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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Drak'Tharon-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Secondwind Dream DevourersDrak'Tharon-US105Not updated
2Rodin Krypt KeepersDrak'Tharon-US85Not updated
3Shortcake Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US83Not updated
4Flashgitz HomelessDrak'Tharon-US74Not updated
5Michaela SummitDrak'Tharon-US73Not updated
6Landin Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US65Not updated
6Hooligan Velox MortisDrak'Tharon-US65Not updated
6Skateramp  Drak'Tharon-US65Not updated
9Kerian Shadow RisingDrak'Tharon-US64Not updated
10Delatour BloodlustDrak'Tharon-US63Not updated
10Kihra  Drak'Tharon-US63Not updated
12Marvin Wyld StallynsDrak'Tharon-US62Not updated
12Orcmang Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US62Not updated
14Erzsebet  Drak'Tharon-US61Not updated
15Arelin  Drak'Tharon-US60Not updated
15Porenn  Drak'Tharon-US60Not updated
17Gto Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US59Not updated
18Undying FBIDrak'Tharon-US58Not updated
18Vynithel STORMSDrak'Tharon-US58Not updated
20Cernn Deathbringin GaurdiansDrak'Tharon-US57Not updated
20Zerocoolhack FwooshDrak'Tharon-US57Not updated
22Twitchshot CowtownDrak'Tharon-US54Not updated
23Volibear Fluffy Kitten StompersDrak'Tharon-US53Not updated
23Jarslock Two plus TwoDrak'Tharon-US53Not updated
23Micaiah Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US53Not updated
23Ragark HomelessDrak'Tharon-US53Not updated
27Bombsquad Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US52Not updated
27Hikari Stormwind Counting HouseDrak'Tharon-US52Not updated
27Bambooty Less QQ more PewPewDrak'Tharon-US52Not updated
27Badaha resilienceDrak'Tharon-US52Not updated
31Grìmmjow Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US51Not updated
31Righteouscow Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US51Not updated
31Nayara I Have Work TomorrowDrak'Tharon-US51Not updated
31Gnormabates Clan Red HandDrak'Tharon-US51Not updated
31Haint PinnacleDrak'Tharon-US51Not updated
31Lucìent Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US51Not updated
37Fmya  Drak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Warfarê  Drak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Gingin Horde HuntersDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Sanabalis Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Tobawae  Drak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Yeselda Chaotic UnityDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Zugzuug Shadow RisingDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Dakkon Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Ender AnguishDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
37Garkas HomelessDrak'Tharon-US50Not updated
47Amil Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
47Nibbit Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
47Jstn Bad ExampleDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
47Nibblez Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
47Juggynaught PinnacleDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
47Zarinthdra Titans of AzerothDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
47Raymia Safety DanceDrak'Tharon-US49Not updated
54Gukan Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US48Not updated
54Norkk Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US48Not updated
54Bloodystain Clan SnugglebearsDrak'Tharon-US48Not updated
54Theimmortal Infinite AuthorityDrak'Tharon-US48Not updated
54Odinix  Drak'Tharon-US48Not updated
54Omgmudbutt FBIDrak'Tharon-US48Not updated
60Gorwyn Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US47Not updated
60Pandaphile Infinite AuthorityDrak'Tharon-US47Not updated
60Moonthunder CowtownDrak'Tharon-US47Not updated
60Juscelino Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US47Not updated
60Thokk  Drak'Tharon-US47Not updated
60Venùsaùr HomelessDrak'Tharon-US47Not updated
60Variable  Drak'Tharon-US47Not updated
67Shlonpinder Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US46Not updated
67Sorak  Drak'Tharon-US46Not updated
67Vessit Disciples of MrPinchyDrak'Tharon-US46Not updated
67Crogg Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US46Not updated
67Rakuen PyrrhicDrak'Tharon-US46Not updated
67Kamahamaha  Drak'Tharon-US46Not updated
73Radika AnguishDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Hamstar Wyld StallynsDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Winkle Infinite AuthorityDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Sanders BRB Cats on FireDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Glimmung  Drak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Punkin Clan DestineDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Relathroa  Drak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Staticbawlz HomelessDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Veruka  Drak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Pallywacker  Drak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Arysanna  Drak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Smutt Shadow RisingDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Powerdriver The LionheartsDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
73Goholtzgo CowtownDrak'Tharon-US45Not updated
87Awoi Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
87Kyssandra Rise of The BrotherhoodDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
87Vorick ArkaneDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
87Nicotrel FBIDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
87Spazgasm Infinite AuthorityDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
87Ottono HomelessDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
87Kuz Less QQ more PewPewDrak'Tharon-US44Not updated
94Goban Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US43Not updated
94Tygarr  Drak'Tharon-US43Not updated
94Oríhime  Drak'Tharon-US43Not updated
94Dweet STORMSDrak'Tharon-US43Not updated
94Shamus Spoiled MilkDrak'Tharon-US43Not updated
94Vendra Silent StrikeDrak'Tharon-US43Not updated
94Purerage HomelessDrak'Tharon-US43Not updated

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