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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dragonblight-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Shenya UnrivaledDragonblight-US104Not updated
2Xanthe REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US98Not updated
3Rin ExigenceDragonblight-US95Not updated
4Manami TriariiDragonblight-US94Not updated
5Physique TriariiDragonblight-US93Not updated
6Dashoo Crusaders of ApathyDragonblight-US92Not updated
6Faythz Crusaders of ApathyDragonblight-US92Not updated
8Nerauqor GoblinityDragonblight-US90Not updated
9Shishio Lethal SoulsDragonblight-US89Not updated
10Sefiraath UnrivaledDragonblight-US88Not updated
11Requital Crusaders of ApathyDragonblight-US87Not updated
11Buiden ExigenceDragonblight-US87Not updated
13Xato TriariiDragonblight-US85Not updated
13Raisa Severed TiesDragonblight-US85Not updated
13Whissper ExigenceDragonblight-US85Not updated
16Misa Tabula RasaDragonblight-US84Not updated
17Mackgyver TriariiDragonblight-US83Not updated
17Wiq  Dragonblight-US83Not updated
19Cyberbully  Dragonblight-US82Not updated
19Allanah Veritas et AequitasDragonblight-US82Not updated
19Honeymelon Celtic PrideDragonblight-US82Not updated
22Thanes Tabula RasaDragonblight-US81Not updated
23Innershadow SatelliteDragonblight-US79Not updated
23Erlayah ExigenceDragonblight-US79Not updated
23Magnadeathof GoblinityDragonblight-US79Not updated
26Eschatus ReckoningDragonblight-US78Not updated
27Loster UnrivaledDragonblight-US77Not updated
27Xmorpher REGIMENT OF CHAOSDragonblight-US77Not updated
27Ozzaynagato InefficientDragonblight-US77Not updated
27Minsc Crimson FuryDragonblight-US77Not updated
27Gabrijela Pants PartyDragonblight-US77Not updated
27Kogarashi ExigenceDragonblight-US77Not updated
33Líghtzfury SatelliteDragonblight-US76Not updated
33Zaleriza EmergeDragonblight-US76Not updated
33Calysta TriariiDragonblight-US76Not updated
33Canisrex  Dragonblight-US76Not updated
33Impatience Monkey BusinessDragonblight-US76Not updated
38Silvur SatelliteDragonblight-US75Not updated
38Mousi Guards of HonorDragonblight-US75Not updated
38Rotary RighteousDragonblight-US75Not updated
41Belmont UnrivaledDragonblight-US74Not updated
41Cristine InefficientDragonblight-US74Not updated
41Aokin RUBBER DUCKY QUACK QUACKDragonblight-US74Not updated
41Kadaan ExigenceDragonblight-US74Not updated
41Suruuk Guards of HonorDragonblight-US74Not updated
46Blula  Dragonblight-US73Not updated
46Zonis SatelliteDragonblight-US73Not updated
46Equivocal Crimson FuryDragonblight-US73Not updated
46Cian Crimson FuryDragonblight-US73Not updated
46Jesibelli  Dragonblight-US73Not updated
46Shamayael Dark CrucibleDragonblight-US73Not updated
46Icemonk TriariiDragonblight-US73Not updated
46Nelu RevelationsDragonblight-US73Not updated
46Crissangel GoblinityDragonblight-US73Not updated
55Devroe TriariiDragonblight-US72Not updated
55Clancy UnrivaledDragonblight-US72Not updated
55Quesqi ExigenceDragonblight-US72Not updated
55Procz Knights of LegendsDragonblight-US72Not updated
59Frustrated Crimson FuryDragonblight-US71Not updated
59Shelana AnLa ShokDragonblight-US71Not updated
59Reht ExigenceDragonblight-US71Not updated
59Worgasbord ExigenceDragonblight-US71Not updated
63Cybrek Crusaders of ApathyDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Rynocerus Clothing OptionalDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Felarok TriariiDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Morningglory TriariiDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Destoroyah Twist of FateDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Tethyss SanctumDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Ionani Deus ex CruxDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Veredis Serenity in ChaosDragonblight-US70Not updated
63Magistra Serenity in ChaosDragonblight-US70Not updated
72Wier SatelliteDragonblight-US69Not updated
72Tarvos Severed TiesDragonblight-US69Not updated
72Maturin SatelliteDragonblight-US69Not updated
72Citywok GoblinityDragonblight-US69Not updated
72Fossaria GoblinityDragonblight-US69Not updated
72Krack  Dragonblight-US69Not updated
78Leeta SatelliteDragonblight-US68Not updated
78Mellaise SatelliteDragonblight-US68Not updated
78Zapphira Army of HeavenDragonblight-US68Not updated
78Illhoof dednetnI sa gnikroWDragonblight-US68Not updated

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