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Dalvengyr-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Whomper stalk and killDalvengyr-US90Not updated
2Madre DMOON GUILDDalvengyr-US81Not updated
3Yavimaya FateDalvengyr-US71Not updated
4Valenore VendettaDalvengyr-US70Not updated
5Silence stalk and killDalvengyr-US69Not updated
6Fazare RetributionDalvengyr-US67
6Xrave Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US67
6Rena stalk and killDalvengyr-US67Not updated
6Griever  Dalvengyr-US67Not updated
6Kinvae  Dalvengyr-US67Not updated
6Arche stalk and killDalvengyr-US67Not updated
6Collision stalk and killDalvengyr-US67Not updated
13Rabbitpoo FateDalvengyr-US66Not updated
14Gabryelle stalk and killDalvengyr-US65Not updated
15Tristance stalk and killDalvengyr-US64Not updated
16Konzi stalk and killDalvengyr-US63Not updated
17Drizz VendettaDalvengyr-US62Not updated
17Sellnstuff stalk and killDalvengyr-US62Not updated
19Codytwo  Dalvengyr-US61Not updated
20Iridera Monkeys Who Love DancingDalvengyr-US60Not updated
20Stilted stalk and killDalvengyr-US60Not updated
20Kelianis  Dalvengyr-US60Not updated
23Barbiegirl  Dalvengyr-US59Not updated
23Greymatter  Dalvengyr-US59Not updated
25Cowwabunga  Dalvengyr-US58Not updated
26Rètbull Critical MissDalvengyr-US57Not updated
26Cranedawg  Dalvengyr-US57Not updated
26Suaprimasafa  Dalvengyr-US57Not updated
26Funnyname Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US57Not updated
26Sheals  Dalvengyr-US57Not updated
26Akkarawatase  Dalvengyr-US57Not updated
26Oyobi  Dalvengyr-US57Not updated
33Shuffled Turtles GaloreDalvengyr-US56Not updated
33Honorigity Brotherhood of RoninDalvengyr-US56Not updated
33Cobwebs  Dalvengyr-US56Not updated
36Moonrays  Dalvengyr-US55Not updated
36Elisà FateDalvengyr-US55Not updated
36Michaggus ReloadedDalvengyr-US55Not updated
36Spikedk SarcasmDalvengyr-US55Not updated
36Arieya  Dalvengyr-US55Not updated
36Elisa  Dalvengyr-US55Not updated
36Failette  Dalvengyr-US55Not updated
43Eloriaina Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US54
43Barrylyndon Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US54
43Ginseng Blood WraithsDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Teadra FateDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Kamui ReloadedDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Cholow ReloadedDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Drakov RenascentiaDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Hock  Dalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Draknoir Peoples Front of JudeaDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Bearmace HeaveNDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Luuzral Clan WolpertingerDalvengyr-US54Not updated
43Cordial  Dalvengyr-US54Not updated
55Bcaric Azeroth ArmyDalvengyr-US53Not updated
55Zdunz  Dalvengyr-US53Not updated
55Demonïce FateDalvengyr-US53Not updated
55Imashe  Dalvengyr-US53Not updated
59Tacnayn Turtles GaloreDalvengyr-US52Not updated
59Wyvernspur Please Dont Hit MeDalvengyr-US52Not updated
59Skinnÿ FateDalvengyr-US52Not updated
59Maxin  Dalvengyr-US52Not updated
59Häze stalk and killDalvengyr-US52Not updated
59Patachouli SimplicityDalvengyr-US52Not updated
59Sempron FateDalvengyr-US52
66Joykiller Have A SitDalvengyr-US51Not updated
66Skeeshyx Almost AsianDalvengyr-US51Not updated
68Pabz  Dalvengyr-US50Not updated
68Roxieroller Peoples Front of JudeaDalvengyr-US50Not updated
68Sleepinfire ReloadedDalvengyr-US50Not updated
68Sealclubbnyo stalk and killDalvengyr-US50Not updated
68Rins Unprotected HexDalvengyr-US50Not updated
68Cownips PkPkGankYouNowDalvengyr-US50Not updated
74Myu The RebellionDalvengyr-US49
74Thefakemccoy The RebellionDalvengyr-US49
74Vodevil Monkeys Who Love DancingDalvengyr-US49Not updated
74Mace Have A SitDalvengyr-US49Not updated
74Vidiat FateDalvengyr-US49Not updated
74Drizzx  Dalvengyr-US49Not updated
74Shrieke FateDalvengyr-US49Not updated
81Mondorkqt Mondork and FriendsDalvengyr-US48
81Ishkara FateDalvengyr-US48Not updated
81Woofo Who ate the steaksDalvengyr-US48
81Inferno  Dalvengyr-US48Not updated
81Macsrogue  Dalvengyr-US48Not updated
81Ameil  Dalvengyr-US48Not updated
81Phillox SparDalvengyr-US48Not updated
81Falre  Dalvengyr-US48Not updated
81Ghoulbait Hell HoundsDalvengyr-US48Not updated
90Nartoozie Legacy of Dark MoonDalvengyr-US47
90Trixinja SimplicityDalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Izakk SparDalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Drizzl  Dalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Pongi stalk and killDalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Blunderbus FateDalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Eckidna  Dalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Deci  Dalvengyr-US47Not updated
90Trilock  Dalvengyr-US47Not updated
99Hafpint Night RangersDalvengyr-US46Not updated
99Shorrty SourceDalvengyr-US46Not updated

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