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Draka-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Faellx SanctuaryDraka-US106
2Vaeil SanctuaryDraka-US98
3Yoro ScrubstepDraka-US90
4Medion Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US85
4Soujiro Valkyrias LegacyDraka-US85Not updated
6Wiltavian Edict of WarDraka-US80
7Katehumble SanctuaryDraka-US79
7Frailtee ClearlyDraka-US79
9Flightz ClearlyDraka-US78Not updated
10Rakfu Eternal RetributionDraka-US77
11Helcyon SanctuaryDraka-US76
11Astrìd ScrubstepDraka-US76Not updated
13Goredonder SanctuaryDraka-US74
13Liquidniebla ClearlyDraka-US74
15Corazón ScrubstepDraka-US73Not updated
15Yushei Corps de MétiersDraka-US73
15Clipe Order of IlluminatusDraka-US73Not updated
18Himan SanctuaryDraka-US72
18Kungfupandä Edict of WarDraka-US72
20Ulrezaj SanctuaryDraka-US71
21Leviathen Fight or FlightDraka-US70
22Twohanded SanctuaryDraka-US69
23Sweetandsour MortiferaDraka-US68
23Outwar RicochetDraka-US68Not updated
25Shelleria SanctuaryDraka-US67
25Greatgrimmax Order of IlluminatusDraka-US67
25Vanderlock Limited EditionDraka-US67Not updated
28Jakechambers Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US66
28Josa Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US66Not updated
28Oatik Intrepid LegionDraka-US66Not updated
31Trouncin Dark AssassinsDraka-US65Not updated
32Seanachaí SanctuaryDraka-US64
32Shomass RemissionDraka-US64
32Exrememaster Kitty Cat Death SquadDraka-US64
32Aereonia Satans HoundsDraka-US64Not updated
32Bashaar Brothers In ArmsDraka-US64
37Malrath SanctuaryDraka-US63
37Sikana Slightly WickedDraka-US63
37Ogwario SanctuaryDraka-US63
37Prisbear ClearlyDraka-US63
37Karynos Clean SlateDraka-US63
37Hoerunner Edict of WarDraka-US63
37Kalryn Brothers In ArmsDraka-US63
44Rol Order of IlluminatusDraka-US62
44Rukei SanctuaryDraka-US62Not updated
44Sollomon SanctuaryDraka-US62
44Floober ClearlyDraka-US62
44Brodyofchoas Sursum VestriDraka-US62
44Saphirá Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US62Not updated
44Darkheaven CrysisDraka-US62Not updated
44Noxmortis Eternal RetributionDraka-US62Not updated
44Lilyi Impatient UndertakersDraka-US62Not updated
53Alexandara Death RowDraka-US61
53Spellsworn SanctuaryDraka-US61Not updated
53Antili Order of IlluminatusDraka-US61
53Ophian  Draka-US61
53Aberaht Limited EditionDraka-US61Not updated
53Recensored Death comes RegardlessDraka-US61
53Sharezar Clean SlateDraka-US61Not updated
53Bairdin Crimson OrderDraka-US61
53Leslion Delusions of GrandeurDraka-US61Not updated
62Iiaa TheoryDraka-US60Not updated
62Iyotanka RavenguardDraka-US60Not updated
62Abbra RenovrtioDraka-US60Not updated
65Henshin Equivalent ExchangeDraka-US59
65Taaj SanctuaryDraka-US59
65Snowclaw Death RowDraka-US59
65Utoch AnemiaDraka-US59
65Anaîs SanctuaryDraka-US59
65Zalera ClearlyDraka-US59

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