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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Cho'gall-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Katrinr The Inner City GymCho'gall-US110Not updated
2Guccigucci  Cho'gall-US99
3Bajingobomb  Cho'gall-US97Not updated
3Bajinjer  Cho'gall-US97Not updated
5Abeyancy Well Do It LiveCho'gall-US96Not updated
6Eazie  Cho'gall-US92Not updated
7Fistpunch Furries And FriendsCho'gall-US91Not updated
8Yào LimitlessCho'gall-US89
9Ah Nerf IncCho'gall-US88Not updated
10Sour VindictiveCho'gall-US87
11Sayida Agent of KhaosCho'gall-US86Not updated
12Voidxy Heart of the CardsCho'gall-US84Not updated
13Skrufi  Cho'gall-US83Not updated
14Kizaria Nerf IncCho'gall-US82
14Demise Free Candy VanCho'gall-US82
16Pumira  Cho'gall-US81Not updated
16Donutlazer The Inner City GymCho'gall-US81Not updated
16Braegan The AbandonedCho'gall-US81Not updated
16Nelzir  Cho'gall-US81Not updated
20Pandurr DEViANCECho'gall-US80
21Novembrex EquilibriumCho'gall-US79Not updated
22Shipo Helms EliteCho'gall-US78
22Furaibo CoincidenceCho'gall-US78Not updated
24Pallywhack EquilibriumCho'gall-US76Not updated
24Hinosilin  Cho'gall-US76Not updated
24Notrayelle  Cho'gall-US76Not updated
27Shengshou Free Candy VanCho'gall-US75
27Seebowned Flavour CountryCho'gall-US75Not updated
27Taco  Cho'gall-US75Not updated
27Genesage Shambler MilkCho'gall-US75Not updated
31Zaleiria Shambler MilkCho'gall-US74
31Vam DEViANCECho'gall-US74Not updated
31Orgalen Dark UprisingCho'gall-US74
31Rtrain One Night in OrgCho'gall-US74Not updated
35Squêeb Nerf IncCho'gall-US73Not updated
35Pallyana VivicideCho'gall-US73Not updated
37Syona Inebriated RaidingCho'gall-US72
37Bahtila  Cho'gall-US72
37Morwraith  Cho'gall-US72Not updated
37Magelet RefugeeCho'gall-US72Not updated
41Tymñ Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US71
41Froznrequiem The HazeCho'gall-US71
41Justflamin  Cho'gall-US71Not updated
41Elyor  Cho'gall-US71Not updated
41Mattzo  Cho'gall-US71Not updated
41Retarddin  Cho'gall-US71Not updated
41Hentaineko SouthOfHeavenCho'gall-US71Not updated
41Shibs  Cho'gall-US71Not updated
41Noideepz Servants to NoneCho'gall-US71Not updated
41Buckwild  Cho'gall-US71Not updated
51Sb VindictiveCho'gall-US70
51Snapcaster Well Do It LiveCho'gall-US70Not updated
51Aussa AscendCho'gall-US70Not updated
51Baylife CynicalCho'gall-US70Not updated
51Dêthklok  Cho'gall-US70Not updated
51Selan GuildNamePendingApprovalCho'gall-US70Not updated
57Wombocombod Morior InvictusCho'gall-US69
57Dreadmist Lusting on TrashCho'gall-US69Not updated
57Glaciationz Questionable IntentCho'gall-US69Not updated
60Rugo Trinketing SapCho'gall-US68Not updated
60Deadthorn Blood of VengeanceCho'gall-US68Not updated
60Sinestrow Why Tempt FateCho'gall-US68Not updated
60Fightamins ObergsCho'gall-US68Not updated
60Moomoosmash RefugeeCho'gall-US68Not updated
60Raashja Why Tempt FateCho'gall-US68Not updated
60Snackcake Koalafied Raiders IncCho'gall-US68Not updated
67Papah Chain ReactionCho'gall-US67
67Markie MaliceCho'gall-US67
67Narcissus Wipes with PrideCho'gall-US67
67Fenrír VindictiveCho'gall-US67Not updated
67Kamikázy Morior InvictusCho'gall-US67
67Tyaria ParaBellumCho'gall-US67Not updated
67Nymphìniti Alton MassiveCho'gall-US67Not updated
67Norgana  Cho'gall-US67Not updated
67Jackachan TormentCho'gall-US67Not updated
67Milligrave  Cho'gall-US67Not updated
77Wiredmana Recondite SocietyCho'gall-US66
77Shahrukh Morior InvictusCho'gall-US66
77Idrianne  Cho'gall-US66Not updated
77Alannaa  Cho'gall-US66Not updated
77Stimulating Blood of VengeanceCho'gall-US66Not updated
77Kallissa EquilibriumCho'gall-US66Not updated
77Seiki  Cho'gall-US66Not updated
77Zappah  Cho'gall-US66Not updated
77Candela Saints FewCho'gall-US66Not updated
77Dubby Small TimeCho'gall-US66Not updated
77Jaeho  Cho'gall-US66Not updated
77Voidx  Cho'gall-US66Not updated
89Warvyn The Horde WarlordsCho'gall-US65Not updated
89Zequin  Cho'gall-US65Not updated
89Mortlocke Regressive ProgressionCho'gall-US65
89Chrell EminentCho'gall-US65Not updated
89Julaugus The HazeCho'gall-US65Not updated
89Orichstab Blood of VengeanceCho'gall-US65Not updated
89Zae SouthOfHeavenCho'gall-US65Not updated

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