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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dun Morogh-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Gold ErzritterDun Morogh-EU119Not updated
2Shrié EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU107Not updated
3Delnadre OthersideDun Morogh-EU106Not updated
4Saphi Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU102Not updated
5Cranberry  Dun Morogh-EU101Not updated
6Finalkid HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU96Not updated
7Sheyo  Dun Morogh-EU93Not updated
8Rilgalad  Dun Morogh-EU90Not updated
9Anashya PegasusDun Morogh-EU89Not updated
10Menace Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU86Not updated
10Sêphira MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU86Not updated
12Hunterjack MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU85Not updated
12Pandastic  Dun Morogh-EU85Not updated
12Beutju ErzritterDun Morogh-EU85Not updated
15Takkos  Dun Morogh-EU84Not updated
15Ryosei Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU84Not updated
15Smäsch NightlifeDun Morogh-EU84Not updated
18Craven ErzritterDun Morogh-EU82Not updated
18Hunterjacky DamageCrewDun Morogh-EU82Not updated
18Offensiv essentialDun Morogh-EU82Not updated
18Demetrius PantheonDun Morogh-EU82Not updated
22Nerun ErzritterDun Morogh-EU81Not updated
22Balaos HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU81Not updated
22Krena Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU81Not updated
22Zurissa Ars NecandïDun Morogh-EU81Not updated
26Maluga  Dun Morogh-EU80Not updated
26Lionsource EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU80Not updated
26Nêevo NightlifeDun Morogh-EU80Not updated
26Alres essentialDun Morogh-EU80Not updated
26Vanishsaplol OthersideDun Morogh-EU80Not updated
31Majestô Diese Jene WelcheDun Morogh-EU79Not updated
31Atair Panda WarriorsDun Morogh-EU79Not updated
31Jefferson XtremeDun Morogh-EU79Not updated
31Belvedere Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU79Not updated
31Mhaire Die Wächter der ZeitDun Morogh-EU79Not updated
31Chilperich MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU79Not updated
37Miyala HeldentatenDun Morogh-EU78Not updated
37Qtice Team AquaDun Morogh-EU78Not updated
37Lightwulf molôn labeDun Morogh-EU78Not updated
37Selendis Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU78Not updated
37Bastjin Beasts of PreyDun Morogh-EU78Not updated
37Prestiêge  Dun Morogh-EU78Not updated
43Aquatarne Team AquaDun Morogh-EU77Not updated
43Fokko Ritter der ZirbelnussDun Morogh-EU77Not updated
43Sólstafir Minima de malisDun Morogh-EU77Not updated
43Baskrik Beasts of PreyDun Morogh-EU77Not updated
43Sariany Umbrae MortisDun Morogh-EU77Not updated
43Ryukî Team AquaDun Morogh-EU77Not updated
49Linû ErzritterDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Nyâ NightforceDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Ralaith MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Cratorez Ultionis SanguinisDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Pyypii GaiaDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Rylyzwo Klaut bei KIKDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Anôuk EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Turima  Dun Morogh-EU76Not updated
49Aléssiya  Dun Morogh-EU76Not updated
58Drendus LunaticsDun Morogh-EU75Not updated
58Agog Umbrae MortisDun Morogh-EU75Not updated
58Mikofnature essentialDun Morogh-EU75Not updated
58Abraxus EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU75Not updated
58Lythra GodmodeDun Morogh-EU75Not updated
58Nármorà Ascordia ImperialisDun Morogh-EU75Not updated
64Dariós EndgegnerDun Morogh-EU74Not updated
64Mondragor essentialDun Morogh-EU74Not updated
64Maksym Chroniken eines KriegersDun Morogh-EU74Not updated
64Iyk  Dun Morogh-EU74Not updated
64Shandee Power of the Stone AgeDun Morogh-EU74Not updated
64Staze PulloutDun Morogh-EU74Not updated
64Nôtmunken  Dun Morogh-EU74Not updated
71Smorc Ultionis SanguinisDun Morogh-EU73Not updated
71Aryumi avelonDun Morogh-EU73Not updated
73Meldy ErzritterDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Naminoa Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Falballa ConfidenceDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Evok  Dun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Narikú shockwaveDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Nørina Zirkel der SchattenDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Weywot Lux AeternaDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Fanelia PantheonDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Nobratum Warriors of Dun MoroghDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Pingpongshow NightforceDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
73Râul OthersideDun Morogh-EU72Not updated
84Crösus MoriquendiDun Morogh-EU71Not updated
84Søyana  Dun Morogh-EU71Not updated
84Kisury Critted to DeathDun Morogh-EU71Not updated
84Azzil  Dun Morogh-EU71Not updated

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