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Detheroc-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Ryoma SufferDetheroc-US115Not updated
2Five FirewaterDetheroc-US111Not updated
3Justus SufferDetheroc-US109
4Shattr  Detheroc-US85Not updated
5Geo SufferDetheroc-US79
6Bathore  Detheroc-US76Not updated
7Arionustwo Dark AssassinsDetheroc-US74Not updated
8Warlocklol SufferDetheroc-US73Not updated
9Dkjedi S E V E NDetheroc-US71Not updated
10Magicltrevor SufferDetheroc-US70
11Revi OverlappedDetheroc-US69Not updated
11Erie Legends of ExileDetheroc-US69
11Ergonomic Praetorian GuardDetheroc-US69
14Streppy SufferDetheroc-US68
14Nukeskull SufferDetheroc-US68Not updated
16Weiden Legends of ExileDetheroc-US67
16Rarity  Detheroc-US67Not updated
16Badpaly NIDetheroc-US67
19Sempersniper Apocalyptic IntentionsDetheroc-US66
19Opsolz  Detheroc-US66Not updated
21Magellan SufferDetheroc-US65
22Zabimeru SufferDetheroc-US64
22Sinlyn Team IIDetheroc-US64
24Killiansred SufferDetheroc-US63
24Saluman Legends of ExileDetheroc-US63
26Barkskin Bad WolfDetheroc-US62Not updated
27Krine SufferDetheroc-US61
27Kitsumi S E V E NDetheroc-US61
27Shadowbladez SufferDetheroc-US61
30Maulmorr S E V E NDetheroc-US60Not updated
30Darkvile NIDetheroc-US60Not updated
30Fragrok Prowlers of the NightDetheroc-US60Not updated
30Teslah  Detheroc-US60Not updated
34Hornsbuck SufferDetheroc-US59
34Aundrea  Detheroc-US59Not updated
34Corpsehunter ChaosDetheroc-US59Not updated
34Kaily Legends of ExileDetheroc-US59Not updated
38Bawks CrunchDetheroc-US58Not updated
38Pheel Vicious CyclesDetheroc-US58Not updated
38Kerría  Detheroc-US58Not updated
41Kaemi The Other GuysDetheroc-US57
41Crazyfied Legends of ExileDetheroc-US57
41Zoend Savage BloodDetheroc-US57
41Raddaran ExiledDetheroc-US57Not updated
41Menoxyde Prowlers of the NightDetheroc-US57Not updated
41Necrophoros Apocalyptic IntentionsDetheroc-US57Not updated
47Mutsumi  Detheroc-US56Not updated
47Tiamath S E V E NDetheroc-US56Not updated
47Zxaltan House of WrathDetheroc-US56
47Masquetraga House of WrathDetheroc-US56Not updated
47Magicltricia SufferDetheroc-US56Not updated
47Riani NIDetheroc-US56Not updated
53Corb SufferDetheroc-US55
53Hoorde  Detheroc-US55
53Finalgodfury SufferDetheroc-US55
53Typhoean Overeems Horse FarmDetheroc-US55
53Shanerae SufferDetheroc-US55
53Dudeimblack NIDetheroc-US55Not updated
53Vispilio RiotDetheroc-US55Not updated
53Anteros The Francis RevolutionDetheroc-US55Not updated
53Ogopogo Rogue AngelsDetheroc-US55Not updated
53Xiangseng Cruel RevivalsDetheroc-US55Not updated
53Momokiki NIDetheroc-US55Not updated
64Heist SufferDetheroc-US54
64Igotmadhealz Twisted DreamsDetheroc-US54
64Bullshifter Lootfang IncDetheroc-US54Not updated
64Blìtz S E V E NDetheroc-US54Not updated
64Morggain Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US54Not updated
64Zorfoo Door StratDetheroc-US54Not updated
64Andenarius NIDetheroc-US54Not updated
64Totemmayhem Bad WolfDetheroc-US54Not updated
64Ganth S E V E NDetheroc-US54Not updated
73Zugdar Team IIDetheroc-US53
73Devanshi  Detheroc-US53Not updated
73Avatarstate Spec to KillDetheroc-US53Not updated
73Viris  Detheroc-US53Not updated
73Pfft Team IIDetheroc-US53Not updated
78Mandallis SufferDetheroc-US52
78Kerag S E V E NDetheroc-US52Not updated
78Frostpyro SufferDetheroc-US52
78Sandreena RacecaRDetheroc-US52Not updated
78Butterme JUST DA TIPDetheroc-US52Not updated
78Shujinko A S Y L U MDetheroc-US52Not updated
78Keirén SufferDetheroc-US52Not updated
78Aurà Shattered SoldierDetheroc-US52Not updated
78Elmínster A S Y L U MDetheroc-US52Not updated
87Amnkpoco Legends of ExileDetheroc-US51
87Nykl Spec to KillDetheroc-US51Not updated
87Akatsukii Death Before DishönorDetheroc-US51Not updated
87Iifebloom RacecaRDetheroc-US51Not updated
87Espe Minions of MugatuDetheroc-US51Not updated
87Orionspower  Detheroc-US51Not updated
93Nekrosiss SufferDetheroc-US50
93Lightheal Invalid TargetDetheroc-US50
93Sadaam GravediggerDetheroc-US50Not updated
93Cryptkeeper SufferDetheroc-US50
93Kilkaya  Detheroc-US50Not updated
93Mímíc Savage BloodDetheroc-US50Not updated

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