21Not updated
55Shemah Game OvérEredar-US21Not updated
55Njorl Game OvérEredar-US21Not updated
55Squirrelz Game OvérEredar-US21Not updated
59Mugadin Game OvérEredar-US20Not updated
59Echothree Game OvérEredar-US20Not updated
59Seperation Game OvérEredar-US20Not updated
59Vinok Game OvérEredar-US20Not updated
59Midall Game OvérEredar-US20Not updated
64Mobb Game OvérEredar-US19Not updated
65Thegodfatha Game OvérEredar-US18Not updated
66Spikeful Game OvérEredar-US17Not updated
67Illadan Game OvérEredar-US16Not updated
68Iizabella Game OvérEredar-US14Not updated
68Saxyselopp Game OvérEredar-US14Not updated
68Mashy Game OvérEredar-US14Not updated
68Kegbelly Game OvérEredar-US14
72Tobiam Game OvérEredar-US13Not updated
73Edellee Game OvérEredar-US12Not updated
73Ekcospy Game OvérEredar-US12Not updated
73Bravoure Game OvérEredar-US12Not updated
76Jesco Game OvérEredar-US11Not updated
77Cupcakemya Game OvérEredar-US8Not updated
78Hrod Game OvérEredar-US7Not updated
78Deral Game OvérEredar-US7Not updated
78Nolkai Game OvérEredar-US7Not updated
81Allister Game OvérEredar-US6Not updated
81Xalithmus Game OvérEredar-US6
83Beetus Game OvérEredar-US4Not updated
84Ülquiora Game OvérEredar-US3Not updated
84Khayos Game OvérEredar-US3Not updated
84Artemisee Game OvérEredar-US3Not updated
87Daesu Game OvérEredar-US2Not updated
87Revenge Game OvérEredar-US2Not updated
89Xalith Game OvérEredar-US1Not updated
89Shaqusha Game OvérEredar-US1Not updated
91Rajiv Game OvérEredar-US0Not updated

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