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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Boulderfist-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Taylormomsen u know u love me xoxoBoulderfist-US95Not updated
1Torriie  Boulderfist-US95Not updated
3Sookie CompletionistBoulderfist-US87Not updated
3Dearleader Team FusionBoulderfist-US87Not updated
3Grid Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US87Not updated
6Starcall  Boulderfist-US85Not updated
7Dragonheart Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US84Not updated
7Luceros PrimeBoulderfist-US84Not updated
9Isis Single Female TaurenBoulderfist-US82Not updated
9Dartsz Go Team RocketBoulderfist-US82Not updated
9Ulricks  Boulderfist-US82Not updated
12Draukrathi Forceful EntryBoulderfist-US81Not updated
12Thousandsons Gotta Be Trollin MeBoulderfist-US81Not updated
12Barnacles Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US81Not updated
15Faithwynn PrimeBoulderfist-US80Not updated
16Aviara PrimeBoulderfist-US79Not updated
17Twi FailureBoulderfist-US78Not updated
17Replicant Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US78Not updated
17Arcanebomber  Boulderfist-US78Not updated
17Monraven  Boulderfist-US78Not updated
21Athelona KaoSBoulderfist-US77Not updated
21Dirtydianna  Boulderfist-US77Not updated
23Polymnia CompletionistBoulderfist-US76Not updated
23Swingstarkik Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US76Not updated
23Novembér CompletionistBoulderfist-US76Not updated
23Bernadette Loot TrainBoulderfist-US76Not updated
27Ellaiko Pretty Pink PwnìesBoulderfist-US74Not updated
27Kalenddra Team FusionBoulderfist-US74Not updated
27Scroate Team FusionBoulderfist-US74Not updated
27Tyrranny  Boulderfist-US74Not updated
31Strangefire School of hardknocksBoulderfist-US73Not updated
31Juvia Infeste NexBoulderfist-US73Not updated
31Vellic CuteBoulderfist-US73Not updated
34Sculper PrimeBoulderfist-US71Not updated
35Peachs JuggernautsBoulderfist-US70Not updated
35Zugbert u know u love me xoxoBoulderfist-US70Not updated
35Solidwater The Redeemers PurchaseBoulderfist-US70Not updated
35Jerseything ORLYBoulderfist-US70Not updated
35Ptlpa Go Team RocketBoulderfist-US70Not updated
40Eyexhunter ShamelessBoulderfist-US69Not updated
40Susej  Boulderfist-US69Not updated
40Darknezfalls EnterpriseBoulderfist-US69Not updated
43Healmasta Charlie SheenBoulderfist-US68Not updated
43Rapacity Loot TrainBoulderfist-US68Not updated
43Phist ShadowmeldersBoulderfist-US68Not updated
43Roachtacular Omnis Immundus SpiritusBoulderfist-US68Not updated
47Valoc Boulderfist HeroesBoulderfist-US67Not updated
47Erym  Boulderfist-US67Not updated
49Soda Kiss My AddsBoulderfist-US66Not updated
49Lavim  Boulderfist-US66Not updated
49Ravanna JuggernautsBoulderfist-US66Not updated
49Nelietis The IncrediblesBoulderfist-US66Not updated
49Aisheon  Boulderfist-US66Not updated
49Elcon IconBoulderfist-US66Not updated
55Moogato  Boulderfist-US65Not updated
55Màloris Scatter PlotBoulderfist-US65Not updated
55ßanjo Midnight ExilesBoulderfist-US65Not updated
55Volbin Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US65Not updated
55Misani Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US65Not updated
55Liderc Yum Yum Sugary SnacksBoulderfist-US65Not updated
55Meatballsdwh Team FusionBoulderfist-US65Not updated
55Deathageddon  Boulderfist-US65Not updated
55Tholdumoch  Boulderfist-US65Not updated
64Pixxysticks PrimeBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Pinkiepie  Boulderfist-US64Not updated
64Ginrva PrimeBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Cizal DeathAngels of DeathBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Champloo  Boulderfist-US64Not updated
64Étreinte Forsaken DeityBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Hampster RelentlessBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Malkontus ApexBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Frosch CuteBoulderfist-US64Not updated
64Alastrim Fox NewsBoulderfist-US64Not updated
74Aelena  Boulderfist-US63Not updated
74Neklim DeleriumBoulderfist-US63Not updated
74Boviine  Boulderfist-US63Not updated
74Eledel Guards of HonorBoulderfist-US63Not updated
78Nasaya PrimeBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Kaelyste FailureBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Ragemachien  Boulderfist-US62Not updated
78Ardiel The Burning CouchBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Memoreck ResistanceBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Sickminded About Ten NinjasBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Grendél Infeste NexBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Raiy Lost BoysBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Sakua  Boulderfist-US62Not updated
78Fockewulf Blood of the ScribeBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Algoran Dragon KnightBoulderfist-US62Not updated
78Wrend  Boulderfist-US62Not updated
90Calarahil PrimeBoulderfist-US61Not updated
90Voro Clique HereBoulderfist-US61Not updated

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