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Darkspear-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Thelf Dara MactíreDarkspear-US122
2Casvalctrl  Darkspear-US101Not updated
3Valvalis The ChurchDarkspear-US98
3Powersofpoop Friend ZoneDarkspear-US98
5Selbink Friend ZoneDarkspear-US95
5Canadamontna FreemasonryDarkspear-US95Not updated
7Kazadin  Darkspear-US93
8Ahzevar The ChurchDarkspear-US92
8Czer Vox RadixDarkspear-US92Not updated
10Israphael Friend ZoneDarkspear-US90
10Quadraxes The ChurchDarkspear-US90
12KinasXYZ  Darkspear-US88Not updated
13Garzbubel Vox RadixDarkspear-US87
13Arckhunter  Darkspear-US87Not updated
15Artika The ChurchDarkspear-US86
15Eraserheads Tambayan IIDarkspear-US86
17Asmongold  Darkspear-US85Not updated
18Mikhalia  Darkspear-US84Not updated
18Mukkalukka AtelophobiaDarkspear-US84Not updated
20Castaanu The ChurchDarkspear-US83
20Popsicle RED DRAGONSDarkspear-US83
22Blazs The ChurchDarkspear-US82
22Dacoolist skrill cappedDarkspear-US82Not updated
24Heavenlybody  Darkspear-US81Not updated
24Kionah  Darkspear-US81Not updated
24Tywyn  Darkspear-US81
27Valleygirlqt The Crimson TideDarkspear-US80
27Tormentas  Darkspear-US80Not updated
29Shihirö Dara MactíreDarkspear-US79
29Sevles Check PleaseDarkspear-US79Not updated
29Kanis  Darkspear-US79Not updated
32Projectile Friend ZoneDarkspear-US78
32Robin  Darkspear-US78
34Wilky Friend ZoneDarkspear-US77
34Ryegeleye The ChurchDarkspear-US77
34Scratch Friend ZoneDarkspear-US77
34Footsz Friend ZoneDarkspear-US77
34Crownic Friend ZoneDarkspear-US77
34Critzkrieg The ChurchDarkspear-US77Not updated
40Taalon Friend ZoneDarkspear-US75
40Thunderbolt Girls Gaming HouseDarkspear-US75
40Towncamper Friend ZoneDarkspear-US75
40Ionixa  Darkspear-US75Not updated
40Cambra  Darkspear-US75Not updated
40Kazmur  Darkspear-US75Not updated
46Lunabreeze The ChurchDarkspear-US74
46Taurros Dara MactíreDarkspear-US74
46Sarose  Darkspear-US74Not updated
46Listening RED DRAGONSDarkspear-US74
46Shadowrip eFamousDarkspear-US74Not updated
46Lumen Friend ZoneDarkspear-US74
46Furshizzle Rated RDarkspear-US74Not updated
46Brewmiser  Darkspear-US74Not updated
54Gusstavv ShoGunsDarkspear-US73
54Neonblade Dara MactíreDarkspear-US73
54Sighless Dara MactíreDarkspear-US73
54Siobhaan Critter CrunchDarkspear-US73Not updated
54Max Friend ZoneDarkspear-US73
54Snugglepuff Big Natural CritsDarkspear-US73
54Gamet  Darkspear-US73Not updated
61Mlouie Vox RadixDarkspear-US72Not updated
61Charlynn  Darkspear-US72
61Grekkor  Darkspear-US72Not updated
61Averes Bad InfluenceDarkspear-US72Not updated
61Enzuex Smite ClubDarkspear-US72Not updated
66Malatov Steel LegionDarkspear-US71
66Curzondax Girls Gaming HouseDarkspear-US71
66Sigsbee The Crimson TideDarkspear-US71Not updated
66Aerowyn Friend ZoneDarkspear-US71
66Sigep  Darkspear-US71Not updated
66Pukanini Imperial LegacyDarkspear-US71
66Pusslutio do my danceDarkspear-US71
66Rovpher Friend ZoneDarkspear-US71
66Priann  Darkspear-US71Not updated
75Ritamordio The ChurchDarkspear-US70
75Eliaegl The Crimson TideDarkspear-US70
75Dirtayslut The ChurchDarkspear-US70
75Lemistio BurnoutDarkspear-US70Not updated
75Headshotboom Cool PatrolDarkspear-US70
75Stonedgoods Fat Girls Cant L O SDarkspear-US70Not updated
75Nyquil PlayedDarkspear-US70Not updated
75Xcrucion GankersDarkspear-US70Not updated
75Paifnmei  Darkspear-US70Not updated
75Phoenixfíre Another LegacyDarkspear-US70
75Jkhan  Darkspear-US70Not updated
86Carbunkl The Crimson TideDarkspear-US69
86Reginata The ChurchDarkspear-US69Not updated
86Chimangarr  Darkspear-US69Not updated
86Gdtop Friend ZoneDarkspear-US69
86Takenotes  Darkspear-US69Not updated
86Ganghis Death n CarnageDarkspear-US69Not updated
92Smileymiley Friend ZoneDarkspear-US68
92Iix We Lift BroDarkspear-US68Not updated
92Oprawinflury Imperial GuardDarkspear-US68
92Holyballin BurnoutDarkspear-US68
92Lovehandles In The NightDarkspear-US68
92Kungfuspliff Gentlemans ClubDarkspear-US68
92Lhozz Order of the StonecutterDarkspear-US68
92Lyona Steel LegionDarkspear-US68
92Leggs Girls Gaming HouseDarkspear-US68

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