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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blade's Edge-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Anra Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US101Not updated
2Notorious  Blade's Edge-US95Not updated
3Zedamikaical Murder IncBlade's Edge-US83Not updated
4Belaa S E R E N I T YBlade's Edge-US81Not updated
4Mitlan Murder IncBlade's Edge-US81Not updated
4Polybasite  Blade's Edge-US81Not updated
7Asheda House ValeriusBlade's Edge-US78Not updated
7Judíth Trix Are For KidsBlade's Edge-US78Not updated
7Bdawglol I Hate This GuildBlade's Edge-US78Not updated
10Kyrinsky ExileBlade's Edge-US76Not updated
11Alzarius Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US73Not updated
12Fuzzl Internet Monster SlayersBlade's Edge-US72Not updated
13Bigblackout Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US71Not updated
13Nitza RelicsBlade's Edge-US71Not updated
13Nesaianna OlympusBlade's Edge-US71Not updated
16Flikta MythBlade's Edge-US70Not updated
17Juuno Twice ShyBlade's Edge-US69Not updated
17Eirena Sweet PandemoniumBlade's Edge-US69Not updated
19Guywho Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US68Not updated
19Deeptrance VeteransBlade's Edge-US68Not updated
19Naoko  Blade's Edge-US68Not updated
22Kuraimisa Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US67Not updated
22Stalkër NinePM RAIDERSBlade's Edge-US67Not updated
22Cashews Ràiders Of The FallenBlade's Edge-US67Not updated
25Alkane Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US66Not updated
25Sanchia ExileBlade's Edge-US66Not updated
27Frixelfrat Avatars of FateBlade's Edge-US65Not updated
27Wreckfool ExileBlade's Edge-US65Not updated
27Sneakines OlympusBlade's Edge-US65Not updated
30Southpaw Internet Monster SlayersBlade's Edge-US64Not updated
30Crygen Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US64Not updated
30Chünk ExileBlade's Edge-US64Not updated
30Iamhunter OuroborosBlade's Edge-US64Not updated
30Harrysack  Blade's Edge-US64Not updated
30Stygia Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US64Not updated
36Mellysa Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US63Not updated
36Morcillita ExileBlade's Edge-US63Not updated
36Rufukt RelicsBlade's Edge-US63Not updated
36Duvessa Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US63Not updated
40Fäme OlympusBlade's Edge-US62Not updated
40Misconcepted Cavaliers of VirtueBlade's Edge-US62Not updated
40Lynnera ExileBlade's Edge-US62Not updated
40Breadsticks Second LifeBlade's Edge-US62Not updated
40Mangeras  Blade's Edge-US62Not updated
40Bhexed ExileBlade's Edge-US62Not updated
46Tapøut Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US61Not updated
46Ashestoashes KorruptionBlade's Edge-US61Not updated
46Squedos ExileBlade's Edge-US61Not updated
46Eraserhead BRBBlade's Edge-US61Not updated
46Sarìa Common SenseBlade's Edge-US61Not updated
51Critara Cavaliers of VirtueBlade's Edge-US60Not updated
51Chubbles  Blade's Edge-US60Not updated
51Troutmask Forsaken DreamsBlade's Edge-US60Not updated
51Margaux  Blade's Edge-US60Not updated
51Vither Sands of TimeBlade's Edge-US60Not updated
56Moolan Count dé MonetBlade's Edge-US59Not updated
56Rothulivic  Blade's Edge-US59Not updated
56Mstiggy Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US59Not updated
56Funnynamee Violent IntentBlade's Edge-US59Not updated
56Crit Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US59Not updated
56Werecakes Disorderly ConductBlade's Edge-US59Not updated
56Rubica  Blade's Edge-US59Not updated
63Nevinna Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Valiabella The DignifiedBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Callith Count dé MonetBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Cojax OlympusBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Bloodfáng elysiumBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Delkyn OlympusBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Bonfire Trix Are For KidsBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
63Manarot Pain in the AzerothBlade's Edge-US58Not updated
71Aeagle OlympusBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Chentuzi Count dé MonetBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Tranar Deemed InappropriateBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Rumblez  Blade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Druerilla  Blade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Soylentdeath Malum in SeBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Moö Crusaders RebornBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Lupa Victory is DestinyBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Crazyb  Blade's Edge-US57Not updated
71Föghörn Dream TeamBlade's Edge-US57Not updated
81Rumshpringa Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US56Not updated
81Drager Phase TwoBlade's Edge-US56Not updated
81Lorimeyers Electric MayhemBlade's Edge-US56Not updated
81Wrathie Wrath Of The BladeBlade's Edge-US56Not updated
81Superugly Venimus Vidimus DefuimusBlade's Edge-US56Not updated

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