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Emerald Dream-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Beelo ObliviousEmerald Dream-US144
2Synitha ObliviousEmerald Dream-US115
3Horizons Beast CleaveEmerald Dream-US96Not updated
3Spacetoast Other Than HonorableEmerald Dream-US96Not updated
5Xinah Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US95Not updated
6Oglop Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US93
7Nakhara Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US92
8Kasrin Killer PandasEmerald Dream-US90
9Eternitys Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US89
10Sedate LividEmerald Dream-US88
11Valyrra Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US87
12Namie MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US84
13Zenic  Emerald Dream-US83Not updated
13Yuin Bold as LionsEmerald Dream-US83
13Spliffe ObliviousEmerald Dream-US83Not updated
16Haay EDPD RP Crime UnitEmerald Dream-US82Not updated
17Monkeygoat AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US81
17Dankestbops LividEmerald Dream-US81Not updated
19Akasma AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US80
19Alliecatt RemixEmerald Dream-US80Not updated
21Ninavolfield VanLyfeEmerald Dream-US79Not updated
21Bakery WEENIE HUT JREmerald Dream-US79Not updated
21Dysheki Exalted With Repair BotsEmerald Dream-US79
24Thorgal Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US78
25Cherubael Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US77
26Lorgrum Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US76
26Castigator ObliviousEmerald Dream-US76Not updated
26Zaithon Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US76
29Ignacius War Bunny BrigadeEmerald Dream-US75
29Sickman LunacyEmerald Dream-US75Not updated
29Suggestion Control YourselfEmerald Dream-US75Not updated
29Varuga  Emerald Dream-US75Not updated
29Linesteeste I IlI IlI VIIEmerald Dream-US75Not updated
34Boostedqt  Emerald Dream-US74
34Atali EndeavorsEmerald Dream-US74Not updated
36Dael Scholomance Debate TeamEmerald Dream-US73
37Ves Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US72
37Tarralon Diametrically OpposedEmerald Dream-US72
37Lakron Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US72Not updated
37Adrini  Emerald Dream-US72Not updated
41Begglesxoxo Pröject MayhemEmerald Dream-US71
41Goatems Ooked in da DookerEmerald Dream-US71Not updated
41Breesy  Emerald Dream-US71Not updated
41Wizspike  Emerald Dream-US71
45Petrucci HypeEmerald Dream-US70
45Zync HypeEmerald Dream-US70
45Ersham AbyssEmerald Dream-US70
45Buttfore PressureEmerald Dream-US70
45Impå Celestial RebirthEmerald Dream-US70Not updated
50Romanesque Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US69
50Nexsu Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US69
50Voodoou EndeavorsEmerald Dream-US69Not updated
50Gem  Emerald Dream-US69
50Jeffmon Team HeroEmerald Dream-US69
50Azyk HypeEmerald Dream-US69
50Figgus WarbringerEmerald Dream-US69
50Celdarn The Forsaken FateEmerald Dream-US69Not updated
50Vizdel  Emerald Dream-US69Not updated
50Drèd Bar Room HeroesEmerald Dream-US69Not updated
50Kactuz  Emerald Dream-US69Not updated
50Verdandy  Emerald Dream-US69Not updated
62Diliam Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US68
62Skyts Abandon HopeEmerald Dream-US68Not updated
62Morgganna Ashes of the PhoenixEmerald Dream-US68
62Bellona  Emerald Dream-US68Not updated
62Nefarik MisçhiefEmerald Dream-US68
62Iææaææaææl  Emerald Dream-US68Not updated
62Severuh  Emerald Dream-US68Not updated
62Calyste Bar Room HeroesEmerald Dream-US68Not updated
70Ordeath Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US67
70Wîcky NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US67
70Mogulkhan HypeEmerald Dream-US67
70Gozer Diametrically OpposedEmerald Dream-US67
70Nÿmphiniti Bring The RuckusEmerald Dream-US67
70Reiayanomì The Uncommon FewEmerald Dream-US67
70Seikele House RavensongEmerald Dream-US67
70Shoelessjo  Emerald Dream-US67Not updated
70Lucii Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US67Not updated
70Ariaes Ooked in da DookerEmerald Dream-US67Not updated
70Griixx VindicatedEmerald Dream-US67Not updated
70Rhyja Echoes of WarEmerald Dream-US67Not updated
70Faxingberlin The Mercenary OutfitEmerald Dream-US67
70Vianka Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US67Not updated
70Shanteal Searing EclipseEmerald Dream-US67Not updated
85Qean AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US66
85Scubby NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US66
85Captcrit AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US66
85Kaua AbsoluteEmerald Dream-US66
85Elle LegionEmerald Dream-US66Not updated
85Avri Stark Fist of RemovalEmerald Dream-US66Not updated
85Shalaarhen The ZugZug GangEmerald Dream-US66
92Pahimanah NightstalkersEmerald Dream-US65
92Hellaeus The ZugZug GangEmerald Dream-US65
92Devil HypeEmerald Dream-US65
92Vinaria Blackmoon TribeEmerald Dream-US65Not updated
92Blackacidice theACIDnationEmerald Dream-US65
92Katence La Cosa NostraEmerald Dream-US65
92Extracrispeh GODS OF PAINEmerald Dream-US65
92Siira Shattered OathEmerald Dream-US65
92Happypaws Grips of VanityEmerald Dream-US65Not updated

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