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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalvengyr-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Semtexx  Dalvengyr-EU117Not updated
2Summer Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU107Not updated
3Niké Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU97Not updated
4Nordragon GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU87Not updated
4Líghty Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU87Not updated
6Ayasha GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU85Not updated
7Matthias Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU84Not updated
8Hoopz  Dalvengyr-EU83Not updated
9Wolke  Dalvengyr-EU81Not updated
10Broxas  Dalvengyr-EU79Not updated
11Heartless Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU77Not updated
11Mérkus Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU77Not updated
13Crissaegrim GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU76Not updated
14Egøn Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU75Not updated
14Chenoa GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU75Not updated
16Retardead  Dalvengyr-EU72Not updated
17Casyøpaya Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU71Not updated
17Srsgirl  Dalvengyr-EU71Not updated
17Gorrog GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU71Not updated
20Kennji Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU70Not updated
20Lisahexberg GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU70Not updated
20Naroeno ForsakenDalvengyr-EU70Not updated
23Dernju Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU69Not updated
23Thyuran Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU69Not updated
23Zasar Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU69Not updated
23Novaz Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU69Not updated
23Kajani Limited EditionDalvengyr-EU69Not updated
23Derektus Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU69Not updated
29Ganjina Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU68Not updated
29Prisn GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU68Not updated
31Sukkygirl ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU67Not updated
31Hatôri  Dalvengyr-EU67Not updated
33Cread  Dalvengyr-EU66Not updated
33Chamod  Dalvengyr-EU66Not updated
33Drunkenhaze Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU66Not updated
33Replica GrimbladeDalvengyr-EU66Not updated
33Santhor ForsakenDalvengyr-EU66Not updated
38Noomie Shadow SwordsDalvengyr-EU65Not updated
38Bagolas ist gildenlosDalvengyr-EU65Not updated
40Krolm Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU64Not updated
40Zholo  Dalvengyr-EU64Not updated
42Xequter  Dalvengyr-EU63Not updated
42Kiwara Limited EditionDalvengyr-EU63Not updated
42Sanju Wory w ZakoneDalvengyr-EU63Not updated
42Silenos JadeFalkenDalvengyr-EU63Not updated
46Big Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU62Not updated
46Siekohr Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU62Not updated
46Reinhauen  Dalvengyr-EU62Not updated
49Rothac StahlnetzDalvengyr-EU61Not updated
50Euterdin DuffeDDalvengyr-EU60Not updated
50Xaehl  Dalvengyr-EU60Not updated
50Kiina OSRDalvengyr-EU60Not updated
53Chivas Udder ChaosDalvengyr-EU59Not updated
53Cassaya Shadow SwordsDalvengyr-EU59Not updated
53Xiashou Udder ChaosDalvengyr-EU59Not updated
53Etienn StahlnetzDalvengyr-EU59Not updated
57Bluè  Dalvengyr-EU58Not updated
57Raidchar Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU58Not updated
57Raidline ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU58Not updated
57Saine Udder ChaosDalvengyr-EU58Not updated
61Nattho SepsisDalvengyr-EU57Not updated
61Raylon Gladius et ArcusDalvengyr-EU57Not updated
63Bratackmatah OSRDalvengyr-EU56Not updated
63Gàndàlf ÜberDreißigPartyDalvengyr-EU56Not updated
63Guntbart OSRDalvengyr-EU56Not updated
63Synestra CI ES EIDalvengyr-EU56Not updated
63Sartim ForsakenDalvengyr-EU56Not updated
63Serdia  Dalvengyr-EU56Not updated
63Earendis Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU56Not updated
70Vhati Forsaken HeroesDalvengyr-EU55Not updated
70Dari Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU55Not updated
70Palantium CI ES EIDalvengyr-EU55Not updated
70Totissa We make PainDalvengyr-EU55Not updated
70Nafi Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU55Not updated
70Flobi  Dalvengyr-EU55Not updated
76Bêrtl Shadow SwordsDalvengyr-EU54Not updated
76Kalisstra OSRDalvengyr-EU54Not updated
76Tixo Project OneDalvengyr-EU54Not updated
76Fizzlebäng  Dalvengyr-EU54Not updated
76Éngelchen Garde der HoffnungDalvengyr-EU54Not updated
81Barricâde  Dalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Skyhigh ForsakenDalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Khazil Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Ðonky Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Shîno Im Zeichen der AllianzDalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Firûsha Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Otaku  Dalvengyr-EU53Not updated
81Mûk Fun FactoryDalvengyr-EU53Not updated
89Evaine Network KnightsDalvengyr-EU52Not updated
89Punki OSRDalvengyr-EU52Not updated

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