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Emerald Dream-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Papa IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU79
2Defensor IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU76
3Navi IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU75
4Jillybean IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU72
5Shealáh IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU70Not updated
6Nelshoof IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU68
7Pandawan IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU67
7Zapzorz IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU67
9Ksenia IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU65
9Kirani IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU65Not updated
11Pandarus IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU64
12Varil IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU63
12Tiamar IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU63
12Nuvielle IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU63
12Nyalotha IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU63Not updated
16Cinny IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU61
16Xalathyr IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU61
18Vonstroke IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU60
19Spamuk IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU59
20Nellywf IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU58
20Wrathor IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU58
20Rippasplitta IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU58Not updated
23Fendil IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU57
23Ailtaliho IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU57
23Kesara IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU57
23Keferix IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU57Not updated
23Staples IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU57Not updated
28Stormhunter IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU56Not updated
29Schilla IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU55
30Quackers IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU54
30Chílas IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU54Not updated
30Hskelgaard IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU54
30Tanaria IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU54
34Kasscraven IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU53Not updated
35Minph IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU52Not updated
36Soiea IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU51
37Kaoz IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU50
37Vesai IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU50Not updated
39Kattebeest IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU49Not updated
40Weedhawaii IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU48
40Stonyros IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU48Not updated
42Kalsin IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU47
42Daniels IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU47
44Onihouse IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU46Not updated
44Jolbo IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU46Not updated
44Ezrah IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU46Not updated
44Bigjames IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU46
44Kesaah IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU46
44Sawashie IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU46Not updated
50Diefasterplx IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU45
50Serentiy IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU45
50Exesha IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU45Not updated
50Rainah IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU45Not updated
54Trúdy IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU44
54Netnet IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU44Not updated
54Shadowklaw IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU44Not updated
54Belisas IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU44Not updated
54Swedish IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU44
59Xikitina IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU43
59Ryokklol IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU43Not updated
59Carolynn IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU43Not updated
62Moondragora IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU42
62Kasari IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU42
62Rodanthe IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU42
65Hirsutisme IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU41
66Ezai IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU40Not updated
66Exectro IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU40Not updated
68Móondust IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU39
68Kasumei IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU39Not updated
70Ponya IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU38Not updated
71Shaice IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU37
71Eámanè IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU37Not updated
71Gryphanon IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU37
71Mewmewpew IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU37Not updated
75Lutalica IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU36Not updated
75Lunacapillus IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU36Not updated
77Paralysis IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35
77Vorbasse IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35
77Fantasmo IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35Not updated
77Narcissus IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35Not updated
77Zukûs IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35
77Ruchba IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35Not updated
77Hypnotise IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35
77Onicares IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35Not updated
77Mailow IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU35Not updated
86Garretta IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU34
86Hepriel IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU34Not updated
86Wódin IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU34Not updated
86Beeb IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU34Not updated
90Axyra IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU33
90Worgazm IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU33Not updated
90Darokh IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU33Not updated
93Spree IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU32
93Saban IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU32Not updated
93Uruth IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU32
93Nightwizh IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU32
93Lifebloom IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU32Not updated
98Coldarcano IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU31Not updated
98Nashíre IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU31Not updated
100Lowny IndecisiveEmerald Dream-EU30Not updated

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