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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eonar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Zelynra Murder Death KillEonar-EU109Not updated
2Náin OutrageEonar-EU102Not updated
3Fokuhila The Logical CubeEonar-EU101Not updated
4Mmninetyfive Murder Death KillEonar-EU98Not updated
5Ángel  Eonar-EU91Not updated
6Alwayz The Logical CubeEonar-EU90Not updated
7Windearth BiSEonar-EU89Not updated
7Lilien BardsEonar-EU89Not updated
9Spîtfîre The Logical CubeEonar-EU83Not updated
10Alexlhp ALIVEEonar-EU82Not updated
10Zubacz The Logical CubeEonar-EU82Not updated
12Kamala BiSEonar-EU80Not updated
12Pendor The Logical CubeEonar-EU80Not updated
14Lai After HoursEonar-EU79Not updated
14Ragindieded Natural Born ChillersEonar-EU79Not updated
16Athenamyst The DMZEonar-EU78Not updated
16Thala  Eonar-EU78Not updated
18Holyflame The DMZEonar-EU77Not updated
19Mior KarmakillersEonar-EU76Not updated
20Misioka The Logical CubeEonar-EU75Not updated
20Lacerta Legends of LanternenEonar-EU75Not updated
20Freelyfrozen ConciliumEonar-EU75Not updated
20Rikeen Moherowe BeretyEonar-EU75Not updated
20Lizette OutrageEonar-EU75Not updated
25Celticmight The Logical CubeEonar-EU74Not updated
25Handigeharry QualityEonar-EU74Not updated
25Liquidroll The DMZEonar-EU74Not updated
25Junpai The Noob BusEonar-EU74Not updated
25Rukia  Eonar-EU74Not updated
30Miracle NumenEonar-EU73Not updated
30Bommbur RestrictedEonar-EU73Not updated
30Moroshka ARDAEonar-EU73Not updated
33Goonerboy The DMZEonar-EU72Not updated
33Brunnhild The Logical CubeEonar-EU72Not updated
33Joksan QualityEonar-EU72Not updated
33Kw BiSEonar-EU72Not updated
33Tonberrý ARDAEonar-EU72Not updated
38Necrobo The DMZEonar-EU71Not updated
38Xxenozzerion  Eonar-EU71Not updated
38Daanu RuptureEonar-EU71Not updated
41Tastywaffel Iron WardensEonar-EU70Not updated
41Banita SithsEonar-EU70Not updated
41Slaymeister BacklashEonar-EU70Not updated
44Traloga The Logical CubeEonar-EU69Not updated
44Nitewish What The DeuceEonar-EU69Not updated
44Kaizer TorchwoodEonar-EU69Not updated
44Xay  Eonar-EU69Not updated
48Lastpak AliasEonar-EU68Not updated
48Adelphon PersistenceEonar-EU68Not updated
48Pappagnome NotAnAddictionEonar-EU68Not updated
48Vadatajs What The DeuceEonar-EU68Not updated
48Zaany DemiseEonar-EU68Not updated
48Lithin Knights of IronForgeEonar-EU68Not updated
54Crisstina  Eonar-EU67Not updated
54Znakharka The Logical CubeEonar-EU67Not updated
54Artorias After HoursEonar-EU67Not updated
54Sarevok SinisterEonar-EU67Not updated
54Arthiales The Logical CubeEonar-EU67Not updated
59Okerhs The DMZEonar-EU66Not updated
59Reviler AliasEonar-EU66Not updated
59Sellony BardsEonar-EU66Not updated
59Joorel The Logical CubeEonar-EU66Not updated
59Grzegorz Jezdzcy SmokowEonar-EU66Not updated
59Firefrog Demonic RavenEonar-EU66Not updated
59Discroll Cheshires CrestEonar-EU66Not updated
66Twai BiSEonar-EU65Not updated
66Mikurú The DMZEonar-EU65Not updated
66Laky BiSEonar-EU65Not updated
66Marusu Iron WardensEonar-EU65Not updated
66Yulchen After HoursEonar-EU65Not updated
66Saraste  Eonar-EU65Not updated
66Daxter BacklashEonar-EU65Not updated
73Diviny The Logical CubeEonar-EU64Not updated
73Lenne Legend of the AllianceEonar-EU64Not updated
73Sorrowsong EtherealsEonar-EU64Not updated
73Excision MithrilEonar-EU64Not updated
73Toodle Twenty Four SevenEonar-EU64Not updated

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