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Dath'Remar-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Fayyte AccidentalliedDath'Remar-US95
2Milanah Hybrid TheoryDath'Remar-US94
3Infernome JellyDath'Remar-US93
4Silvari Hybrid TheoryDath'Remar-US92
5Teak make it soDath'Remar-US91
6Fierces ConclaveDath'Remar-US90
6Asunà Shadow WeaversDath'Remar-US90
8Vertìgo ImagiNationDath'Remar-US88
9Amaranthia Gíant Communíst RobotsDath'Remar-US85
9Zoltman Twisted HavenDath'Remar-US85
11Opala DémiséDath'Remar-US84
12Sudeki ConclaveDath'Remar-US83
12Everleaf SacrilegeDath'Remar-US83
14Lumenactio Gíant Communíst RobotsDath'Remar-US81
14Afflictive DoombringersDath'Remar-US81Not updated
14Luxypie FrostwolvesDath'Remar-US81Not updated
14Ràngiku  Dath'Remar-US81Not updated
18Kurisú SanctifyDath'Remar-US80Not updated
18Swarls  Dath'Remar-US80
18Katalyna Wrath of the TitansDath'Remar-US80Not updated
18Tinkertotems Darkhour ResurrectionDath'Remar-US80Not updated
18Bumfluffz Gíant Communíst RobotsDath'Remar-US80Not updated
23Endos InvincibleDath'Remar-US79
23Crazyrock Hamster HavocDath'Remar-US79
25Miriis  Dath'Remar-US77
25Hammondses Deeds of ValorDath'Remar-US77
25Efreet Blacklotus BrotherhoodDath'Remar-US77
25Stumped FrequencyDath'Remar-US77Not updated
29Janalli Troll SquadDath'Remar-US75
29Zaidel Vulgar Displays of PowerDath'Remar-US75Not updated
29Diabolica AccidentalliedDath'Remar-US75Not updated
32Urenix Troll SquadDath'Remar-US74
32Aezreal SacrilegeDath'Remar-US74
32Sabreena make it soDath'Remar-US74
32Titaniuc Almost EasyDath'Remar-US74Not updated
36Elurian EmeritusDath'Remar-US73
36Arneus GreenstoneDath'Remar-US73
36Saacks Shadow WeaversDath'Remar-US73
36Holymoo SacrilegeDath'Remar-US73Not updated
36Cimanon  Dath'Remar-US73Not updated
36Tyco Pax ImperiaDath'Remar-US73Not updated
36Aztard  Dath'Remar-US73Not updated
43Stormshadowy War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US72
43Soulsedge Hybrid OblivionDath'Remar-US72
43Cadderly  Dath'Remar-US72Not updated
46Bejeweled make it soDath'Remar-US71
46Pinkinsanity Mad ProphetsDath'Remar-US71
46Tharcon Mad ProphetsDath'Remar-US71
46Spring  Dath'Remar-US71Not updated
50Kathordin MightDath'Remar-US70Not updated
50Hexidecimal Gíant Communíst RobotsDath'Remar-US70
52Ratking ConclaveDath'Remar-US69
52Deruito TheReunioNDath'Remar-US69
52Bravetart War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US69
52Clueless  Dath'Remar-US69
52Brutus War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US69
52Zeshiku War MachineDath'Remar-US69Not updated
52Anunna Jandice Barov OverdriveDath'Remar-US69Not updated
52Vexia  Dath'Remar-US69
52Dinkzor Professional StalkerDath'Remar-US69Not updated
52Teacup make it soDath'Remar-US69Not updated
62Ashanar Novus OrsaDath'Remar-US68
62 IconicDath'Remar-US68
62Lovechops DefileDath'Remar-US68Not updated
62Cymre MischiefUsDath'Remar-US68Not updated
62Eldemina make it soDath'Remar-US68
67Kamelle ConclaveDath'Remar-US67
67Stajora BRITISH EMPIREDath'Remar-US67Not updated
67Chavodelocho CrimsonDath'Remar-US67
67Ywrensire War Rocket AjaxDath'Remar-US67
67Hasslehoof  Dath'Remar-US67Not updated
67Reprise ConclaveDath'Remar-US67
67Glittergale SanctifyDath'Remar-US67
67Leorina CrimsonDath'Remar-US67
67Cryogenix Not in a GuildDath'Remar-US67
67Valaska  Dath'Remar-US67

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