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Crushridge-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Maorae Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US100Not updated
2Atalanta Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US97
3Kovac Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US93Not updated
4Aidap Being RudeCrushridge-US92Not updated
4Saduction  Crushridge-US92Not updated
6Gräv No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US87Not updated
6Slypstream  Crushridge-US87Not updated
8Goldblum No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US86Not updated
8Flemtality Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US86Not updated
10Veincane No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US84Not updated
11Brinkley No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US82Not updated
12Asmnda FeedbackCrushridge-US80
12Seck Being RudeCrushridge-US80Not updated
14Brokuu Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US79
14Deform Nailed ItCrushridge-US79
14Avasive Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US79
14Clay FeedbackCrushridge-US79
18Blacksabbeth  Crushridge-US78Not updated
19Morbidus  Crushridge-US77Not updated
19Kalarawr The VanguardsCrushridge-US77Not updated
21Oliviawilde  Crushridge-US76Not updated
21Stim No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US76Not updated
23Wrinkles Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US75
23Mahajah Desolent DestroyersCrushridge-US75
25Dindrim Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US74
25Thormag  Crushridge-US74Not updated
27Savi Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US73
27Decus ObliqueCrushridge-US73
29Litura Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US72
29Lodana  Crushridge-US72Not updated
31Dojo  Crushridge-US71
31Incizion Ewiges LichtCrushridge-US71
31Sylentnyte LAKEofFIRECrushridge-US71Not updated
31Nyquil  Crushridge-US71Not updated
31Xardion  Crushridge-US71Not updated
31Mikëo  Crushridge-US71Not updated
37Zipzombie Brink of InsanityCrushridge-US70Not updated
37Pandemonica Quantum ButterflyCrushridge-US70
39Maachah Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US69
39Notons FeedbackCrushridge-US69
39Eremith Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US69
39Swiftmender Even if they stopped meCrushridge-US69Not updated
39Yukiri No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US69Not updated
44Mddsteve  Crushridge-US68
44Seito Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US68
44Tenkeiko SatedCrushridge-US68Not updated
44Shaydez Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US68Not updated
44Chira No Chicks AllowedCrushridge-US68Not updated
44Mizzie Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US68Not updated
44Alevander  Crushridge-US68Not updated
44Thief  Crushridge-US68Not updated
52Cracknasty Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US67
52Cadavera Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US67
52Infiniti Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US67
52Pukefiesta LeblaCrushridge-US67Not updated
52Meevas  Crushridge-US67Not updated
52Phystor  Crushridge-US67Not updated
52Nataline kill are enemeisCrushridge-US67Not updated
59Lamashtu FeedbackCrushridge-US66Not updated
59Rosalva Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US66Not updated
59Holystud  Crushridge-US66Not updated
59Holyshoot Undead and FabulousCrushridge-US66
59Darkender  Crushridge-US66Not updated
64Gluegun Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US65Not updated
64Volrax  Crushridge-US65Not updated
64Jessria  Crushridge-US65Not updated
67Azsharla Love and PeaceCrushridge-US64
67Powerhouse Blood of HonorCrushridge-US64
67Stayn Ðark Moon TemplarsCrushridge-US64Not updated
67Quakehoof Order Of AnarchyCrushridge-US64Not updated
67Nadina kill are enemeisCrushridge-US64Not updated
67Yirttok is in the SequelCrushridge-US64Not updated
67Athelona  Crushridge-US64Not updated
74Hyurii Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US63
74Sven Love and PeaceCrushridge-US63
74Wiz FeedbackCrushridge-US63
74Braks Taunka TrucksCrushridge-US63Not updated
74Kamicolo Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US63
74Eckle UnDeAd GaNk SqUaDCrushridge-US63Not updated
74Apitome  Crushridge-US63Not updated
81Dontrike Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US62
81Naarun ParabellumCrushridge-US62
81Holymolee Wrath Of The NorsemenCrushridge-US62
81Albel LeblaCrushridge-US62
81Snuggìébear  Crushridge-US62Not updated
81Aphrødytee Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US62
81Rixen Black Cell FactionCrushridge-US62Not updated
81Konktastic FeedbackCrushridge-US62
81Tyronë  Crushridge-US62Not updated
81Ragebar Sneaky SnakesCrushridge-US62Not updated
81Locktard  Crushridge-US62Not updated

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