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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Destromath-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Yetzerhara  Destromath-US110Not updated
1Artosis  Destromath-US110Not updated
3Psuqt Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US105Not updated
4Poohjitsu DelusionalDestromath-US101Not updated
5Sighbear Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US100Not updated
6Vexlore Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US93Not updated
6Mizznewbooty  Destromath-US93Not updated
8Rachaelray Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US92Not updated
9Sashimikitty Crypt FriendsDestromath-US90Not updated
10Turiin The AristocracyDestromath-US87Not updated
11Funsy  Destromath-US86Not updated
12Coldbeam SymbioticDestromath-US85Not updated
12Lookatroll StatusDestromath-US85Not updated
14Babyspice  Destromath-US84Not updated
15Jibblez DelusionalDestromath-US83Not updated
15Tailwind Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US83Not updated
17Madrolls Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US82Not updated
17Munj  Destromath-US82Not updated
17Tornadowatch PinkBird MentaLinstituteDestromath-US82Not updated
20Bigblackgurl  Destromath-US80Not updated
20Dunpeal  Destromath-US80Not updated
22Icen Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US79Not updated
22Furikant  Destromath-US79Not updated
24Dresden LëgacyDestromath-US78Not updated
25Valhalana Bare MinimumDestromath-US77Not updated
25Katiclismic  Destromath-US77Not updated
27Averyzan PinkBird MentaLinstituteDestromath-US75Not updated
27Mel The AristocracyDestromath-US75Not updated
27Cassy Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US75Not updated
27Khagan Cupcake FactoryDestromath-US75Not updated
31Psychodogg Ninjabread MenDestromath-US74Not updated
31Tirynis Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US74Not updated
31Happyfuncoil Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US74Not updated
31Burrett TAGDestromath-US74Not updated
31Karrowi Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US74Not updated
31Shandorc  Destromath-US74Not updated
37Wenke Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US73Not updated
37Selfless Crypt FriendsDestromath-US73Not updated
37Deilen Crypt FriendsDestromath-US73Not updated
37Swagmaster  Destromath-US73Not updated
37Gattacus  Destromath-US73Not updated
37Naoto Deus Ex MachinaDestromath-US73Not updated
37Nizra ClockworkDestromath-US73Not updated
37Withher  Destromath-US73Not updated
45Poprocknroll  Destromath-US72Not updated
45Gawrurumon  Destromath-US72Not updated
47Gryhmoor Deviant SoulsDestromath-US71Not updated
47Lutesectomy Crypt FriendsDestromath-US71Not updated
47Jondraper Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US71Not updated
47Aileah LETS GODestromath-US71Not updated
51Timmers Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US70Not updated
51Gerolyonse  Destromath-US70Not updated
51Adeille  Destromath-US70Not updated
51Dfenestrator  Destromath-US70Not updated
51Mueycaliente TicklefightDestromath-US70Not updated
51Soulp Blood Sweat and TiersDestromath-US70Not updated
57Toit Crypt FriendsDestromath-US69Not updated
57Egglopan ClockworkDestromath-US69Not updated
57Kamax Bob and Karrowi BFF ClubDestromath-US69Not updated
57Hugbox Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US69Not updated
61Ninveaha  Destromath-US68Not updated
61Venril  Destromath-US68Not updated
61Hildina  Destromath-US68Not updated
61Momochan  Destromath-US68Not updated
65Vadka RuffWalkersDestromath-US67Not updated
65Khronuslight WarhavenDestromath-US67Not updated
65Tsuni Forged AllianceDestromath-US67Not updated
65Melika Forged AllianceDestromath-US67Not updated
65Usaytacobell Killing In The Name OfDestromath-US67Not updated
65Wandspec  Destromath-US67Not updated
71Xquisitepain PinkBird MentaLinstituteDestromath-US66Not updated
71Raloc Wrought from RuinDestromath-US66Not updated
71Dianeyoung  Destromath-US66Not updated
71Pancaekz  Destromath-US66Not updated
75Normally Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US65Not updated
75Gwaramon The Good Bad and UndeadDestromath-US65Not updated
75Gnark Crypt FriendsDestromath-US65Not updated
75Mäkelä Great Men in HistoryDestromath-US65Not updated
75Gothics  Destromath-US65Not updated
75Tarell PinkBird MentaLinstituteDestromath-US65Not updated
75Spicymchagus Blood Sweat and TiersDestromath-US65Not updated
82Bane SabbatumDestromath-US64Not updated
82Pyrias  Destromath-US64Not updated
82Rokash Colonial Space MarinesDestromath-US64Not updated

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