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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drek'Thar-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Kàlt  Drek'Thar-EU101Not updated
2Mwewtwo  Drek'Thar-EU91Not updated
3Alasthôr AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU87Not updated
4Quigone Natura MagnaDrek'Thar-EU85Not updated
4Marchide NephtysDrek'Thar-EU85Not updated
6Migna Dead and CircleDrek'Thar-EU84Not updated
7Ãnxiogène  Drek'Thar-EU81Not updated
8Snapp In CorruptaDrek'Thar-EU80Not updated
9Kiamerà No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU79Not updated
9Pulte Dead and CircleDrek'Thar-EU79Not updated
11Zherka Raid is DeadDrek'Thar-EU74Not updated
12Dekielane EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU73Not updated
13Cyrux World OriginDrek'Thar-EU72Not updated
14Nesumii EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU71Not updated
14Teneb  Drek'Thar-EU71Not updated
14Euphénia NephtysDrek'Thar-EU71Not updated
14Aquadia La confrérie des quinzeDrek'Thar-EU71Not updated
14Liktar  Drek'Thar-EU71Not updated
19Ashleÿ SølarisDrek'Thar-EU70Not updated
19Relack  Drek'Thar-EU70Not updated
21Têâl Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU69Not updated
21Fearóx  Drek'Thar-EU69Not updated
23Hastérion La Garde d IsisDrek'Thar-EU68Not updated
23Yuyia EnjðyDrek'Thar-EU68Not updated
23Dàenerys No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU68Not updated
23Mikuru La derniere LegionDrek'Thar-EU68Not updated
23Kobaya EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU68Not updated
28Kize QwertyDrek'Thar-EU67Not updated
28Cordy La Compagnie des VieuxDrek'Thar-EU67Not updated
28Naliya  Drek'Thar-EU67Not updated
28Zekthan EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU67Not updated
32Dotinette TalenteDDrek'Thar-EU66Not updated
32Deeddlit DubitchuDrek'Thar-EU66Not updated
32Choüquette  Drek'Thar-EU66Not updated
35Theswaggzor NalonweDrek'Thar-EU65Not updated
35Waouw S P A R T I A T E SDrek'Thar-EU65Not updated
35Plasme Dead and CircleDrek'Thar-EU65Not updated
38Karlugh EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU64Not updated
38Vyse AbaloneDrek'Thar-EU64Not updated
38Finkle DaemonDrek'Thar-EU64Not updated
38Frédo AsystoliaDrek'Thar-EU64Not updated
38Kïze QwertyDrek'Thar-EU64Not updated
38Ekyla Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU64Not updated
44Missbella SølarisDrek'Thar-EU63Not updated
44Lechassouu HORDE NOIREDrek'Thar-EU63Not updated
44Ménine  Drek'Thar-EU63Not updated
44Shampo  Drek'Thar-EU63Not updated
44Sinosha Five PointsDrek'Thar-EU63Not updated
49Boréalis Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU62Not updated
49Loveth IrréelDrek'Thar-EU62Not updated
49Meyrlyn Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU62Not updated
49Quantaloup  Drek'Thar-EU62Not updated
49Valkiriøn  Drek'Thar-EU62Not updated
49Neroblood ArmittageDrek'Thar-EU62Not updated
55Fafina Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU61Not updated
55Mykae salve reginaDrek'Thar-EU61Not updated
55Finnsilfithl L Oeil du démonDrek'Thar-EU61Not updated
55Aor  Drek'Thar-EU61Not updated
55Dunkelzhan Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU61Not updated
60Metatron salve reginaDrek'Thar-EU60Not updated
61Orkow No Brain No GainDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Ixtab ApophisDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Dräconie Archenøde FørtéDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Myfu The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Adaken PandemoniumDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Whenshi SølarisDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Lounnà south stormwindDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
61Actëon RocknRollDrek'Thar-EU59Not updated
69Walniss  Drek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Alghamy the anarchyDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Kalahane The LeGenD of ZiOnSDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Crystàlmeth Les exaltés du cimetièreDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Frede Clan des Monts de FerDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Milyawen  Drek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Nicotine ApophisDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Løthar Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Tshiana Ex NihiloDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Kællis  Drek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Nusakan NephtysDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Sherypanda SanguinariaDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Theødoras Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
69Calliøpée BADASSDrek'Thar-EU58Not updated
83Nerfgeemx  Drek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Jamspatageul  Drek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Alaé Les oubliésDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Angelito Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Chris HérésieDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Deadwomens Armée des douze dinguesDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Klooey Le Vieil OrphelinatDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Macintosh Space DementiàDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Monku  Drek'Thar-EU57Not updated
83Sandrion EpsilonDrek'Thar-EU57Not updated

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