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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blade's Edge-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Zalost Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU108Not updated
2Zburduck Bound by BloodBlade's Edge-EU104Not updated
3Furial You Are Not RepairedBlade's Edge-EU101Not updated
4Iron  Blade's Edge-EU90Not updated
5Rícebowl Casually SeriousBlade's Edge-EU85Not updated
6Vyrah FlareBlade's Edge-EU84Not updated
6Louíse Onyx GuardiansBlade's Edge-EU84Not updated
8Jlarks The Saints Of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU79Not updated
8Bodhisattva Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU79Not updated
8Wealthow  Blade's Edge-EU79Not updated
11Thumie NephilimBlade's Edge-EU77Not updated
12Mellian Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU75Not updated
12Extell Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU75Not updated
12Elavita The New LightBlade's Edge-EU75Not updated
15Thuban Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU72Not updated
15Selkeny  Blade's Edge-EU72Not updated
15Zanaxel  Blade's Edge-EU72Not updated
18Bialywlos ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU71Not updated
18Deathndk HeartlessBlade's Edge-EU71Not updated
18Teslacoil PanicBlade's Edge-EU71Not updated
21Messalinka Guild MedievalBlade's Edge-EU70Not updated
21Alesa Dark GuardiansBlade's Edge-EU70Not updated
21Jegerdødmage Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU70Not updated
24Valdamerca  Blade's Edge-EU69Not updated
25Arfess UníqueBlade's Edge-EU68Not updated
25Atchí Contra MundumBlade's Edge-EU68Not updated
25Me ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU68Not updated
25Freeform Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU68Not updated
29Emilie Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU67Not updated
29Arfëss  Blade's Edge-EU67Not updated
29Resta Critical MassBlade's Edge-EU67Not updated
32Chaldan Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU66Not updated
32Tiu Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU66Not updated
32Mômo  Blade's Edge-EU66Not updated
32Raxer AnimalsBlade's Edge-EU66Not updated
36Morriganna Death NoteBlade's Edge-EU65Not updated
36Cowron Blood and GutsBlade's Edge-EU65Not updated
38Omgamage Freedom EliteBlade's Edge-EU64Not updated
39Sfinge SpartaniBlade's Edge-EU63Not updated
40Khayrell Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU62Not updated
40Flifly Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU62Not updated
40Sfendo Damage ControlBlade's Edge-EU62Not updated
40Nefretete  Blade's Edge-EU62Not updated
40Shenko VisionBlade's Edge-EU62Not updated
45Nikolica Srpski VitezoviBlade's Edge-EU61Not updated
45Gupas Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU61Not updated
45Mystania Unfinished BusinessBlade's Edge-EU61Not updated
45Tuhmie  Blade's Edge-EU61Not updated
45Azuka KARMABlade's Edge-EU61Not updated
50Maxxima INQUISITIONBlade's Edge-EU60Not updated
50Banar FlareBlade's Edge-EU60Not updated
50Melanox  Blade's Edge-EU60Not updated
50Flitwick NephilimBlade's Edge-EU60Not updated
50Hellg  Blade's Edge-EU60Not updated
50Noname Over The EdgeBlade's Edge-EU60Not updated
50Nighthax  Blade's Edge-EU60Not updated
57Grmu Death NoteBlade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Eolf FirestormBlade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Tharden Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Tandestoker PiracyBlade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Annah The Knights Of NiiBlade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Várry  Blade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Elain VisionBlade's Edge-EU59Not updated
57Aramaya  Blade's Edge-EU59Not updated
65Marìo UníqueBlade's Edge-EU58Not updated
65Razerboy Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU58Not updated
65Auril Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU58Not updated
65Amirea Furiously NappingBlade's Edge-EU58Not updated
65Smúrfette UníqueBlade's Edge-EU58Not updated
65Janick  Blade's Edge-EU58Not updated
65Triximist The New LightBlade's Edge-EU58Not updated
72Seea Furious GamingBlade's Edge-EU57Not updated
72Gosigelsa Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU57Not updated
72Paultal Apocalypse GnomeBlade's Edge-EU57Not updated
72Dreadlah ZjednoczeniBlade's Edge-EU57Not updated
72Mattomeo  Blade's Edge-EU57Not updated
72Garland PanicBlade's Edge-EU57Not updated
78Adanwen Alliance Death DealersBlade's Edge-EU56Not updated
78Lutze Mostly HarmlessBlade's Edge-EU56Not updated
78Rafaellich Pantheon of AzerothBlade's Edge-EU56Not updated
78Vantage FlareBlade's Edge-EU56Not updated

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