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Dragonblight-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Misskittyy  Dragonblight-EU125Not updated
2Archadian ControlDragonblight-EU112
3Elrika  Dragonblight-EU107Not updated
4Márta  Dragonblight-EU104Not updated
5Bouchi ControlDragonblight-EU101Not updated
6Ircen TenacityDragonblight-EU97
6Mockiie KebabDragonblight-EU97Not updated
8Fúzza AfterdawnDragonblight-EU96
9Benkeí CookiesDragonblight-EU95
10Wraith  Dragonblight-EU94Not updated
11Cutexx CookiesDragonblight-EU93Not updated
12Oeca Shadow ForestDragonblight-EU91
13Disi TenacityDragonblight-EU90
14Reiri AventuraDragonblight-EU87
15Deadjames TenacityDragonblight-EU86
16Ethilia TenacityDragonblight-EU85
16Spazspazspaz CookiesDragonblight-EU85Not updated
16Llewellyn Knights Who Say NihDragonblight-EU85Not updated
16Iggyswe KebabDragonblight-EU85Not updated
16Domitrix The KhalasarDragonblight-EU85Not updated
21Litzz The KhalasarDragonblight-EU83
21Ekcon KebabDragonblight-EU83Not updated
21Merrik Team BuddiesDragonblight-EU83
24Notwel DragonsoulDragonblight-EU82
24Gaiaa Soul HavenDragonblight-EU82
26Haadoob Tribal FusionDragonblight-EU80Not updated
27Ethanol Shadow WolvesDragonblight-EU79
27Pao PreludeDragonblight-EU79
27Yirrichi AventuraDragonblight-EU79Not updated
27Qetti Clearly BoostedDragonblight-EU79
31Smirdex TenacityDragonblight-EU78Not updated
31Limíted  Dragonblight-EU78
33Anisez VortexDragonblight-EU77Not updated
33Domisan AventuraDragonblight-EU77
33Ais ControlDragonblight-EU77Not updated
33Izgreen  Dragonblight-EU77Not updated
37Lrr The KhalasarDragonblight-EU76
37Sefika FallenDragonblight-EU76
37Necrolyte The Fallen AngelsDragonblight-EU76Not updated
37Xinny InsurrectionDragonblight-EU76
37Anewos D A R K S I D EDragonblight-EU76
42Dertia Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU75
42Faylane AeternusDragonblight-EU75
42Nottii LORD of SIEGECRAFTDragonblight-EU75Not updated
42Undecided Cheesecake VendorDragonblight-EU75
42Mistamiyagi  Dragonblight-EU75Not updated
42Chandler  Dragonblight-EU75Not updated
42Muckie  Dragonblight-EU75Not updated
42Bitesized DamagedDragonblight-EU75Not updated
50Bumfighter Knights of ElindurDragonblight-EU74Not updated
50Scianthe TenacityDragonblight-EU74
50Worldienk  Dragonblight-EU74Not updated
50Lasiodora AfterdawnDragonblight-EU74Not updated
54Hýyl TenacityDragonblight-EU73
54Kitiara Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU73
54Necri TenacityDragonblight-EU73
54Autumn  Dragonblight-EU73Not updated
54Medal The KhalasarDragonblight-EU73Not updated
59Turin TenacityDragonblight-EU72
59Khalis KebabDragonblight-EU72
59Staerk VortexDragonblight-EU72Not updated
59Peia Monsters IncDragonblight-EU72
59Pollilop VortexDragonblight-EU72Not updated
59Turmixx Cheesecake VendorDragonblight-EU72Not updated
65Signé Ad InfinitumDragonblight-EU71
65Harimata Cheesecake VendorDragonblight-EU71
65Furis LegionDragonblight-EU71Not updated
65Mfofo The KhalasarDragonblight-EU71
65Ghettoblastr  Dragonblight-EU71Not updated
65Lenalee  Dragonblight-EU71Not updated
65Boodah  Dragonblight-EU71Not updated
72Mysticalape Clearly BoostedDragonblight-EU70Not updated
72Chronus PreludeDragonblight-EU70Not updated
72Jatika VortexDragonblight-EU70Not updated
72Yâsmîn The WrathDragonblight-EU70Not updated
72Xtk PrimeDragonblight-EU70
72Wookieleaks Brotherhood of DanesDragonblight-EU70

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