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Blackwing Lair-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Gumpugh Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US90
2Hâvøc Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US82
3Azrelle Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US75
4Monnari Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US71
5Guanaco Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US68Not updated
6Pìè Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US67Not updated
7Tobolaeh Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US65
8Szandorlavey  Blackwing Lair-US63Not updated
9Norgul Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US62
9Adianson Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US62Not updated
11Rickzer  Blackwing Lair-US61Not updated
11Tatzlwurm WolfPackBlackwing Lair-US61Not updated
13Scrotes Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US59Not updated
13Akaihime RedDolphinBlackwing Lair-US59
13Zeebubbles Tunnel VisionBlackwing Lair-US59Not updated
16Gray Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US58
17Funkytowwn Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US57Not updated
17Angelcized  Blackwing Lair-US57Not updated
17Gothkiller Unforseen DarknessBlackwing Lair-US57Not updated
17Ehapada Dark ProphecyBlackwing Lair-US57Not updated
17Krogzilla  Blackwing Lair-US57Not updated
22Damienrice BROODBlackwing Lair-US56Not updated
23Drelle Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US55
23Cruelthesis RevelationsBlackwing Lair-US55Not updated
23Gizzmoo RedDolphinBlackwing Lair-US55
23Afupa  Blackwing Lair-US55Not updated
27Tobolock Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US54Not updated
28Motivate Final OnslaughtBlackwing Lair-US53Not updated
28Dellpc Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US53Not updated
30Sx  Blackwing Lair-US52
30Cedrikke Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US52Not updated
30Awnsheghlien Secret ServiceBlackwing Lair-US52Not updated
30Karver GanksterBlackwing Lair-US52Not updated
30Froznsoul Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US52Not updated
30Hasfleas  Blackwing Lair-US52Not updated
30Darkseed  Blackwing Lair-US52Not updated
37Inheritor Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US51Not updated
37Nagadamus NinjasHateCrunchyLeavesBlackwing Lair-US51Not updated
37Fondou Secret ServiceBlackwing Lair-US51Not updated
37Billytwopies  Blackwing Lair-US51Not updated
37Ognib Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US51Not updated
42Thradan Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US50Not updated
42Juneko  Blackwing Lair-US50Not updated
42Drakzar Dark ProphecyBlackwing Lair-US50
42Theodoor The Design of DeathBlackwing Lair-US50
42Soulshred Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US50Not updated
42Gølgoth Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US50Not updated
48Dëëps Destroy the OppositionBlackwing Lair-US49
48Maracyl Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US49Not updated
48Kysheles PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US49
48Deathców Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US49Not updated
48Ïm Unforseen DarknessBlackwing Lair-US49Not updated
48Crueltheory Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US49Not updated
48Nadiê ÐeathRowBlackwing Lair-US49Not updated
55Kangi Impeccable TimingBlackwing Lair-US48
56Oreioh Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US47
56Atien OutcastsBlackwing Lair-US47
56Misomiyagi  Blackwing Lair-US47Not updated
56Cuddles SaesaBlackwing Lair-US47Not updated
60Heidruin Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US46Not updated
60Kambryn  Blackwing Lair-US46Not updated
60Bitauren Sailor ScoutsBlackwing Lair-US46
60Hypothesis  Blackwing Lair-US46Not updated
60Raethus  Blackwing Lair-US46Not updated
60Oxe EpochalypseBlackwing Lair-US46Not updated
60Hellacool Raid TwoBlackwing Lair-US46Not updated
67Caseybear Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US45
67Joten Armed and HammeredBlackwing Lair-US45Not updated
67Moondrala  Blackwing Lair-US45Not updated
67Zellfas Gankïng GuildBlackwing Lair-US45Not updated
67Ghenji Venus n MarsBlackwing Lair-US45Not updated
67Rakshasa Vae victisBlackwing Lair-US45
67Vashanna  Blackwing Lair-US45Not updated
67Raenar  Blackwing Lair-US45Not updated
75Aerith OutcastsBlackwing Lair-US44
75Sabeane Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US44
75Nabeshima Vae victisBlackwing Lair-US44Not updated
75Oholyknight  Blackwing Lair-US44
75Gankus  Blackwing Lair-US44Not updated
75Vaeran The Design of DeathBlackwing Lair-US44
75Xaia  Blackwing Lair-US44Not updated
75Eleniel Battle FatigueBlackwing Lair-US44Not updated
75Grimtash Delirium TriggerBlackwing Lair-US44Not updated
84Mexlock Programmed to be AwesomeBlackwing Lair-US43
84Razeerazee  Blackwing Lair-US43
84Battlerez ExiledBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Llockofages Bound by BloodBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Raetei The Burning GardenBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Clemsnide PvE is HardBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Starfighter  Blackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Kpwn Combat SystemsBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Echò New Found HeroesBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Butchpanda PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US43
84Mjkeenan DroogiesBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84No PhøenixBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Vorsha Hellscreams RaidersBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Bullseyee Your FaceBlackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Randul  Blackwing Lair-US43Not updated
84Homunculi Ebon BladeBlackwing Lair-US43
100Cowswitguns The FreelanceBlackwing Lair-US42Not updated

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