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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Eitrigg-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Symmar Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US86Not updated
2Phoenixphyre Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US82Not updated
3Sortmagî  Eitrigg-US79Not updated
4Serephem  Eitrigg-US78Not updated
5Banonn Perfect DarkEitrigg-US75Not updated
6Klarr Raided XEitrigg-US74Not updated
7Rosedasilva Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US73Not updated
8Lovebumps Demonic KingsEitrigg-US71Not updated
9Stormofcrows Twisted MindsEitrigg-US70Not updated
9Sanavi  Eitrigg-US70Not updated
9Harix Orderly ChaosEitrigg-US70Not updated
12Gunslinger ThunderstruckEitrigg-US68Not updated
12Briee  Eitrigg-US68Not updated
12Glenin Legions of Nine WorldsEitrigg-US68Not updated
12Fayana We KnowEitrigg-US68Not updated
16Multivitamin SoulstormEitrigg-US67Not updated
16Holyshields Twisted MindsEitrigg-US67Not updated
16Jait Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US67Not updated
19Demondra SoulstormEitrigg-US66Not updated
19Juggaloh UltimaEitrigg-US66Not updated
21Leftylaroux Victorious SecretEitrigg-US65Not updated
22Kasaka Fiat LuxEitrigg-US64Not updated
22Constantiné Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US64Not updated
22Rumpleplatt Victorious SecretEitrigg-US64Not updated
25Sourmilky Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US63Not updated
25Frenial Victorious SecretEitrigg-US63Not updated
25Hotzii Filthy DragonsEitrigg-US63Not updated
25Roguenaros Undead LegionEitrigg-US63Not updated
25Jumangi Demonic KingsEitrigg-US63Not updated
25Foxfyr  Eitrigg-US63Not updated
31Psychomantis Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US62Not updated
31Elementdemon Psycho SquadEitrigg-US62Not updated
31Negimagi Undead LegionEitrigg-US62Not updated
31Lunacat OFF MY MEDSEitrigg-US62Not updated
31Catts OFF MY MEDSEitrigg-US62Not updated
31Drunkheals  Eitrigg-US62Not updated
37Zattara THIS ONE TIMEEitrigg-US61Not updated
37Caribell RenegadesEitrigg-US61Not updated
37Brannoc JheregEitrigg-US61Not updated
40Veviseron Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Ariellen SoulstormEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Huntressnye Eastern RaidersEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Molag Wrath of NekromancyEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Slimsmitty The Horde MilitaryEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Irøhsan Honor and ValorEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Akari Dyslexic Cows Say OomEitrigg-US60Not updated
40Rìckets Old ContentEitrigg-US60Not updated
48Cadswaine Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Tamån A L I A SEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Meltonn Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Urdestroyer Demonic KingsEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Ghall Ur Dream BankEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Àbilities LimitlessEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Nymmphadora Nonessential PersonnelEitrigg-US59Not updated
48Halshar  Eitrigg-US59Not updated
56Handsanitizr Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Redscööter Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Silvermane ThunderstruckEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Greenfairy The InsaneEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Nähkohe Demonic KingsEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Zeza Sonic Death MonkeyEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Ragnök We Have CandyEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Irruven Pick Up GroupsEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Dwarkin On the SquareEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Siftieria Undead LegionEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Shockaholic STOP hammer timeEitrigg-US58Not updated
56Wolafx  Eitrigg-US58Not updated
68Lawman The Fighting MongoosesEitrigg-US57Not updated
68Havingfun Demonic KingsEitrigg-US57Not updated
68Trianna Victorious SecretEitrigg-US57Not updated
68Flourina SectionThirteenEitrigg-US57Not updated
68Tealin We KnowEitrigg-US57Not updated
68Baird We KnowEitrigg-US57Not updated

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