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Doomhammer-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Trotem DrowDoomhammer-US122Not updated
2Shroudleaf DisgruntledDoomhammer-US116Not updated
3Decline RuinationDoomhammer-US99Not updated
4Yserini DrowDoomhammer-US92
5Hygeiah VesperDoomhammer-US91
6Aspirina SingularityDoomhammer-US89
6Wontonpotato DrowDoomhammer-US89Not updated
8Jaromir DrowDoomhammer-US87Not updated
9Nizah House of the Rising PawDoomhammer-US86Not updated
9Psylocin DrowDoomhammer-US86Not updated
11Terrazzo  Doomhammer-US85Not updated
12Zarjana RuinationDoomhammer-US84Not updated
12Exetwrath RuinationDoomhammer-US84
12Thefridge RelicDoomhammer-US84
12Willow VegaDoomhammer-US84Not updated
12Silvermyst DrowDoomhammer-US84Not updated
17Valthonis PhankDoomhammer-US83Not updated
18Melstrom We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US82
18Bhikkhuni RelicDoomhammer-US82Not updated
18Gnomestorm  Doomhammer-US82Not updated
21Quil RelicDoomhammer-US81
21Plethora We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US81
21Jaraxus NOPE NOPE NOPEDoomhammer-US81Not updated
21Olichius We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US81
25Ech RelicDoomhammer-US80
25Fatzu RuinationDoomhammer-US80
25Fraychi  Doomhammer-US80Not updated
25Dwarfus DrowDoomhammer-US80Not updated
29Lorsan  Doomhammer-US79Not updated
30Cathrina ApathyDoomhammer-US78Not updated
31Catriana RelicDoomhammer-US77
31Crysainia ProDoomhammer-US77Not updated
31Haunts Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US77Not updated
31Reesicup  Doomhammer-US77Not updated
31Afkater DrowDoomhammer-US77Not updated
31Nikolena Squirrel LegionDoomhammer-US77Not updated
37Briara RelicDoomhammer-US76
37Barque SingularityDoomhammer-US76
37Vaírë Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US76Not updated
40Nightsbane CollectiveDoomhammer-US75
40Cattiebree Goodwill GamersDoomhammer-US75Not updated
40Krispykreme DrowDoomhammer-US75Not updated
43Riddel IceDoomhammer-US74Not updated
43Solanaceae The Templar RisenDoomhammer-US74Not updated
43Alexvolt Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US74Not updated
43Asir SingularityDoomhammer-US74Not updated
47Moomoom ShovelDoomhammer-US73
47Sîlence Phoenix ResurrectionDoomhammer-US73Not updated
47Greela We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US73Not updated
50Valth Ars DiscordiaDoomhammer-US72
50Jadefire Out Of MobsDoomhammer-US72
50Wargrim BløødsongDoomhammer-US72
53Alveiah We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US71
53Aukake We Have a TabardDoomhammer-US71
53Durgis ArisenDoomhammer-US71
53Shifted RuinationDoomhammer-US71
53Therium HavocDoomhammer-US71Not updated
53Craft Shooting the BreezeDoomhammer-US71Not updated
59Bluepants RuinationDoomhammer-US70Not updated
59Fuglee Wicked TribeDoomhammer-US70
59Tozzy HavocDoomhammer-US70Not updated
59Zaknafain Goodwill GamersDoomhammer-US70Not updated
59Shyzle MasamuneDoomhammer-US70Not updated
59Depfriedriot Out Of MobsDoomhammer-US70Not updated
65Hypatia HavocDoomhammer-US69
65Krunk RuinationDoomhammer-US69Not updated
65Loopah DrowDoomhammer-US69
65Dajoji Exiled LegionDoomhammer-US69Not updated
65Eclair SingularityDoomhammer-US69Not updated
70Aviana Steel LegionDoomhammer-US68
70Lyllee SingularityDoomhammer-US68Not updated
70Vendi  Doomhammer-US68Not updated
70Rooftrellenx  Doomhammer-US68Not updated
74Tabeni RuinationDoomhammer-US67Not updated
74Polterchrist Pwncake BunniesDoomhammer-US67
74Laneer Shadows of the Ebon MoonDoomhammer-US67Not updated
74Grymlockus  Doomhammer-US67Not updated

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