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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodscalp-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Meckie DamnationBloodscalp-EU99Not updated
2Grambad Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU93Not updated
3Hean Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU87Not updated
3Zarzer  Bloodscalp-EU87Not updated
3Neretil Deus ExBloodscalp-EU87Not updated
6Deadmen His Infernal MajestyBloodscalp-EU86Not updated
7Elini SubstanceBloodscalp-EU84Not updated
7Oxonia SubstanceBloodscalp-EU84Not updated
7Josie ProphecyBloodscalp-EU84Not updated
10Brummes Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU82Not updated
10Ceruzahegy Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU82Not updated
12Metalforce Beyond HopeBloodscalp-EU81Not updated
13Verafim ProphecyBloodscalp-EU80Not updated
14Bump Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU79Not updated
14Drognan Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU79Not updated
14Splasher ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU79Not updated
14Kyganil Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU79Not updated
14Russo InfectionBloodscalp-EU79Not updated
19Randoma  Bloodscalp-EU78Not updated
19Krematoria WipefestBloodscalp-EU78Not updated
21Merlindy Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU77Not updated
22Kitecat RenesisBloodscalp-EU76Not updated
23Minora Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU75Not updated
24Jeden Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU74Not updated
24Rastarebel Soldiers Of The HordeBloodscalp-EU74Not updated
26Astor Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU72Not updated
27Lenowi Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU71Not updated
27Kazzir Army Of DarknessBloodscalp-EU71Not updated
29Heavybandage Forgotten LegendsBloodscalp-EU70Not updated
29Snapshooter ReckoningBloodscalp-EU70Not updated
31Shaku ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU69Not updated
31Tjacu UntamedBloodscalp-EU69Not updated
31Neferati Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU69Not updated
34Thistevie Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU68Not updated
34Hadvezer The New GenerationBloodscalp-EU68Not updated
34Egervadasz ConflictBloodscalp-EU68Not updated
34Dcm Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU68Not updated
34Hbfreak Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU68Not updated
34Executie Lights of AzerothBloodscalp-EU68Not updated
40Zuluhed Evil EyeBloodscalp-EU67Not updated
40Piccolo Deus ExBloodscalp-EU67Not updated
40Warspace Monsters IncBloodscalp-EU67Not updated
40Bethpriest WipefestBloodscalp-EU67Not updated
44Deädly  Bloodscalp-EU66Not updated
44Kiko Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU66Not updated
44Lapina RenesisBloodscalp-EU66Not updated
44Rwls ConflictBloodscalp-EU66Not updated
44Yusuke  Bloodscalp-EU66Not updated
44Nellyn ReckoningBloodscalp-EU66Not updated
44Erato CrusadersBloodscalp-EU66Not updated
51Priestone ProphecyBloodscalp-EU65Not updated
51Svantè Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU65Not updated
51Bersules  Bloodscalp-EU65Not updated
51Fishair The UndisputedBloodscalp-EU65Not updated
51Yamcha Deus ExBloodscalp-EU65Not updated
51Abonda  Bloodscalp-EU65Not updated
51Shortcircuit ErrorBloodscalp-EU65Not updated
58Viviane Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU64Not updated
58Evilfrend InfectionBloodscalp-EU64Not updated
58Feral Monsters IncBloodscalp-EU64Not updated
58Zahra Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU64Not updated
58Shocken  Bloodscalp-EU64Not updated
63Gattopadre Revenge Of The FallenBloodscalp-EU63Not updated
63Lütyö RevisedBloodscalp-EU63Not updated
63Quanda The Furious FiveBloodscalp-EU63Not updated
63Tagelicious Tenth LegionBloodscalp-EU63Not updated
63Lightwarboss ProphecyBloodscalp-EU63Not updated
63Miani WipefestBloodscalp-EU63Not updated
69Zanpan Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Saltydog Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Impernal ConflictBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Nevercatchme Revenge Of The FallenBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Tamzin Semper FiBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Rurga Dreadlord LegionBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Neliell ÖregfiúkBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Vovina ContinuumBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Nexius InfamousBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
69Gümjong WipefestBloodscalp-EU62Not updated
79Maopu Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Driveblind Dagon RootsBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Nexo The New GenerationBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Steelhead HUNGARIAN HORDE KILLERSBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Thamier Dreadlord LegionBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Pabløescobar WipefestBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Panoramiks Bomen Zijn RelaxedBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Prométheusz InfamousBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Dianen DarkfallBloodscalp-EU61Not updated
79Zoltain  Bloodscalp-EU61Not updated
89Katnoip Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Nòrthz Renegade LegionBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Meroe The UndisputedBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Tybycsoki VexillumBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Krrul ExsecratusBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Corpsebride Soldiers Of The HordeBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Skullfiend CrusadersBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Szörmambó Revenge Of The FallenBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Promy InfamousBloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Nishoba  Bloodscalp-EU60Not updated
89Saphyr  Bloodscalp-EU60Not updated
100Sparno ProphecyBloodscalp-EU59Not updated

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