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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eredar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Zaelia Months BehindEredar-US130Not updated
2Tumi Perfect InsanityEredar-US110Not updated
3Illusifer Capital VicesEredar-US99Not updated
3Krokaar Months BehindEredar-US99Not updated
3Nudist Game OvérEredar-US99Not updated
6Qp  Eredar-US98Not updated
7Pyrokinesis Months BehindEredar-US97Not updated
8Vardlokkur  Eredar-US87Not updated
9Chopstikchad Months BehindEredar-US86Not updated
9Manbearwolf Carry CoEredar-US86Not updated
11Nymphy Perfect InsanityEredar-US85Not updated
12Unggoy Capital VicesEredar-US84Not updated
12Tocsinx  Eredar-US84Not updated
14Yozomiko Months BehindEredar-US82Not updated
14Akirah Perfect InsanityEredar-US82Not updated
16Truedusk Capital VicesEredar-US81Not updated
16Khanradical Slayed like a DragonEredar-US81Not updated
18Flohw Months BehindEredar-US79Not updated
18Dabottomline TEAM BRING ITEredar-US79Not updated
18Friggitee Smoothie CoEredar-US79Not updated
18Ashelia  Eredar-US79Not updated
22Valzear Dirt DogsEredar-US78Not updated
22Magicpewpew  Eredar-US78Not updated
22Moistiest  Eredar-US78Not updated
25Sasseria Capital VicesEredar-US77Not updated
25Veloeisobama Months BehindEredar-US77Not updated
25Caerwen Perfect InsanityEredar-US77Not updated
25Kuriara Months BehindEredar-US77Not updated
29Urg Months BehindEredar-US76Not updated
29Senrin TEAM BRING ITEredar-US76Not updated
31Grade DestinatusEredar-US75Not updated
31Slimthug Capital VicesEredar-US75Not updated
31Lcn TEAM BRING ITEredar-US75Not updated
34Ligerzerro Capital VicesEredar-US74Not updated
34Phine slashdanceEredar-US74Not updated
34Thachad  Eredar-US74Not updated
34Sinia Slayed like a DragonEredar-US74Not updated
38Jojoa Capital VicesEredar-US73Not updated
38Veloe Months BehindEredar-US73Not updated
38Ithilgore  Eredar-US73Not updated
41Asamari FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US72Not updated
41Norav Months BehindEredar-US72Not updated
41Monito Capital VicesEredar-US72Not updated
41Krauth Months BehindEredar-US72Not updated
41Nallina Months BehindEredar-US72Not updated
41Mystletoe Perfect InsanityEredar-US72Not updated
41Nixxe Capital VicesEredar-US72Not updated
41Nin ParadigmEredar-US72Not updated
41Kirlune slashdanceEredar-US72Not updated
41Nalsoon DestinatusEredar-US72Not updated
51Satsui Capital VicesEredar-US71Not updated
51Jossalin Months BehindEredar-US71Not updated
51Vines Perfect InsanityEredar-US71Not updated
51Foxxer Perfect InsanityEredar-US71Not updated
51Herne  Eredar-US71Not updated
51Trazgul Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US71Not updated
51Raska Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US71Not updated
51Vresh  Eredar-US71Not updated
59Rawrosaur Capital VicesEredar-US70Not updated
59Rails Dirt DogsEredar-US70Not updated
59Sherbatsky  Eredar-US70Not updated
62Primalmatter Capital VicesEredar-US69Not updated
62Stellar ParadigmEredar-US69Not updated
62Alayn Perfect InsanityEredar-US69Not updated
62Protoscar  Eredar-US69Not updated
62Inflexible  Eredar-US69Not updated
67Musurana Capital VicesEredar-US68Not updated
67Berms Capital VicesEredar-US68Not updated
67Motholomew FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US68Not updated
67Renfield Whiskey BrigadeEredar-US68Not updated
67Stooly FLIPSIDE KINGSEredar-US68Not updated
67Punxster Touch Not The CatEredar-US68Not updated
67Richmcdots ParadigmEredar-US68Not updated
74Poppyseed  Eredar-US67Not updated
74Woainie M Y T H incEredar-US67Not updated
74Kurri Sacred VowEredar-US67Not updated
77Selivard PredominantEredar-US66Not updated
77Mistmedic Capital VicesEredar-US66Not updated
77Nightshade Capital VicesEredar-US66Not updated
77Keles Dirt DogsEredar-US66Not updated
77Dragunov Bacon is deliciousEredar-US66Not updated
77Animalfat  Eredar-US66Not updated
77Morrtos PropagandaEredar-US66Not updated
77Xel Months BehindEredar-US66Not updated
85Haugfolkev Para Los MuertosEredar-US65Not updated
85Feorah Dirt DogsEredar-US65Not updated
85Nohorns Bacon is deliciousEredar-US65Not updated
85Katharsis DestinatusEredar-US65Not updated
85Blackshru Deaths handEredar-US65Not updated

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