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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Deathwing-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Faldy ThirstDeathwing-EU97Not updated
2Kekkoa Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU94Not updated
3Pakwan  Deathwing-EU90Not updated
4Jarrå  Deathwing-EU83Not updated
5Chiizy Pinetree PioneersDeathwing-EU82Not updated
6Máannet Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU80Not updated
6Tolene  Deathwing-EU80Not updated
8Slowbro SjöröversDeathwing-EU79Not updated
8Makke YARRDeathwing-EU79Not updated
10Crufizia  Deathwing-EU76Not updated
11Sketchy Dark GuardDeathwing-EU75Not updated
12Sab LikeABossDeathwing-EU74Not updated
12Multiphasic PandamoniumDeathwing-EU74Not updated
12Faldi  Deathwing-EU74Not updated
15Ubik The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU72Not updated
16Uninde Supreme VoodooDeathwing-EU71Not updated
17Mirega Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU70Not updated
17Hemglass SjöröversDeathwing-EU70Not updated
17Belore  Deathwing-EU70Not updated
20Xaaria  Deathwing-EU68Not updated
20Faldur  Deathwing-EU68Not updated
22Cubcake  Deathwing-EU67Not updated
23Fudgecake Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU66Not updated
24Quetch The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU65Not updated
25Kyrfad  Deathwing-EU64Not updated
26Scru  Deathwing-EU63Not updated
26Genny  Deathwing-EU63Not updated
28Chronios SensibilityDeathwing-EU62Not updated
28Aristarxos ChozenDeathwing-EU62Not updated
28Trian  Deathwing-EU62Not updated
28Ecka The HellfrontDeathwing-EU62Not updated
28Slagiansikte Dark GuardDeathwing-EU62Not updated
28Stoneflower HegiraDeathwing-EU62Not updated
34Serenepalm The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU61Not updated
34Moopocalypse PowerhouseDeathwing-EU61Not updated
34Tichu ASSAILANTDeathwing-EU61Not updated
34Buzzsmash Clan Wolf PackDeathwing-EU61Not updated
34Pinalina MMORPG MafiaDeathwing-EU61Not updated
34Rakapishu PowerhouseDeathwing-EU61Not updated
34Sneakerupon  Deathwing-EU61Not updated
34Sakarisikari  Deathwing-EU61Not updated
42Homppeli YARRDeathwing-EU60Not updated
42Gerle  Deathwing-EU60Not updated
42Fetølboks HegiraDeathwing-EU60Not updated
42Darker Anvil of CromDeathwing-EU60Not updated
42Khagan kebukioskiDeathwing-EU60Not updated
42Lastbilen Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU60Not updated
48Solesurvivor Dark GuardDeathwing-EU59Not updated
48Morlecka The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU59Not updated
48Jindujun GlamourzDeathwing-EU59Not updated
48Maxitwo  Deathwing-EU59Not updated
48Bolar  Deathwing-EU59Not updated
53Kalamia The Brotherhood of MightDeathwing-EU58Not updated
54Hobgoblino The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU57Not updated
54Nastrond Dark GuardDeathwing-EU57Not updated
54Tyrogore Cookie CuttersDeathwing-EU57Not updated
54Sterf  Deathwing-EU57Not updated
58Malkontent The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU56Not updated
58Dolce  Deathwing-EU56Not updated
58Raylong Syndicate of SolarisDeathwing-EU56Not updated
58Hunkey Supreme VoodooDeathwing-EU56Not updated
62Ituron SjöröversDeathwing-EU55Not updated
62Danco The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU55Not updated
62Poppeh PowerhouseDeathwing-EU55Not updated
62Oxbringa  Deathwing-EU55Not updated
62Paralove PowerhouseDeathwing-EU55Not updated
62Wromthrax  Deathwing-EU55Not updated
62Gufferen  Deathwing-EU55Not updated
62Ulaer  Deathwing-EU55Not updated
62Azurio  Deathwing-EU55Not updated
71Steelyninja The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU54Not updated
71Diccari  Deathwing-EU54Not updated
71Röllikana YARRDeathwing-EU54Not updated
71Zipfury Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU54Not updated
71Xojag  Deathwing-EU54Not updated
71Dalenkeo Souls of DignityDeathwing-EU54Not updated
71Zande  Deathwing-EU54Not updated
71Essageo Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU54Not updated
71Sakke YARRDeathwing-EU54Not updated
71Maiav Unholy RejuvenationDeathwing-EU54Not updated
81Bushmills The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Chani Dark GuardDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Soni  Deathwing-EU53Not updated
81Valkyrian High TimesDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Mananana SensibilityDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Litium SensibilityDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Suho Dawn of DemiseDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Bobicka Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Zeyurí HOODENDeathwing-EU53Not updated
81Cyrel  Deathwing-EU53Not updated
91Zakka The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Jacinta Killing TimeDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Dorfy Adolphus SatzDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Ebeneezer The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Klampe The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Saiyuri The Old GrudgeDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Strathisla The Other GuildDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Darkstrider HegiraDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Noemiownzyou Perfect Dark xDeathwing-EU52Not updated
91Akakabuto  Deathwing-EU52Not updated

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