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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Doomhammer-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Delusive Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU145Not updated
2Honorstrider Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU104Not updated
3Ridez Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU95Not updated
4Clueless my own my preciousDoomhammer-EU94Not updated
5Dharling UprisingDoomhammer-EU92Not updated
6Shanni Crusaders of AzerothDoomhammer-EU91Not updated
7Arcpantsu  Doomhammer-EU90Not updated
7Boomsplat  Doomhammer-EU90Not updated
9Sinx Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU89Not updated
10Maffelover  Doomhammer-EU86Not updated
11Bauwagast The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU85Not updated
11Wawecrest Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU85Not updated
13Pava  Doomhammer-EU84Not updated
14Tiitubis Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU83Not updated
14Malva Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU83Not updated
16Immorality ConvictionDoomhammer-EU82Not updated
17Edenivia  Doomhammer-EU81Not updated
17Astie InevitableDoomhammer-EU81Not updated
19Saito  Doomhammer-EU80Not updated
19Jezlinn  Doomhammer-EU80Not updated
21Demida  Doomhammer-EU79Not updated
22Meleeoff Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU78Not updated
22Lehreane  Doomhammer-EU78Not updated
22Aulthulas RequiemDoomhammer-EU78Not updated
22Mickie Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU78Not updated
26Leanie Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU77Not updated
26Battlekat The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU77Not updated
26Corcodel  Doomhammer-EU77Not updated
29Shawná Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU76Not updated
29Titansruler VigilantesDoomhammer-EU76Not updated
29Arbogast  Doomhammer-EU76Not updated
29Xinzy Eternal GatheringDoomhammer-EU76Not updated
29Zetho  Doomhammer-EU76Not updated
29Moomooshka  Doomhammer-EU76Not updated
35Paok InevitableDoomhammer-EU75Not updated
35Fíng Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU75Not updated
35Voodoo VividDoomhammer-EU75Not updated
35Deadaik Essence of MercyDoomhammer-EU75Not updated
39Lahis Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU74Not updated
39Virec Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU74Not updated
39Kniertje Rise and ShineDoomhammer-EU74Not updated
39Stridsvogn Edge of SanityDoomhammer-EU74Not updated
43Pascale Ni HaoDoomhammer-EU73Not updated
43Cintar Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU73Not updated
43Nerfmépls Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU73Not updated
46Lothiras The Mole GroundDoomhammer-EU72Not updated
46Pincushion Alea Iacta EstDoomhammer-EU72Not updated
46Prés Avengers of AstranaarDoomhammer-EU72Not updated
46Posix The Lost ChapterDoomhammer-EU72Not updated
46Artà  Doomhammer-EU72Not updated
51Athenor EqualizeDoomhammer-EU71Not updated
51Ally  Doomhammer-EU71Not updated
51Novak VigilantesDoomhammer-EU71Not updated
51Durguzh Essence of MercyDoomhammer-EU71Not updated
51Deadcandance Dawn Of OsirisDoomhammer-EU71Not updated
51Vixenne Negligent DischargeDoomhammer-EU71Not updated
51Methidu IM AN AIRPLANE MEOW MEOWDoomhammer-EU71Not updated
58Ðante More DakkaDoomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Verco Fighters of HopeDoomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Cg CarnageDoomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Xaldin Fighters of HopeDoomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Tiryn Eternal GatheringDoomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Raakakeilas  Doomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Archelios  Doomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Silverlee  Doomhammer-EU70Not updated
58Ragingknight  Doomhammer-EU70Not updated
67Delonna Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU69Not updated
67Krung The Northern LightsDoomhammer-EU69Not updated
67Tragica EqualizeDoomhammer-EU69Not updated
67Rekera Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU69Not updated
67Kraakworst ÆrrorDoomhammer-EU69Not updated
67Ortana  Doomhammer-EU69Not updated
73Etsukô The Frozen LegendsDoomhammer-EU68Not updated
73Nogami ÄnonymousDoomhammer-EU68Not updated
73Baurd  Doomhammer-EU68Not updated
76Spigot FrenzyDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Ilmatar Kolikolla KultaaDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Matyr VigilantesDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Aayala RequiemDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Shambollic RequiemDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Mayling RejectsDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Sensou The InfidelsDoomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Raylol  Doomhammer-EU67Not updated
76Beardgrylls The One Eyed DragonDoomhammer-EU67Not updated

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