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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackrock-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Rabbljack  Blackrock-EU169Not updated
2Zeus For the HordeBlackrock-EU161Not updated
3Saintshunter Diener von SaîntsBlackrock-EU123Not updated
4Hrle AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU115Not updated
5Ikulakiya BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU111Not updated
5Dcox  Blackrock-EU111Not updated
7Tærøn Like A SirBlackrock-EU110Not updated
8Nakaa Adoria et DecusBlackrock-EU106Not updated
9Canøla  Blackrock-EU105Not updated
9Trolljey  Blackrock-EU105Not updated
9Bawzee  Blackrock-EU105Not updated
9Kaibyo progressive campingBlackrock-EU105Not updated
13Nyaruko Sabber und RotzBlackrock-EU104Not updated
13Yuniia  Blackrock-EU104Not updated
15Fudelrührer  Blackrock-EU103Not updated
15Nadobrah EscapeBlackrock-EU103Not updated
15Tyrjin CaponeBlackrock-EU103Not updated
15Ellarien genuineBlackrock-EU103Not updated
19Groll BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU102Not updated
19Zélestina  Blackrock-EU102Not updated
21Leøric Synergy EffectBlackrock-EU101Not updated
21Kurpanda Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU101Not updated
21Gaalonex PeKahBlackrock-EU101Not updated
24Azaha BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU100Not updated
25Trinu Ganz großes TennisBlackrock-EU99Not updated
26Aerié Just in TimeBlackrock-EU98Not updated
26Jonami BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU98Not updated
26Rônan Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU98Not updated
29Palkium Brut des VerderbensBlackrock-EU97Not updated
29Pëâñûtbúttër TeamKoreaBlackrock-EU97Not updated
31Smasherinoz For the HordeBlackrock-EU96Not updated
31Myân Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU96Not updated
33Höllenspawn SyncédBlackrock-EU95Not updated
33Pûmmelhuf genuineBlackrock-EU95Not updated
33Xaidruid  Blackrock-EU95Not updated
36Savacus The UnnamedBlackrock-EU94Not updated
36Utalia  Blackrock-EU94Not updated
36Kìrsché  Blackrock-EU94Not updated
36Naureez so sophisticatedBlackrock-EU94Not updated
36Lolfarmlol attunedBlackrock-EU94Not updated
36Echidnat illunisBlackrock-EU94Not updated
36Amenz KAPITAN TEEMO ON DUTYBlackrock-EU94Not updated
43Maquan New DynastieBlackrock-EU93Not updated
43Aysumi  Blackrock-EU93Not updated
43Timere MadnessBlackrock-EU93Not updated
43Kianes Empire of the SunBlackrock-EU93Not updated
47Darla RiotBlackrock-EU92Not updated
47Eltupi VanquishBlackrock-EU92Not updated
47Pantsulord echoesBlackrock-EU92Not updated
47Ævø Defense of the AncientsBlackrock-EU92Not updated
51Felice H A L OBlackrock-EU91Not updated
51Ratsma Bloody SeveredBlackrock-EU91Not updated
51Nexírius Pain and PleasureBlackrock-EU91Not updated
51Distdrölf Sukzessive ApproximationBlackrock-EU91Not updated
51Dârkara Mad Gamers AcademyBlackrock-EU91Not updated
56Minibox guarDBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Xaeriq echoesBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Skeeti schmerzfreiBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Lianellâ  Blackrock-EU90Not updated
56Nerubiz Überlegene GenetikBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Monstrusalem AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Rauschmittel Ennor GwaithBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Shantay For the HordeBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Glass  Blackrock-EU90Not updated
56Thyfine  Blackrock-EU90Not updated
56Ropold Immortal CrewBlackrock-EU90Not updated
56Shoruka Dominion BloodguardBlackrock-EU90Not updated
68Sweetpretty echoesBlackrock-EU89Not updated
68Vankar BloodNight GuardiansBlackrock-EU89Not updated
68Sekaiy genuineBlackrock-EU89Not updated
68Traýan  Blackrock-EU89Not updated
68Salüü convictedBlackrock-EU89Not updated
68Kellocks  Blackrock-EU89Not updated
68Clearly  Blackrock-EU89Not updated
75Aspirina schmerzfreiBlackrock-EU88Not updated
75Suzzyqt AggrocultureBlackrock-EU88Not updated
75Clyrra rage againstBlackrock-EU88Not updated
75Shandelzare AbstinentiaBlackrock-EU88Not updated
75Dasmox  Blackrock-EU88Not updated
75Darkleeroy  Blackrock-EU88Not updated
81Xicø DXlingeBlackrock-EU87Not updated
81Fieselotte Burning ShadesBlackrock-EU87Not updated
81Kysi Digital MindBlackrock-EU87Not updated

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