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Dentarg-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Dots Bad OmenDentarg-EU106
2Vejsinii Bad OmenDentarg-EU103
3Tystnad Bad OmenDentarg-EU102
4Ashdown  Dentarg-EU98Not updated
5Puddy Bad OmenDentarg-EU97
6Monki Bad OmenDentarg-EU96
7Gobtain Bad OmenDentarg-EU95
8Ashthar Bad OmenDentarg-EU94
9Stratina Bad OmenDentarg-EU91
10Keine Bad OmenDentarg-EU87
10Benita Bad OmenDentarg-EU87
12Spookiez Bad OmenDentarg-EU86
13Mystaunted MugetsuDentarg-EU84
14Sargonas Bad OmenDentarg-EU83
15Darmor Bad OmenDentarg-EU82
15Sluaghs  Dentarg-EU82Not updated
17Archstanton Bad OmenDentarg-EU81
18Maali Bad OmenDentarg-EU80
19Gwynnie Strawberry PiratesDentarg-EU76Not updated
19Johnnysins  Dentarg-EU76Not updated
19Malady Bad OmenDentarg-EU76Not updated
22Inea Bad OmenDentarg-EU75Not updated
22Ignique  Dentarg-EU75
24Hanta Bad OmenDentarg-EU74
24Amalia ConsiderationDentarg-EU74
26Neurodrive The HonoredDentarg-EU73Not updated
26Crc Bad OmenDentarg-EU73Not updated
28Xo The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU72
28Senestra Shadow of the NightDentarg-EU72Not updated
28Jojambu Bad OmenDentarg-EU72Not updated
31Ailith Bad OmenDentarg-EU71Not updated
32Lexine  Dentarg-EU70Not updated
32Sarg Bad OmenDentarg-EU70Not updated
32Shockeye Bad OmenDentarg-EU70Not updated
32Alessio  Dentarg-EU70Not updated
36Kanerria ConsiderationDentarg-EU69
36Shadowbow No Moon Over MeDentarg-EU69Not updated
36Maeglor Bad OmenDentarg-EU69Not updated
39Jolinar Bad OmenDentarg-EU68Not updated
40Daeneryss  Dentarg-EU67Not updated
40Slapperjohn Bad OmenDentarg-EU67Not updated
42Cryptstalker Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU66
42Zorrig Bad OmenDentarg-EU66Not updated
42Glorfyndel Bad OmenDentarg-EU66Not updated
45Mhiiron Bad OmenDentarg-EU65Not updated
46Sollidie Ancestral HeroesDentarg-EU64
46Themageoz Bad OmenDentarg-EU64
46Jordo  Dentarg-EU64Not updated
46Smakk  Dentarg-EU64Not updated
46Piupiupiupiu Pui de DacDentarg-EU64Not updated
46Slackmode MugetsuDentarg-EU64Not updated
46Rocketfeller CollisionDentarg-EU64Not updated
46Pov Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU64Not updated
54Mithimna Bad OmenDentarg-EU62Not updated
55Gicu PenanceDentarg-EU61
55Zla CollisionDentarg-EU61Not updated
55Akakabuto CollisionDentarg-EU61
55Tàmrìèl  Dentarg-EU61
55Snetrom NeroDentarg-EU61Not updated
60Tyrygosa PenanceDentarg-EU60
60Whattoheal Bad OmenDentarg-EU60
60Rifle Plain AwesomeDentarg-EU60Not updated
60Shaundi  Dentarg-EU60Not updated
60Peter BGZBankDentarg-EU60Not updated
60Draguljce CollisionDentarg-EU60Not updated
60Velenosa Lazy PeonsDentarg-EU60Not updated
60Yodashoe  Dentarg-EU60
68Kathalx Bad OmenDentarg-EU59
68Warbirdz Bad OmenDentarg-EU59
68Themadsen Deadly Viper SquadDentarg-EU59Not updated
71Souldust Legends Of The ForgottenDentarg-EU58
71Grapjas Brill Community CollegeDentarg-EU58Not updated
73Lovacluka Lavovi HrvatskeDentarg-EU57Not updated
73Hexxed WonderDentarg-EU57Not updated
73Vucoda Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU57Not updated
76Canat Guild PerksDentarg-EU56Not updated
76Sleepingfox  Dentarg-EU56Not updated
76Diazipann Guild PerksDentarg-EU56Not updated
76Ulvetøs ConsiderationDentarg-EU56Not updated
76Mhuron Bad OmenDentarg-EU56Not updated
76Mihella  Dentarg-EU56
82Nala Bad OmenDentarg-EU55
82Anansie CollisionDentarg-EU55Not updated
82Nhiron Bad OmenDentarg-EU55Not updated
82Dreamie Last TryDentarg-EU55Not updated
82Armida DeathShadowDentarg-EU55Not updated
87Noelle Bad OmenDentarg-EU54Not updated
87Kaluna Bad OmenDentarg-EU54
87Talona Bad OmenDentarg-EU54
87Mageiimage Anyone For A PintDentarg-EU54
87Konami Nox NoctisDentarg-EU54Not updated
87Earthshocker DedicatedDentarg-EU54Not updated
93Liadrine The Hex PistolsDentarg-EU53
93Royalstush  Dentarg-EU53Not updated
93Tolvis  Dentarg-EU53Not updated
93Kungpow Bad OmenDentarg-EU53Not updated
93Pandôra NerfDentarg-EU53Not updated
98Bubisaur Bad OmenDentarg-EU52Not updated
98Hummelgum Bad OmenDentarg-EU52
98Copernica Do JajaDentarg-EU52

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