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Burning Blade-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Durtydizle  Burning Blade-US122
2Crytck Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US109
3Tyranor HeroBurning Blade-US103
4Lyg Aegis of FireBurning Blade-US98
5Freckles HeroBurning Blade-US97
6Skillfull AnnihilationBurning Blade-US96
7Prefix Paradigm ShiftBurning Blade-US91
8Shdwbane Paradigm ShiftBurning Blade-US89
8Quin Aegis of FireBurning Blade-US89Not updated
10Iyg Aegis of FireBurning Blade-US88Not updated
11Elliora Kings of WisdomBurning Blade-US86Not updated
11Kijal RedemptionBurning Blade-US86Not updated
13Buffalo HeroBurning Blade-US85
13Mastr Away TeamBurning Blade-US85
13Notqt  Burning Blade-US85Not updated
16Hando Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US83
17Minibar Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US82Not updated
18Nastaran PwntownBurning Blade-US81Not updated
18Gnuker DemiseBurning Blade-US81Not updated
20Legwens Two SigmaBurning Blade-US80
20Henteye GolgariBurning Blade-US80
20Novzx FlawlessBurning Blade-US80
20Infamouswarr infamous bankBurning Blade-US80Not updated
24Lãfiel Eskimo BrothersBurning Blade-US79
25Pandarama HeroBurning Blade-US78
26Liquidvapor HeroBurning Blade-US77
26Kaehlen  Burning Blade-US77Not updated
26Zigor AnnihilationBurning Blade-US77Not updated
26Lenalei Manifest DestinyBurning Blade-US77Not updated
26Rydiah  Burning Blade-US77Not updated
26Gnomilocks DemiseBurning Blade-US77Not updated
32Tubie HeroBurning Blade-US76
32Hellmourn Away TeamBurning Blade-US76
32Rayßan Away TeamBurning Blade-US76
32Roobear Aegis of FireBurning Blade-US76Not updated
36Ninasimone Aegis of FireBurning Blade-US75Not updated
36Alain OutlawsBurning Blade-US75Not updated
38Cicatrizesp HeroBurning Blade-US74
38Burzgul Away TeamBurning Blade-US74
38Alchemic AnnihilationBurning Blade-US74
38Beliz The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US74Not updated
38Ardoriae The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US74Not updated
38Concerta HeroBurning Blade-US74Not updated
38Lysias The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US74Not updated
45Desparil HeroBurning Blade-US73
45Vixthura HeroBurning Blade-US73
45Honoree Echoes of EternityBurning Blade-US73
45Inane Two SigmaBurning Blade-US73
45Skyrelle  Burning Blade-US73Not updated
50Flash HeroBurning Blade-US72
50Glori HeroBurning Blade-US72
50Luminatti HeroBurning Blade-US72
50Moothriller AnnihilationBurning Blade-US72
50Arecc Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US72Not updated
50Menopawz The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US72Not updated
50Scruffi Away TeamBurning Blade-US72
57Thogoth Pyrrhic VictoryBurning Blade-US71
57Kyntherra Sanctum Of BrotherhoodBurning Blade-US71Not updated
57Jyntwo Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US71Not updated
57Hyacia  Burning Blade-US71Not updated
57Necrotius LegendsBurning Blade-US71Not updated
57Makeup  Burning Blade-US71Not updated
63Deionized AnnihilationBurning Blade-US70
63Focalor Thrall goes to CanadaBurning Blade-US70
63Kashemo Pyrrhic VictoryBurning Blade-US70
63Harlequinlol  Burning Blade-US70Not updated
63Vogue  Burning Blade-US70Not updated
68Jojoa HeroBurning Blade-US69
68Burgah  Burning Blade-US69Not updated
68Blowjabs Away TeamBurning Blade-US69Not updated
68Narui DemiseBurning Blade-US69Not updated
68Negate  Burning Blade-US69Not updated
73Taeyoon HeroBurning Blade-US68
73Melterofaces HeroBurning Blade-US68
73Upgraydd HeroBurning Blade-US68
73Ludacrit MercilessBurning Blade-US68
73Heidenreich  Burning Blade-US68Not updated
73Valraven DestinedBurning Blade-US68
73Joggle DemiseBurning Blade-US68Not updated
73Pataani DemiseBurning Blade-US68Not updated
81Ranivoth  Burning Blade-US67
81Garrosh Clockwork OrangeBurning Blade-US67
81Promey WumbologyBurning Blade-US67
81Whìskey IndoctrinatedBurning Blade-US67
81Chenler MonsterBurning Blade-US67
81Deadlyfresh AnnihilationBurning Blade-US67
81Ryuukeihape  Burning Blade-US67Not updated
81Lauraßud QuantùmBurning Blade-US67Not updated
81Entrophi CRITBurning Blade-US67Not updated
81Blyssful  Burning Blade-US67Not updated
81Deadrising Vaders FistBurning Blade-US67
92Lucrish HeroBurning Blade-US66
92Kabookie CRITBurning Blade-US66
92Jinova Band of BrotherzBurning Blade-US66
92Eleri The Family BusinessBurning Blade-US66Not updated
92Gelanaminzy Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US66Not updated
92Ginx Unholy TrinityBurning Blade-US66
92Lafondah  Burning Blade-US66Not updated
99Viper HeroBurning Blade-US65
99Waraila HeroBurning Blade-US65

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