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Dunemaul-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Alexpriest BladestormDunemaul-EU83Not updated
2Logdrab BladestormDunemaul-EU82
3Efwa  Dunemaul-EU78Not updated
3Regenira  Dunemaul-EU78Not updated
5Peelîvan  Dunemaul-EU75Not updated
5Pilc Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU75Not updated
7Warosh SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU73Not updated
7Bryllan ColdfusionDunemaul-EU73
9Lightbreed CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU71
9Minnosh CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU71Not updated
11Hid  Dunemaul-EU70Not updated
12Icestar SemilhaDunemaul-EU69
12Nylima Bloodwolf TribeDunemaul-EU69
12Mythallar Undead LegionDunemaul-EU69Not updated
15Iceblades SemilhaDunemaul-EU67Not updated
15Snìtch OutplayedDunemaul-EU67Not updated
15Lysanne Fearsome War EngineDunemaul-EU67Not updated
15Burkek EquilibriumDunemaul-EU67Not updated
15Beckah Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU67Not updated
15Jhinx  Dunemaul-EU67Not updated
21Rhyos AscentDunemaul-EU66Not updated
21Pillowpants CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU66Not updated
23Sylvanase TeraDunemaul-EU65Not updated
23Beauteous Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU65Not updated
25Dimsal ClaymoreDunemaul-EU64
25Jaanzair In Blood We TrustDunemaul-EU64Not updated
25Cheksabata CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU64Not updated
28Kitsunebi BladestormDunemaul-EU63
28Neyor Fearsome War EngineDunemaul-EU63Not updated
28Simsiki CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU63Not updated
31Ravenfury Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU62Not updated
31Lifetaker EquilibriumDunemaul-EU62Not updated
31Razallath  Dunemaul-EU62Not updated
34Tékcan CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU61
34Tharatiel Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU61Not updated
36Mamlaz DreamersDunemaul-EU60
36Borke Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU60Not updated
36Tzajin Articulo MortisDunemaul-EU60Not updated
36Rentalife Eighty FiveDunemaul-EU60Not updated
36Ganx The LegacyDunemaul-EU60Not updated
36Strifeaux EquilibriumDunemaul-EU60Not updated
42Kabbal The BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU59Not updated
42Sitare Raven NestDunemaul-EU59Not updated
42Squer Kap KrviDunemaul-EU59Not updated
42Ironbrew The LegacyDunemaul-EU59Not updated
42Vaniljbulle TalentDunemaul-EU59Not updated
42Czell ColdfusionDunemaul-EU59
48Enoch Riders of HonorDunemaul-EU58
48Tuatha Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU58
48Cobratix  Dunemaul-EU58Not updated
48Moolove LannistersDunemaul-EU58Not updated
48Tifø Mutation TeamDunemaul-EU58Not updated
48Latina  Dunemaul-EU58Not updated
48Deadlove Social ClubDunemaul-EU58Not updated
55Mofype SisyfosDunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Calmersutra ColdfusionDunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Valador  Dunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Chazzy Devil May CryDunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Peremen Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Iroo  Dunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Narutooturan Red Sun RisingDunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Ironedge  Dunemaul-EU57Not updated
55Wynona The GarrisonDunemaul-EU57Not updated
64Elrox Last BastionDunemaul-EU56
64Sephlroth The Trendkill CoterieDunemaul-EU56Not updated
64Graxlos Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU56Not updated
64Valathoras CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU56
64Jonás Scrub ClubDunemaul-EU56Not updated
64Slévin CATASTROPHEDunemaul-EU56
70Angrodor SmashDunemaul-EU55
70Killgore KLATCHIAN FOREIGN LEGIONDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Tusce Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Azurri  Dunemaul-EU55
70Istar ColdfusionDunemaul-EU55
70Ephraím  Dunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Lichs Articulo MortisDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Munndo LoktarOgarDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Tantùn  Dunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Korre Iron EdgeDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Nrage SkyGuardsDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Ragebar Acta non VerbaDunemaul-EU55Not updated
70South  Dunemaul-EU55Not updated
70Mausi Fearsome War EngineDunemaul-EU55Not updated
84Tsinka BladestormDunemaul-EU54
84Inmai EquilibriumDunemaul-EU54Not updated
84Brucelie EighteenSeventyThreeDunemaul-EU54
84Abbas  Dunemaul-EU54Not updated
84Teginhan  Dunemaul-EU54
84Alhpadog MagnificentDunemaul-EU54Not updated
84Karran Broken PrivilegesDunemaul-EU54
84Ríkkó  Dunemaul-EU54
84Fantor BladestormDunemaul-EU54Not updated
84Dracon Warsong WarriorsDunemaul-EU54Not updated
94Thumber The Black FuryDunemaul-EU53
94Lockinroll The Wolves BrotherhoodDunemaul-EU53Not updated
94Ibringdeath Methods of MadnessDunemaul-EU53Not updated
94Arianâ GrandTheftKodoDunemaul-EU53Not updated
94Suprimus CoalitionDunemaul-EU53Not updated
94Carelobster Hammer of DumboDunemaul-EU53Not updated
94Mùgéls We Love GuildperksDunemaul-EU53

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