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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Darrowmere-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Sillypaws  Darrowmere-US105Not updated
2Carsonette is here to FSUDarrowmere-US85Not updated
3Doobo  Darrowmere-US73Not updated
4Jordãn Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US72Not updated
5Tejina  Darrowmere-US68Not updated
6Leekee PersistenceDarrowmere-US67Not updated
6Taez FtwDarrowmere-US67Not updated
8Lìrìn VerdictDarrowmere-US65Not updated
9Plaguae In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US64Not updated
9Catherena PersistenceDarrowmere-US64Not updated
11Crysee Die In FireDarrowmere-US63Not updated
12Daathic Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US62Not updated
12Koranger  Darrowmere-US62Not updated
12Hihihihii ÉclipseDarrowmere-US62Not updated
12ßigbadwolf  Darrowmere-US62Not updated
16Cerr Guild of BloodDarrowmere-US61Not updated
16Velvetvelour Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US61Not updated
18Solfeggio Professional SlackersDarrowmere-US60Not updated
18Cassah  Darrowmere-US60Not updated
20Constien Dream WhisperDarrowmere-US59Not updated
20Shinshadow Epistola MortemDarrowmere-US59Not updated
20Zajan  Darrowmere-US59Not updated
20Rubberlicker Rising ForceDarrowmere-US59Not updated
24Maleleuca Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US58Not updated
24Roxygirly Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US58Not updated
26Muujitsu Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US57Not updated
26Bloodhighelf Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US57Not updated
28Binke  Darrowmere-US56Not updated
28Period Juicebox RaidersDarrowmere-US56Not updated
30Karkillian Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US55Not updated
30Nauu Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US55Not updated
30Pinchazo  Darrowmere-US55Not updated
30Caasa  Darrowmere-US55Not updated
34Aleera In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US54Not updated
34Mellencice The Shiro ToraDarrowmere-US54Not updated
34Shockaholic Dream WhisperDarrowmere-US54Not updated
37Cröan Mute AssassinsDarrowmere-US53Not updated
37Bolei DefianceDarrowmere-US53Not updated
37Smivvles Emerald DreamDarrowmere-US53Not updated
37Nèthrick  Darrowmere-US53Not updated
37Shadowkisses FtwDarrowmere-US53Not updated
37Paladerp  Darrowmere-US53Not updated
37Mikarose Hells ButterfliesDarrowmere-US53Not updated
37Opié  Darrowmere-US53Not updated
45Behemecoatyl In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US52Not updated
45Monkybones FtwDarrowmere-US52Not updated
45Keyoa Visions of the PastDarrowmere-US52Not updated
45Gijane Dream WhisperDarrowmere-US52Not updated
49Thartrix Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US51Not updated
49Femaelstrom Circus of the DåmnedDarrowmere-US51Not updated
49Magharlen Among the LegendsDarrowmere-US51Not updated
49Shiftsinitup  Darrowmere-US51Not updated
49Jokaris  Darrowmere-US51Not updated
49Unstopbubblë  Darrowmere-US51Not updated
55Genvezax In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US50Not updated
55Aisi  Darrowmere-US50Not updated
55Hugejosh The Shiro ToraDarrowmere-US50Not updated
55Fortune  Darrowmere-US50Not updated
55Soraka Stewards of SilvermoonDarrowmere-US50Not updated
55Ullu  Darrowmere-US50Not updated
55Mørakai The Shiro ToraDarrowmere-US50Not updated
55Cosby  Darrowmere-US50Not updated
55Afrícan Séxy BabesDarrowmere-US50Not updated
64Wickedtruth FtwDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Iladreylia Liefde te KwetsenDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Totally ÆvèrstìllDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Rolloff Manifest DestinyDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Shedgirl CthulhuDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Alternis Mute AssassinsDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Ardalek Die In A FireDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Vanaelyste PersistenceDarrowmere-US49Not updated
64Salune  Darrowmere-US49Not updated
64Hettygreen FtwDarrowmere-US49Not updated
74Níll Manifest DestinyDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Delexy Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Irhealz  Darrowmere-US48Not updated
74Johnkickass Juicebox RaidersDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Zulashki Shadows of ChaosDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Jurktraz  Darrowmere-US48Not updated
74Dpoz InconceivableDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Tonrough InconceivableDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Zalectro Forgot to RememberDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Saish ForgedDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Neraan In Omnia ParatusDarrowmere-US48Not updated
74Carisa  Darrowmere-US48Not updated
86Raýnë Dark LegacyDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Restorative is here to FSUDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Biggerknot Hold the HeadDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Faedoria Unspecified ErrorDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Darkmísts Beautiful NightmaresDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Barratmain Hellscreams LegionDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Toygun Sanctuary for Old SoulsDarrowmere-US47Not updated
86Vodio  Darrowmere-US47Not updated
86Dotslol  Darrowmere-US47Not updated
95Lluvme The ShireDarrowmere-US46Not updated
95Arylwrên Slightly Dangerous IncDarrowmere-US46Not updated
95Aquenoki Hells ButterfliesDarrowmere-US46Not updated
95Evildevin Ale and BloodDarrowmere-US46Not updated
95Kitsuna  Darrowmere-US46Not updated
95Diks Killer FancyDarrowmere-US46Not updated

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