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Draenor-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Kazeijin ReforgedDraenor-US102
2Awsmgoat ClickDraenor-US97Not updated
3Vaevictus Mostly DeadDraenor-US96
4Morguth Trial and ErrorDraenor-US95
5Fahren ParadoxDraenor-US92Not updated
6Icyunvme ReforgedDraenor-US90
7Kaisharga Trial and ErrorDraenor-US89
8Anaxxagoras Mostly DeadDraenor-US88
9Alavash Prompt CriticalDraenor-US87
10Dagimp ParadoxDraenor-US86
11Bloody Eye of the TigerDraenor-US85
11Kagai HyperionDraenor-US85Not updated
13Deathsgate DiscordDraenor-US84Not updated
14Andriana ParadoxDraenor-US83
14Valthira HossDraenor-US83Not updated
16Calyssa Trial and ErrorDraenor-US78
16Chiibi Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US78
18Zeerus Blood BrothersDraenor-US77
19Salamando Mostly DeadDraenor-US76
19Johnnyxtreme BootItUpDraenor-US76Not updated
21Farther Mostly DeadDraenor-US75
21Jedivh DarkfireDraenor-US75
21Hugimborey Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US75Not updated
24Firadin DisdainDraenor-US74
24Farling HossDraenor-US74
24Krimsonreign MythosDraenor-US74
27Zarrek CursedDraenor-US73
27Xerithaid MythosDraenor-US73
27Jabari Spirits Of PowerDraenor-US73
27Effervescent Praetorian GuardDraenor-US73
31Asra Trial and ErrorDraenor-US72
32Lintilla Mostly DeadDraenor-US71
32Ahodaa Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US71
32Vandelay DarkfireDraenor-US71
32Pandacea Trial and ErrorDraenor-US71
32Honen  Draenor-US71Not updated
37Xfighter ReforgedDraenor-US70
37Milambur ParadoxDraenor-US70Not updated
37Gasparin PALIDRONSDraenor-US70Not updated
37Woto Shadows and DustDraenor-US70Not updated
37Sevral RelentlessDraenor-US70
37Durley ReincarnationDraenor-US70Not updated
43Onslaught Trial and ErrorDraenor-US69
43Phidra DisdainDraenor-US69
43Kellarus Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US69
43Taynav Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US69Not updated
47Illio PrestigeDraenor-US68
47Bifron Drama LlamaDraenor-US68
47Magdalena Sodality of the ConstantDraenor-US68
47Butti Show Me Your CritsDraenor-US68Not updated
47Artemisa Show Me Your CritsDraenor-US68
47Yen Forgotten SoulsDraenor-US68
47Getretkt HyperionDraenor-US68
47Kwanzers TorchwoodDraenor-US68Not updated
47Zenedar InflictionDraenor-US68Not updated
47Maing Outside AllianceDraenor-US68Not updated
47Mephitica Trial and ErrorDraenor-US68
58Zurri Mostly DeadDraenor-US67
58Doofensmirtz Manifest DestinyDraenor-US67
58Zechs Shadows and DustDraenor-US67
58Asheet Follow MeDraenor-US67
58Maximusrex Little Urban ElitesDraenor-US67
58Kelzuris  Draenor-US67Not updated
58Sarahbeam Little Urban ElitesDraenor-US67Not updated
58Rëynissa  Draenor-US67Not updated
58Myzar Born To DieDraenor-US67Not updated
67Protect ReforgedDraenor-US66
67Gruberman Shadows and DustDraenor-US66

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