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Blackrock-US Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Thelf DefenestrateBlackrock-US126
2Kesha AdeptBlackrock-US123Not updated
3Zaxvriin DefenestrateBlackrock-US118Not updated
4Babytaengoo The Kingdoms ElitesBlackrock-US113Not updated
5Muze DefenestrateBlackrock-US110Not updated
6Mmufasaa ProBlackrock-US105
7Kaoes DefenestrateBlackrock-US100
7Mekkon Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US100
9Blackfuries ØbliterateBlackrock-US95
9Skysec DefenestrateBlackrock-US95Not updated
11Rydya EmeritusBlackrock-US93
12Darckli DefenestrateBlackrock-US92
12Outfisted MutinyBlackrock-US92
12Scarablord  Blackrock-US92Not updated
15Wojtek TherapistsBlackrock-US90
15Yagyujubei Legacy ForetoldBlackrock-US90
17Ii EliteBlackrock-US89Not updated
17Deathmind ArroganceBlackrock-US89
17Moonshii Because I Dont Respect UBlackrock-US89Not updated
20Endy EquilibriumBlackrock-US88
20Jordanq TherapistsBlackrock-US88
20Yellek Shai HuludBlackrock-US88
20Backoff CadenzaBlackrock-US88Not updated
24Peroter Ctrl ZBlackrock-US87Not updated
25Sabrecried No MAAMBlackrock-US85
25Stronklyn  Blackrock-US85Not updated
25Mesha EmeritusBlackrock-US85
25Tukazi  Blackrock-US85Not updated
29Bigpapï Standard DeviationBlackrock-US84
29Bustazz VindictiveBlackrock-US84
31Rehr DefenestrateBlackrock-US83
31Dové Birth of TragedyBlackrock-US83
31Curseflex  Blackrock-US83Not updated
31Shwozz  Blackrock-US83Not updated
31Beathepusyup  Blackrock-US83Not updated
36Peggysui OninekoBlackrock-US82
36Dakirokos OninekoBlackrock-US82
36Viletta DefenestrateBlackrock-US82Not updated
36Avelynn No MAAMBlackrock-US82
36Honkjunior TitansBlackrock-US82
36Meek EFFE NomadsBlackrock-US82Not updated
36Iara  Blackrock-US82Not updated
36Rainbowmini  Blackrock-US82
44Certifyed Pokemon MastersBlackrock-US81
44Tanizaki No MAAMBlackrock-US81
44Kellynn TherapistsBlackrock-US81
44Rhionidas MutinyBlackrock-US81
44Star DefenestrateBlackrock-US81Not updated
49Jessikan AnathemaBlackrock-US80
49Genericrögue Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US80
49Ellmoo SupernovaBlackrock-US80Not updated
49Kawaii LurkBlackrock-US80
49Zhulg OplaBlackrock-US80
49Sakura Do Not DísturbBlackrock-US80Not updated
55Okap Ctrl ZBlackrock-US79
55Edarling OutragedBlackrock-US79Not updated
55Inspyred No MAAMBlackrock-US79
55Emiron Words Under My NameBlackrock-US79Not updated
55Forarc Savory Deviate DelightsBlackrock-US79Not updated
55Maia CadenzaBlackrock-US79Not updated
55Xiviqt  Blackrock-US79Not updated
62Omnicydia DefenestrateBlackrock-US78Not updated
62Hitoriki FrozenfireBlackrock-US78
62Fonix Dead ReckoningBlackrock-US78
62Kazgrax  Blackrock-US78
62Ruend SKPBlackrock-US78
62Azydk  Blackrock-US78Not updated
62Agile Kings of The WorldBlackrock-US78Not updated
62Keystoneice Edge of GloryBlackrock-US78
62Tinfoil NoxBlackrock-US78Not updated
62Wtsanzu CadenzaBlackrock-US78Not updated
72Velrim Hellfire HelixBlackrock-US77
72Elerium Do Not DísturbBlackrock-US77Not updated
72Nekren zumBlackrock-US77Not updated
75Devá Soft EnrageBlackrock-US76
75Phattank DefineBlackrock-US76
75Aesira RETARSIONBlackrock-US76
75Ironjango Downtown BrowntownBlackrock-US76
75Kezana AnathemaBlackrock-US76
75Astraphobic  Blackrock-US76Not updated
75Mephisar  Blackrock-US76Not updated
75Philliplol LegionariesBlackrock-US76
75Aydonn EmeritusBlackrock-US76Not updated
75Nigrupt Shai HuludBlackrock-US76Not updated
85Tagged Standard DeviationBlackrock-US75

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