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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Dalaran-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Lemianda OuroborosDalaran-US73Not updated
2Satísfaction OuroborosDalaran-US71Not updated
3Lemìscus OuroborosDalaran-US69Not updated
4Hathora OuroborosDalaran-US68Not updated
5Vaalyn OuroborosDalaran-US66Not updated
6Piscary OuroborosDalaran-US63Not updated
6Krusnik OuroborosDalaran-US63Not updated
6Kidster OuroborosDalaran-US63Not updated
6Câssandra OuroborosDalaran-US63Not updated
10Walksalone OuroborosDalaran-US61Not updated
11Barial OuroborosDalaran-US60Not updated
12Ultimusmagus OuroborosDalaran-US59Not updated
12Bujai OuroborosDalaran-US59Not updated
12Rocmi OuroborosDalaran-US59Not updated
15Sunã OuroborosDalaran-US58Not updated
15Vizionary OuroborosDalaran-US58Not updated
17Lemiscûs OuroborosDalaran-US55Not updated
18Garbek OuroborosDalaran-US54Not updated
19Yaxi OuroborosDalaran-US53Not updated
20Stanzig OuroborosDalaran-US52Not updated
21Vapid OuroborosDalaran-US51Not updated
21Mcdilot OuroborosDalaran-US51Not updated
21Vesroth OuroborosDalaran-US51Not updated
21Cabaret OuroborosDalaran-US51Not updated
21Kronicle OuroborosDalaran-US51Not updated
26Curves OuroborosDalaran-US50Not updated
27Tradwin OuroborosDalaran-US49Not updated
27Azurefyre OuroborosDalaran-US49Not updated
29Pérseus OuroborosDalaran-US47Not updated
29Tsuen OuroborosDalaran-US47Not updated
31Charitý OuroborosDalaran-US46Not updated
32Yogiri OuroborosDalaran-US45Not updated
32Amdon OuroborosDalaran-US45Not updated
32Zelphar OuroborosDalaran-US45Not updated
35Skwodrun OuroborosDalaran-US44Not updated
35Grog OuroborosDalaran-US44Not updated
35Freeburning OuroborosDalaran-US44Not updated
35Jaylynne OuroborosDalaran-US44Not updated
39Manaburn OuroborosDalaran-US43Not updated
39Rougeluvin OuroborosDalaran-US43Not updated
39Papercuts OuroborosDalaran-US43Not updated
42Malifîcent OuroborosDalaran-US42Not updated
42Gráce OuroborosDalaran-US42Not updated
44Mcpoyle OuroborosDalaran-US41Not updated
45Sarcows OuroborosDalaran-US40Not updated
45Relàk OuroborosDalaran-US40Not updated
47Myrdin OuroborosDalaran-US39Not updated
48Jiyi OuroborosDalaran-US38Not updated
48Beckon OuroborosDalaran-US38Not updated
50Pause OuroborosDalaran-US37Not updated
51Swarjin OuroborosDalaran-US36Not updated
51Wyvernn OuroborosDalaran-US36Not updated
53Xilrok OuroborosDalaran-US35Not updated
53Dekline OuroborosDalaran-US35Not updated
53Karo OuroborosDalaran-US35Not updated
53Deyon OuroborosDalaran-US35Not updated
57Salladin OuroborosDalaran-US34Not updated
57Freedox OuroborosDalaran-US34Not updated
57Gobi OuroborosDalaran-US34Not updated
60Cöffee OuroborosDalaran-US33Not updated
61Shweko OuroborosDalaran-US32Not updated
61Healdaho OuroborosDalaran-US32Not updated
63Nisticus OuroborosDalaran-US31Not updated
64Zoka OuroborosDalaran-US30Not updated
64Riverstyx OuroborosDalaran-US30Not updated
64Vanhelsing OuroborosDalaran-US30Not updated
67Scag OuroborosDalaran-US29Not updated
67Viger OuroborosDalaran-US29Not updated
69Aggorr OuroborosDalaran-US28Not updated
69Inoperable OuroborosDalaran-US28Not updated
71Schlately OuroborosDalaran-US27Not updated
71Çurby OuroborosDalaran-US27Not updated
71Grizzlyic OuroborosDalaran-US27Not updated
74Darjeeling OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
74Valputnhealz OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
74Jazminë OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
74Brahda OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
74Foely OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
74Hexwalker OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
74Zíi OuroborosDalaran-US26Not updated
81Smooshie OuroborosDalaran-US25Not updated
81Felktrazbek OuroborosDalaran-US25Not updated
81Vervel OuroborosDalaran-US25Not updated
84Oregano OuroborosDalaran-US24Not updated
85Thecharlie OuroborosDalaran-US23Not updated
85Worgenslayer OuroborosDalaran-US23Not updated
85Faranor OuroborosDalaran-US23Not updated
88Mappo OuroborosDalaran-US22Not updated
89Haliar OuroborosDalaran-US21Not updated
89Rahx OuroborosDalaran-US21Not updated
91Kirond OuroborosDalaran-US20Not updated
91Zagzal OuroborosDalaran-US20Not updated
91Tëchniquë OuroborosDalaran-US20Not updated
91Angellicarni OuroborosDalaran-US20Not updated
95Paksanghyuk OuroborosDalaran-US19Not updated
95Masterkiller OuroborosDalaran-US19Not updated
97Evocate OuroborosDalaran-US18Not updated
98Supermancow OuroborosDalaran-US17Not updated
98Nebeon OuroborosDalaran-US17Not updated
100Æclìps OuroborosDalaran-US16Not updated

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