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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Emeriss-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Hyperplane JerichoEmeriss-EU98Not updated
2Zedx VanguardEmeriss-EU92Not updated
3Kitchie  Emeriss-EU89Not updated
4Luxxa  Emeriss-EU86Not updated
5Sheba PhoenicisEmeriss-EU84Not updated
6Steveharris  Emeriss-EU81Not updated
7Longtooth Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU79Not updated
8Garibaldy Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU76Not updated
9Gukey Defenseless Old LadiesEmeriss-EU75Not updated
9Vm NerfEmeriss-EU75Not updated
11Barns Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU74Not updated
12Unitedstar OOMEmeriss-EU73Not updated
13Inko OverpoweredEmeriss-EU71Not updated
13Wyms  Emeriss-EU71Not updated
15Yuro PÁW PÁWEmeriss-EU70Not updated
15Ferya WGEUEmeriss-EU70Not updated
17Affrodita Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU69Not updated
17Clopyleft Dies IraeEmeriss-EU69Not updated
17Shadowmonk NerfEmeriss-EU69Not updated
17Paok Dies IraeEmeriss-EU69Not updated
21Ichtudirweh  Emeriss-EU68Not updated
22Motharo TaHrPaEmeriss-EU67Not updated
22Nazgull  Emeriss-EU67Not updated
22Ashakti  Emeriss-EU67Not updated
25Coldlight  Emeriss-EU66Not updated
26Rhythmic OverpoweredEmeriss-EU65Not updated
26Zaren GUILD OF DOOMEmeriss-EU65Not updated
26Scràtchy FaustEmeriss-EU65Not updated
29Thesoultaker Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU64Not updated
29Dreddstera OverpoweredEmeriss-EU64Not updated
29Darkallice ParadigmaEmeriss-EU64Not updated
29Talia Dies IraeEmeriss-EU64Not updated
29Dancho  Emeriss-EU64Not updated
34Coprostasis Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Kotaranka Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Mapa BPEMETOEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Friziorkata OOMEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Rasr Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Oelboevsen DaAvengerzEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Qiara FaustEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Ryssan Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU63Not updated
34Faída WGEUEmeriss-EU63Not updated
43Treacly GUILD OF DOOMEmeriss-EU62Not updated
43Nisi Bloody PiratesEmeriss-EU62Not updated
43Inzeijn GUILD OF DOOMEmeriss-EU62Not updated
43Viperlol Worship me u insectsEmeriss-EU62Not updated
43Carsten Dansk junkEmeriss-EU62Not updated
43Saxilon ParadigmaEmeriss-EU62Not updated
43Gwoemul PhoenicisEmeriss-EU62Not updated
50Santar Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU61Not updated
50Madlen Cult of the DoomedEmeriss-EU61Not updated
50Aleksia  Emeriss-EU61Not updated
50Shingetsu ScriptEmeriss-EU61Not updated
50Rozana  Emeriss-EU61Not updated
50Betøn Champion Of The HordeEmeriss-EU61Not updated
56Baxur Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU60Not updated
56Okorsis Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU60Not updated
56Gnarfel Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU60Not updated
56Purepoison Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU60Not updated
56Sopoloco TaHrPaEmeriss-EU60Not updated
56Cartilage OOMEmeriss-EU60Not updated
56Kyrushilol  Emeriss-EU60Not updated
56Woofleton GUILD OF DOOMEmeriss-EU60Not updated
64Hlebka Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU59Not updated
64Nrchi Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU59Not updated
64Sethzer Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU59Not updated
64Verne RevelationEmeriss-EU59Not updated
64Arrows  Emeriss-EU59Not updated
64Zuzulin  Emeriss-EU59Not updated
64Corvinux  Emeriss-EU59Not updated
71Simob Dies IraeEmeriss-EU58Not updated
71Switters Dies IraeEmeriss-EU58Not updated
71Maxtra Scream of PainEmeriss-EU58Not updated
71Rewolf The Honored FewEmeriss-EU58Not updated
71Tp NerfEmeriss-EU58Not updated
71Mao I PeeVeePee in MoonwellsEmeriss-EU58Not updated
71Baxuraz  Emeriss-EU58Not updated
71Gelmyr  Emeriss-EU58Not updated
71Crazywar  Emeriss-EU58Not updated
80Speartusk OverpoweredEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Alexida Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Shanique PÁW PÁWEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Theimmortal BPEMETOEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Devious DerelicteEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Ovs BPEMETOEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Meduvh TaHrPaEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Area BPEMETOEmeriss-EU57Not updated
80Dreadhoof NérfEmeriss-EU57Not updated
89Bloodylust Ashen PathEmeriss-EU56Not updated
89Restôration Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU56Not updated
89Johnnrambo Quantum of RageEmeriss-EU56Not updated
89Crypmaker BPEMETOEmeriss-EU56Not updated
89Rodopis  Emeriss-EU56Not updated
89Greenn Dies IraeEmeriss-EU56Not updated
89Emou OverpoweredEmeriss-EU56Not updated
96Titatovenaar For HireEmeriss-EU55Not updated
96Agzerius Brothers in ArmsEmeriss-EU55Not updated
96Djtaz OverpoweredEmeriss-EU55Not updated
96Danonkata Forgotten TribeEmeriss-EU55Not updated
96Vulture OOMEmeriss-EU55Not updated

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