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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Bloodfeather-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Binbanker The Forgotten OnesBloodfeather-EU102Not updated
1Exode  Bloodfeather-EU102Not updated
3Saphy RealizeBloodfeather-EU90Not updated
4Kazumí ExceptionBloodfeather-EU89Not updated
5Dranosh TurtlesBloodfeather-EU88Not updated
6Moonac Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU82Not updated
6Newsom Insufferable NoonsBloodfeather-EU82Not updated
8Barbïe ThievesBloodfeather-EU81Not updated
9Olgaa  Bloodfeather-EU75Not updated
9Frostfeather The Forgotten OnesBloodfeather-EU75Not updated
11Darkjukka Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU74Not updated
11Sacrydia N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU74Not updated
11Giroza Alpha CentauriBloodfeather-EU74Not updated
11Hazefin PääesikuntaBloodfeather-EU74Not updated
11Hotdogstyle  Bloodfeather-EU74Not updated
16Funelock TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU73Not updated
16Zetha RealizeBloodfeather-EU73Not updated
16Kénpachí N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU73Not updated
19Snusman AbstractBloodfeather-EU72Not updated
19Bur TurpakäräjätBloodfeather-EU72Not updated
19Hopeakuu  Bloodfeather-EU72Not updated
22Berlinn ExceptionBloodfeather-EU71Not updated
22Ozyorkbourne UnchainedBloodfeather-EU71Not updated
22Zannia RealizeBloodfeather-EU71Not updated
22Shivyolotime Insufferable NoonsBloodfeather-EU71Not updated
26Solmyre  Bloodfeather-EU70Not updated
26Okiá ExceptionBloodfeather-EU70Not updated
26Draug DàrksunBloodfeather-EU70Not updated
26Canister The ExiledBloodfeather-EU70Not updated
30Ðie ExceptionBloodfeather-EU69Not updated
30Blefs Born To DieBloodfeather-EU69Not updated
30Tryllefisa DàrksunBloodfeather-EU69Not updated
33Vakuumi Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU68Not updated
33Yor CasualclysmBloodfeather-EU68Not updated
33Basednomilo RealizeBloodfeather-EU68Not updated
33Wolfenheim The ArsenalBloodfeather-EU68Not updated
33Shadowpain UnderverseBloodfeather-EU68Not updated
33Myslimaeg NRBloodfeather-EU68Not updated
39Cloudnine ExceptionBloodfeather-EU66Not updated
39Raxana Insufferable NoonsBloodfeather-EU66Not updated
39Loladinus Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU66Not updated
39Zambo Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU66Not updated
39Cecíl Tea PartyBloodfeather-EU66Not updated
44Backkíng  Bloodfeather-EU65Not updated
44Panoramix  Bloodfeather-EU65Not updated
44Shamían CompanionsBloodfeather-EU65Not updated
47Underhill WickermenBloodfeather-EU64Not updated
47Raylen The ArsenalBloodfeather-EU64Not updated
49Shamanorazz Gorilla Warfare IncBloodfeather-EU63Not updated
50Vanveraf WickermenBloodfeather-EU62Not updated
50Throk DeathJestersBloodfeather-EU62Not updated
50Tomoffinland PääesikuntaBloodfeather-EU62Not updated
50Arariel British RaidersBloodfeather-EU62Not updated
50Hatchback MisanthropeBloodfeather-EU62Not updated
55Thanthalas ExceptionBloodfeather-EU61Not updated
55Torgaddan Broken MidnightBloodfeather-EU61Not updated
55Tyrothe Deadly CrewBloodfeather-EU61Not updated
55Ctitan Wild CardsBloodfeather-EU61Not updated
55Genocé ZebraBloodfeather-EU61Not updated
55Darkenshamy Deadly CrewBloodfeather-EU61Not updated
61Erusar ExceptionBloodfeather-EU60Not updated
61Lusic Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU60Not updated
61Calikaya ExceptionBloodfeather-EU60Not updated
61Callinda DàrksunBloodfeather-EU60Not updated
61Zeetha  Bloodfeather-EU60Not updated
66Garathjax ExceptionBloodfeather-EU59Not updated
66Coldspammer Sinners IncBloodfeather-EU59Not updated
66Fenisa Broken MidnightBloodfeather-EU59Not updated
69Feralina The ArsenalBloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Valera  Bloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Haroza The ExiledBloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Rìkkugr  Bloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Yiurok ReplicantBloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Domyth Dream FantasyBloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Yebisxd PääesikuntaBloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Adeux Freezing CrusadeBloodfeather-EU58Not updated
69Pinkster  Bloodfeather-EU58Not updated
78Ipmil ExceptionBloodfeather-EU57Not updated
78Gaakt  Bloodfeather-EU57Not updated
78Tinael  Bloodfeather-EU57Not updated
78Rumjal We Toss DwarvesBloodfeather-EU57Not updated
78Diky TurtlesBloodfeather-EU57Not updated
78Goldfrapp  Bloodfeather-EU57Not updated
84Theadred  Bloodfeather-EU56Not updated
84Rella Näkijän taruBloodfeather-EU56Not updated
84Cherrybloom Dread DuskBloodfeather-EU56Not updated
84Mayari  Bloodfeather-EU56Not updated
84Rog  Bloodfeather-EU56Not updated
84Siscia Wild CardsBloodfeather-EU56Not updated
84Emejaldfox TurtlesBloodfeather-EU56Not updated
91Mongar ExceptionBloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Skorradeath Dread DuskBloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Dopp  Bloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Blackbeetle LotusBloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Darkcrawler N e m e s i sBloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Drakkainen Insufferable NoonsBloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Síp ReplicantBloodfeather-EU55Not updated
91Walonia  Bloodfeather-EU55Not updated

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