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Cenarion Circle-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Olórin WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US102
1Kegstand Killer BunniesCenarion Circle-US102
3Rhadamanthys WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US92
4Hrisos SalvationCenarion Circle-US87
5Treemender Lluchduu OcheliadCenarion Circle-US86Not updated
6Alexis Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US83Not updated
7Orinfoo Will of the LightbringerCenarion Circle-US82Not updated
8Lucineai RazortalonsCenarion Circle-US79
8Celarius Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US79
8Honeybadgers  Cenarion Circle-US79Not updated
11Melabrin SalvationCenarion Circle-US78
12Ivana  Cenarion Circle-US77
12Nomahuata Eternal SorrowCenarion Circle-US77Not updated
12Schnee Order of NeltharionCenarion Circle-US77Not updated
15Allaidia WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US76
16Nuku SalvationCenarion Circle-US74
16Lerrielin WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US74Not updated
16Lindele WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US74
16Imperon Lluchduu OcheliadCenarion Circle-US74Not updated
16Sterks  Cenarion Circle-US74Not updated
21Sirkka LêgionCenarion Circle-US73
21Aislinana Northrend CommonwealthCenarion Circle-US73Not updated
21Cerrone Northrend CommonwealthCenarion Circle-US73Not updated
21Ryusei Eternal SorrowCenarion Circle-US73Not updated
21Saraele  Cenarion Circle-US73
26Dashamân WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US72
26Browngoat Requiem of DawnCenarion Circle-US72
26Darideadyth DIECenarion Circle-US72Not updated
26Ag No ConsequenceCenarion Circle-US72
26Rhadnar  Cenarion Circle-US72Not updated
31Helbrecht After DarkCenarion Circle-US71Not updated
31Sqveeky Mouthbreathers HUUHHUUHHCenarion Circle-US71
31Nerdos Eternal SorrowCenarion Circle-US71Not updated
31Thanawesome  Cenarion Circle-US71Not updated
35Aphroditeix ImmersionCenarion Circle-US70
35Tritonal DominionCenarion Circle-US70
35Stencil Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US70
35Stylo A Push A Ma Ta HahCenarion Circle-US70
35Badaboom The Honor GuardCenarion Circle-US70Not updated
35Døubt  Cenarion Circle-US70Not updated
41Qhi WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US69Not updated
41Alandriania DominionCenarion Circle-US69
41Shalis Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US69
41Vaklav SalvationCenarion Circle-US69
41Aphext WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US69Not updated
41Karawine SacrosanctCenarion Circle-US69Not updated
41Logrenn WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US69
41Skywalkers Outlandish FortuneCenarion Circle-US69Not updated
41Smellycats  Cenarion Circle-US69Not updated
41Athanyel Poor Impulse ControlCenarion Circle-US69Not updated
41Ciciero MalevolenceCenarion Circle-US69Not updated
52Brahmaim Grim Maw ClanCenarion Circle-US68
52Elaren Phoenix SongCenarion Circle-US68Not updated
52Klooma NightLifeCenarion Circle-US68Not updated
52Marraan Silversage ClanCenarion Circle-US68Not updated
52Right Paradise LostCenarion Circle-US68
52Talakeal WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US68Not updated
58Caldamorr Coconut Bangers BallCenarion Circle-US67
58Dreaming WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US67
58Jaera Pants OptionalCenarion Circle-US67
58Laiylaie  Cenarion Circle-US67Not updated
58Skollgrim  Cenarion Circle-US67Not updated
58Reynfoo Northrend CommonwealthCenarion Circle-US67Not updated
58Glromon  Cenarion Circle-US67Not updated
65Jacoste WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US66Not updated
65Calgore Death From AboveCenarion Circle-US66
65Celebrimba DominionCenarion Circle-US66Not updated
65Vordar  Cenarion Circle-US66Not updated
65Gilgloredhel Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US66Not updated
65Anenda ConclaveCenarion Circle-US66Not updated
65Yoshee WarcraftierCenarion Circle-US66Not updated
72Dartanian Vi et VirtuteCenarion Circle-US65
72Vilreign ImmersionCenarion Circle-US65
72Cirup Fruit of EluneCenarion Circle-US65
72Jaddor RazortalonsCenarion Circle-US65
72Shadøws Bank ItCenarion Circle-US65
72Nombie Top Notch RaidersCenarion Circle-US65Not updated
72Yoggsharon  Cenarion Circle-US65Not updated

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