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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Daggerspine-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Evaclawl  Daggerspine-US110Not updated
2Toxxic  Daggerspine-US94Not updated
3Hâvøc GrimDaggerspine-US86Not updated
4Jackjumper Dirty SouthDaggerspine-US85Not updated
5Kurah SkeletorDaggerspine-US78Not updated
6Werst  Daggerspine-US76Not updated
7Kensferd InsomniacsDaggerspine-US75Not updated
8Corloc GrimDaggerspine-US70Not updated
8Asukä  Daggerspine-US70Not updated
10Wildmag ResonanceDaggerspine-US69Not updated
10Joroesan ImpulseDaggerspine-US69Not updated
10Cand  Daggerspine-US69Not updated
13Mootilda GrimDaggerspine-US68Not updated
14Divinesole ImpulseDaggerspine-US67Not updated
14Lycantrope  Daggerspine-US67Not updated
16Violation GrimDaggerspine-US66Not updated
16Randie  Daggerspine-US66Not updated
18Malificient Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US65Not updated
18Maeljin potatoDaggerspine-US65Not updated
18Ahand ClarityDaggerspine-US65Not updated
21Ghostreveri AFK During TrashDaggerspine-US64Not updated
21Zulamar PsychomagneticDaggerspine-US64Not updated
21Mowg ResonanceDaggerspine-US64Not updated
21Deathkat MOJODaggerspine-US64Not updated
21Moobu Dark TrinityDaggerspine-US64Not updated
26Aryous Seraph TemplaraDaggerspine-US63Not updated
26Rahnir United DefenseDaggerspine-US63Not updated
26Holytotem potatoDaggerspine-US63Not updated
26Huntsmano AftermathDaggerspine-US63Not updated
30Killtest ImpulseDaggerspine-US62Not updated
30Badshot Fallen GraceDaggerspine-US62Not updated
30Dricks The SwarmDaggerspine-US62Not updated
33Curve ImperiumDaggerspine-US61Not updated
33Elri Luck of the DrawDaggerspine-US61Not updated
33Zendrick  Daggerspine-US61Not updated
36Venitaza A Forgotten FaithDaggerspine-US60Not updated
36Goose  Daggerspine-US60Not updated
36Natalem ResonanceDaggerspine-US60Not updated
36Dehzzi DamagedDaggerspine-US60Not updated
36Tsukishiro ImpulseDaggerspine-US60Not updated
41Sharaelyn PlagueDaggerspine-US59Not updated
41Splice TormentDaggerspine-US59Not updated
41Overpower potatoDaggerspine-US59Not updated
41Fortiscue ResonanceDaggerspine-US59Not updated
41Omimi GrimDaggerspine-US59Not updated
41Toadwort Moonbrook Bowls ClubDaggerspine-US59Not updated
47Onnixpaw GrimDaggerspine-US58Not updated
47Dugogo GrimDaggerspine-US58Not updated
47Kuredar  Daggerspine-US58Not updated
47Rastakilla GrimDaggerspine-US58Not updated
47Tantalus Obsidian HandDaggerspine-US58Not updated
47Frace ImperiumDaggerspine-US58Not updated
47Angrykas Drunken LordsDaggerspine-US58Not updated
54Palimax ResonanceDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Caliber GrimDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Seychelles  Daggerspine-US57Not updated
54Algoare GrimDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Archadeus TormentDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Alleran Advance And VanquishDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Arrowyyn Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Dotzforyou  Daggerspine-US57Not updated
54Tyrandéé Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US57Not updated
54Swaglol  Daggerspine-US57Not updated
64Weeji GrimDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Khasrenthall Midnight TemplarsDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Sirmick Wide AwakeDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Locha Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Shockndrop Cry HavocDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Picklocks Dark KnightsDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Apollyon Ov Fire And VoidDaggerspine-US56Not updated
64Avrsion ImpulseDaggerspine-US56Not updated
72Humascus Drunken LegacyDaggerspine-US55Not updated
72Kaneevo  Daggerspine-US55Not updated
72Bast OishieDaggerspine-US55Not updated
72Frog ResonanceDaggerspine-US55Not updated
72Yoshiko ResonanceDaggerspine-US55Not updated
72Threshblade United DefenseDaggerspine-US55Not updated
72Holeycow Mass Affluent SlayersDaggerspine-US55Not updated
72Synthagrad  Daggerspine-US55Not updated
72Typhoeus potatoDaggerspine-US55Not updated
81Hemèra AFK During TrashDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Babyflexis LycentiousDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Mechabull potatoDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Cyclonestout GrimDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Curseofsin Children Of AsgardhrDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Shánkypánky GrimDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Redferne GrimDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Isokie PsychomagneticDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Arbiter Burger TownDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Viondra  Daggerspine-US54Not updated
81Gaudalupe A Forgotten FaithDaggerspine-US54Not updated
81Moisturized ResonanceDaggerspine-US54Not updated
93Sarenthaeis GrimDaggerspine-US53Not updated

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