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Defias Brotherhood-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Neimi The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU140
2Helzorius Violent NoiseDefias Brotherhood-EU135
3Whitesky Exploding Sheep incDefias Brotherhood-EU110Not updated
4Tufib The Raven CouncilDefias Brotherhood-EU108
5Xintik Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU103
6Valkien The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU101
7Tetn Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU100
7Seldína  Defias Brotherhood-EU100Not updated
7Shaera  Defias Brotherhood-EU100Not updated
10Pandatron  Defias Brotherhood-EU99Not updated
11Thalassemia BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU98Not updated
12Schrodinger Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU97
12Hanswolo The Typhoon StruggleDefias Brotherhood-EU97
14Nefelopo Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU96
15Stoke The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU94
15Soemek SensibleDefias Brotherhood-EU94Not updated
15Bígusdickus Crypt Of DestructionDefias Brotherhood-EU94Not updated
18Yatch BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU93
19Morthicia Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU92Not updated
20Lastator KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU90
21Reené KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU89
21Turbotrine BloodwindDefias Brotherhood-EU89
23Adirina  Defias Brotherhood-EU86Not updated
24Ayatara The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU85Not updated
24Zéik SabotageDefias Brotherhood-EU85
24Inubis The Sound of FocusDefias Brotherhood-EU85Not updated
24Holytarp Defenders of AzerothDefias Brotherhood-EU85
28AndroidRex  Defias Brotherhood-EU84
28Minawa La Danse MacabreDefias Brotherhood-EU84
28Ernbeast  Defias Brotherhood-EU84Not updated
31Leechra Shadów WolvesDefias Brotherhood-EU83
31Amanthy Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU83
31Bearserker BOON ControlDefias Brotherhood-EU83Not updated
34Dystopia Non PhixionDefias Brotherhood-EU82
34Bzl Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU82
34Gifu Burning DawnDefias Brotherhood-EU82
37Quetzäl KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU81
37Chunkycarl  Defias Brotherhood-EU81Not updated
37Zandmann Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU81
37Damia  Defias Brotherhood-EU81Not updated
41Bhoga KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU80
41Anikilator  Defias Brotherhood-EU80Not updated
41Sanra  Defias Brotherhood-EU80Not updated
44Drarion Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU79
44Kyrenisah VanityDefias Brotherhood-EU79
44Lombra Paradise LostDefias Brotherhood-EU79Not updated
44Corina PrimigeniaDefias Brotherhood-EU79
48Repeller  Defias Brotherhood-EU78Not updated
48Sythar ShadowsongDefias Brotherhood-EU78Not updated
48Halfproject  Defias Brotherhood-EU78Not updated
51Qoxxy KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU77
51Meckus Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU77
51Jaybear PrimeDefias Brotherhood-EU77
51Sossu Burning DawnDefias Brotherhood-EU77Not updated
51Monkeytron  Defias Brotherhood-EU77Not updated
56Juena KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU76
56Jinjiro The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU76
56Senex The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU76
56Arascope Lost FaithDefias Brotherhood-EU76
56Yoomes BaboDefias Brotherhood-EU76
56Rarìty KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU76
62Noima Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU75
62Yukela The Hungering ColdDefias Brotherhood-EU75
62Anela Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU75
62Tåke ReversusDefias Brotherhood-EU75
62Tangokunkku Future Of Old StyleDefias Brotherhood-EU75Not updated
62Xcynic KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU75
68Slithra SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU74
68Evilperry Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU74
68Adonneth DefianceDefias Brotherhood-EU74Not updated
68Firelíght Section IXDefias Brotherhood-EU74Not updated
72Ryzanna Amused to DeathDefias Brotherhood-EU73
72Slythas Burning DawnDefias Brotherhood-EU73
72Helpful Ye Olde Goone SquadeDefias Brotherhood-EU73Not updated
72Vindísama Whack A DragonDefias Brotherhood-EU73Not updated
72Madreena  Defias Brotherhood-EU73Not updated
72Hornavar  Defias Brotherhood-EU73Not updated
78Eyniel KingsfallDefias Brotherhood-EU72
78Tirithil SacrosanctDefias Brotherhood-EU72
78Emalie Circle of JusticeDefias Brotherhood-EU72
78Kerl Goon SquadDefias Brotherhood-EU72Not updated

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