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Elune-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Xandrahz Lost ChapterElune-US162Not updated
2Vanas  Elune-US129
3Poadette Just CrusadeElune-US115
4Ivetta Just CrusadeElune-US113
5Kaly Just CrusadeElune-US104Not updated
6Acurrate UnityElune-US103
7Symph Shrub ClubElune-US101
8Delix  Elune-US98Not updated
9Gizzybee AmnestyElune-US95
10Binkles Just CrusadeElune-US94
11Eriya Better Part of ValorElune-US93
12Aphasic stalk adn killElune-US91
12Cadonasis Better Part of ValorElune-US91
14Johchi FusionElune-US90
15Bruiser exodusElune-US88Not updated
16Piow VindicationElune-US87
17Johnblazn Afraid of ElementalsElune-US86Not updated
18Lacus AmnestyElune-US85
18Solaera Shrub ClubElune-US85Not updated
20Nightgecko AmnestyElune-US83
20Buckwild AmnestyElune-US83
20Gauza LNCElune-US83
23Saylormoon Circle of DawnElune-US82
23Skittylol Inner FocusElune-US82Not updated
23Stunnrun sit and knitElune-US82Not updated
26Changoloco Socially AwkwardElune-US81
26Jìtzu stalk adn killElune-US81
26Monmoth Afraid of ElementalsElune-US81
29Annalla Better Part of ValorElune-US80
30Imordeth Reality CheckElune-US79Not updated
30Jingwei Ordo HereticusElune-US79
32Veroswen Better Part of ValorElune-US78
32Derbymchat Midnight CartelElune-US78
32Lupinelee Just CrusadeElune-US78
32Mynkx MSTiesElune-US78
36Miazma Reality CheckElune-US77
36Negbeard Just CrusadeElune-US77Not updated
36Minicarol Pwn me I get my MainElune-US77
36Moogugaipan Reality CheckElune-US77Not updated
36Janessadavin Better Part of ValorElune-US77
41Tigra AmnestyElune-US76
41Chablis DamnationElune-US76
41Kornax Celestial VanguardElune-US76
44Drunky LNCElune-US75
44Huangpew The Order of OrpheusElune-US75
44Stryder Just CrusadeElune-US75Not updated
44Trombei AmnestyElune-US75
44Vrrn Celestial VanguardElune-US75Not updated
44Urasu AmnestyElune-US75Not updated
44Aysuri  Elune-US75Not updated
51Endarken Segmentation FaultElune-US74Not updated
51Mihri Shrub ClubElune-US74Not updated
51Posey  Elune-US74Not updated
54Aibe Afraid of ElementalsElune-US73
54Peewheewoo Guardians of FireElune-US73
54Serafall Just CrusadeElune-US73Not updated
54Magus Reign of the ExiledElune-US73
54Doucheball Death By Nyan CatsElune-US73
54Hardball  Elune-US73Not updated
60Saeton AmnestyElune-US72
60Cinæd FusionElune-US72
60Dragon FusionElune-US72
60Donzy Reality CheckElune-US72
60Edrie Socially AwkwardElune-US72
60Gummybearz CrucifyElune-US72Not updated
60Tytascanbe AxisElune-US72Not updated
60Thundathighs sit and knitElune-US72Not updated
60Macnessa DamnationElune-US72

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