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Deathwing-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Thanamortisa TraumaticDeathwing-US110Not updated
2Zedmann Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US89
2Rulah  Deathwing-US89Not updated
4Seyge Red StaggerDeathwing-US88
5Ultron Quit Your JobDeathwing-US85
6Sedric  Deathwing-US81Not updated
7Torvald Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US80
7Soriaya The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US80
7Tyráel  Deathwing-US80Not updated
10Built Vampire WashingtonDeathwing-US79Not updated
10Mithelmet  Deathwing-US79Not updated
10Malachi Hi FiveDeathwing-US79Not updated
13Tasyn Do A Barrel RollDeathwing-US78
13ßellaswan  Deathwing-US78Not updated
15Hrethric Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US77
15Pokadut Red StaggerDeathwing-US77
17Sentra The ORLY FactorDeathwing-US75
17ßloodedge  Deathwing-US75Not updated
17Alwhin AcheronDeathwing-US75Not updated
17Dexter  Deathwing-US75Not updated
17Tailsaurus  Deathwing-US75Not updated
22Smexysap Red StaggerDeathwing-US74
22Nightwish Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US74
22Mature Descendants of DraenorDeathwing-US74Not updated
25Halfamazing Red StaggerDeathwing-US73
25Nyobitoo PoseidoDeathwing-US73
25Kipdrordy  Deathwing-US73
25Volarun Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US73
25Benchwarmer  Deathwing-US73Not updated
30Hankscorpio InertiaDeathwing-US72
30Gip Defensores AfortunadosDeathwing-US72
30Clearlylol Hi FiveDeathwing-US72Not updated
33Delonius Red StaggerDeathwing-US71
33Ashely InertiaDeathwing-US71
33Clypeum PixelatedDeathwing-US71
33Hanta P A R A D O XDeathwing-US71
33Lanceon CostaDeathwing-US71Not updated
33Cogster RefractionDeathwing-US71
33Kwanloc Publicity StuntDeathwing-US71Not updated
33Ozzay SaviourDeathwing-US71Not updated
41Korinä PúlseDeathwing-US70Not updated
41Spasticwaffl  Deathwing-US70
41Theropod Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US70Not updated
41Jlo Descendants of DraenorDeathwing-US70Not updated
41Madcaps  Deathwing-US70Not updated
41Riysha Save Dragons Stop PVEDeathwing-US70Not updated
41Turtleman Descendants of DraenorDeathwing-US70Not updated
41Holysheiss  Deathwing-US70Not updated
41Hawtstuffs EnigmaDeathwing-US70Not updated
50Doloros InertiaDeathwing-US69
50Crantor InertiaDeathwing-US69
50Alucius Can of AggroDeathwing-US69
50Súnny Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US69
50Roxxane Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US69
50Treêfiddy Guardians of the FlagDeathwing-US69Not updated
50Cadmium EnigmaDeathwing-US69Not updated
57Cordrenn PúlseDeathwing-US68
57Keepdreaming InertiaDeathwing-US68
57Khayra Gadgetstani Terror SquadDeathwing-US68
57Màtty Red StaggerDeathwing-US68
57Dalara InertiaDeathwing-US68
57Rivalyn DiscordDeathwing-US68
57Shaytan  Deathwing-US68Not updated
57Aweetod AscendDeathwing-US68Not updated
65Kween Team Discovery ChannelDeathwing-US67
65Sundevils Knights Of The MaelstromDeathwing-US67
65Ep  Deathwing-US67Not updated
65Maledicam Thunder BilliesDeathwing-US67Not updated
65Desmora P A R A D O XDeathwing-US67Not updated
70Narama PúlseDeathwing-US66
70Heelme Red StaggerDeathwing-US66
70Lennix Imperial CoalitionDeathwing-US66
70Sinth PoseidoDeathwing-US66
70Fehana CostaDeathwing-US66
70Armaki ZenDeathwing-US66Not updated
70Pazoozu TraumaticDeathwing-US66Not updated
70Hellssong Ginyu ForceDeathwing-US66Not updated
78Meníon PúlseDeathwing-US65
78Ultimate DiscordDeathwing-US65
78Gygan Unbridled ApathyDeathwing-US65
78Bradwan Red StaggerDeathwing-US65Not updated
78Cellir  Deathwing-US65
78Víndicated PúlseDeathwing-US65

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