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Durotan-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Chukyeleven critical ludersDurotan-EU103Not updated
2Bisqit critical ludersDurotan-EU93
3Midena critical ludersDurotan-EU92
4Snii critical ludersDurotan-EU87
5Rayh critical ludersDurotan-EU83
6Nevan critical ludersDurotan-EU81
7Nèevo critical ludersDurotan-EU80
8Gav critical ludersDurotan-EU79Not updated
8Mogix critical ludersDurotan-EU79Not updated
10Kaboom critical ludersDurotan-EU76
10Loyana critical ludersDurotan-EU76
12Kahtomb critical ludersDurotan-EU74
13Chainlub critical ludersDurotan-EU73Not updated
14Faeyhao critical ludersDurotan-EU72Not updated
15Sqsy critical ludersDurotan-EU70Not updated
15Swaggin critical ludersDurotan-EU70
17Whoppa critical ludersDurotan-EU69
17Xfîre critical ludersDurotan-EU69Not updated
19Piulena critical ludersDurotan-EU67Not updated
20Nandraa critical ludersDurotan-EU64Not updated
20Leyru critical ludersDurotan-EU64Not updated
22Theriisa critical ludersDurotan-EU62
22Brüny critical ludersDurotan-EU62
22Rukibo critical ludersDurotan-EU62Not updated
25Pura critical ludersDurotan-EU61Not updated
26Röstilol critical ludersDurotan-EU60Not updated
26Tiramisu critical ludersDurotan-EU60
26Fyneiadin critical ludersDurotan-EU60
29Yantit critical ludersDurotan-EU59Not updated
30Sherezada critical ludersDurotan-EU58
30Vánýý critical ludersDurotan-EU58
32Railona critical ludersDurotan-EU57
32Hannîbal critical ludersDurotan-EU57Not updated
34Venla critical ludersDurotan-EU56Not updated
35Lidori critical ludersDurotan-EU55Not updated
36Dîsturbed critical ludersDurotan-EU54Not updated
36Majokin critical ludersDurotan-EU54
36Celtic critical ludersDurotan-EU54Not updated
39Totemhorst critical ludersDurotan-EU53Not updated
39Thairi critical ludersDurotan-EU53
39Ârcturos critical ludersDurotan-EU53Not updated
42Sãsh critical ludersDurotan-EU52Not updated
42Abstructo critical ludersDurotan-EU52Not updated
44Fharaday critical ludersDurotan-EU51Not updated
44Aimêr critical ludersDurotan-EU51
44Jeeny critical ludersDurotan-EU51Not updated
44Taeyeon critical ludersDurotan-EU51Not updated
48Sheeba critical ludersDurotan-EU50
48Xonu critical ludersDurotan-EU50Not updated
48Xyrsan critical ludersDurotan-EU50Not updated
48Çeex critical ludersDurotan-EU50Not updated
48Äxxl critical ludersDurotan-EU50Not updated
53Lanuos critical ludersDurotan-EU49Not updated
53Itsababy critical ludersDurotan-EU49
53Darklý critical ludersDurotan-EU49Not updated
53Reptilus critical ludersDurotan-EU49Not updated
57Nohki critical ludersDurotan-EU48Not updated
57Sileya critical ludersDurotan-EU48Not updated
59Anastasia critical ludersDurotan-EU46
59Alyri critical ludersDurotan-EU46Not updated
61Xooda critical ludersDurotan-EU45
62Shardik critical ludersDurotan-EU44Not updated
62Ravanar critical ludersDurotan-EU44Not updated
62Mará critical ludersDurotan-EU44
65Jandor critical ludersDurotan-EU42Not updated
65Faceroll critical ludersDurotan-EU42Not updated
65Bessydiekuh critical ludersDurotan-EU42
68Claridas critical ludersDurotan-EU39Not updated
68Kollosus critical ludersDurotan-EU39
68Lysena critical ludersDurotan-EU39Not updated
68Ärrys critical ludersDurotan-EU39Not updated
72Awesomeclown critical ludersDurotan-EU38Not updated
73Bengorage critical ludersDurotan-EU37
73Varen critical ludersDurotan-EU37Not updated
73Cyliz critical ludersDurotan-EU37Not updated
76Maylée critical ludersDurotan-EU36Not updated
76Mosherboy critical ludersDurotan-EU36Not updated
78Zyxx critical ludersDurotan-EU33Not updated
78 critical ludersDurotan-EU33
80Bradelbirne critical ludersDurotan-EU31Not updated
81Domey critical ludersDurotan-EU29
81Lantes critical ludersDurotan-EU29Not updated
81Rhymzlol critical ludersDurotan-EU29Not updated
84Yarec critical ludersDurotan-EU25
84Sûu critical ludersDurotan-EU25Not updated
86Brünx critical ludersDurotan-EU23
86Antiker critical ludersDurotan-EU23
88Xërxës critical ludersDurotan-EU18
89Qarey critical ludersDurotan-EU10
90Merypopwnz critical ludersDurotan-EU4Not updated
91Juniverâ critical ludersDurotan-EU3Not updated

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