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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Blackhand-EU Feats of Strength
GuildRealmFeats of Strength
1Nandraa nilBlackhand-EU112Not updated
2Atlai  Blackhand-EU109Not updated
3Kaibyo noneBlackhand-EU106Not updated
4Masio Monster AGBlackhand-EU105Not updated
5Dramo InfusedBlackhand-EU104Not updated
6Chîkuni SatisfactionBlackhand-EU103Not updated
6Eladrielx SatisfactionBlackhand-EU103Not updated
8Methix PlüschbandeBlackhand-EU102Not updated
9Kylïa HostileBlackhand-EU101Not updated
10Gobthar TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU99Not updated
10Asuki kinetiggerBlackhand-EU99Not updated
12Draeky xoxoBlackhand-EU98Not updated
13Nyzee Think PínkBlackhand-EU97Not updated
13Poraxus TrinitiesBlackhand-EU97Not updated
15Sarelia HostileBlackhand-EU96Not updated
15Xhuug  Blackhand-EU96Not updated
17Zülyinga Raiderz INCBlackhand-EU94Not updated
17Hisaya MorgensternBlackhand-EU94Not updated
17Letaryiel TrinitiesBlackhand-EU94Not updated
20Nightstalker NordlichterBlackhand-EU93Not updated
20Unglügg noneBlackhand-EU93Not updated
20Maryana HostileBlackhand-EU93Not updated
20Scaramôuch Stick n LootBlackhand-EU93Not updated
20Oruun GeistwandlerBlackhand-EU93Not updated
25Feuerforst Genesis of EquilibriumBlackhand-EU92Not updated
25Lyandreia TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU92Not updated
27Calmah HostileBlackhand-EU91Not updated
28Cana nilBlackhand-EU90Not updated
28Caïa HostileBlackhand-EU90Not updated
28Lizard I Speak For The HordeBlackhand-EU90Not updated
28Soulburn  Blackhand-EU90Not updated
28Nymphadorà The Dark ShadowBlackhand-EU90Not updated
28Lenìa titaniumBlackhand-EU90Not updated
34Xardia DrachenkinderBlackhand-EU89Not updated
34Bunnyshoneh HostileBlackhand-EU89Not updated
34Cryptox  Blackhand-EU89Not updated
34Pappkarton DeicideBlackhand-EU89Not updated
34Zealot SerenityBlackhand-EU89Not updated
34Prosica DrachenkinderBlackhand-EU89Not updated
34Anni entiretyBlackhand-EU89Not updated
41Òne SecundaniBlackhand-EU88Not updated
41Kuhi  Blackhand-EU88Not updated
41Mâlice Mad HouseBlackhand-EU88Not updated
44Malamadre HostileBlackhand-EU87Not updated
44Mumbi InfusedBlackhand-EU87Not updated
44Shirokumo Dal MarokBlackhand-EU87Not updated
44Vu HostileBlackhand-EU87Not updated
44Nerèus  Blackhand-EU87Not updated
49Firona nilBlackhand-EU86Not updated
49Patrokles OvernightBlackhand-EU86Not updated
49Pipilulu Pemme mit LachsBlackhand-EU86Not updated
49Konstii PelzpuddingBlackhand-EU86Not updated
49Senze  Blackhand-EU86Not updated
54Arsari deprecatedBlackhand-EU85Not updated
54Klumbstarr  Blackhand-EU85Not updated
54Felicitaz  Blackhand-EU85Not updated
54Moirâ DieHordeBlackhand-EU85Not updated
54Ysyria piXel PiratesBlackhand-EU85Not updated
54Sarthasis DXBlackhand-EU85Not updated
54Eyalyn Crowd ControlBlackhand-EU85Not updated
61Qrankx nilBlackhand-EU84Not updated
61Cathalina Wahre HeldenBlackhand-EU84Not updated
61Sylândra is a Straw Hat PirateBlackhand-EU84Not updated
61Kennyy Die Krosse KrabbeBlackhand-EU84Not updated
65Ellaya noneBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Squishy HostileBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Kampfmöhre KontaminiertBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Klééo Addicted to RagefireBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Kill Chaos ProjectBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Héjem titaniumBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Sîmbul  Blackhand-EU83Not updated
65Yueva EonarBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Thakoja Next plsBlackhand-EU83Not updated
65Khalidah pureBlackhand-EU83Not updated
75Mayja HostileBlackhand-EU82Not updated
75Linlasa dUUHmBlackhand-EU82Not updated
75Choja suggestive contentBlackhand-EU82Not updated
75Hellyolo Ðisturbed EquilibriumBlackhand-EU82Not updated
75Esme ProfectioBlackhand-EU82Not updated
80Darksorrow Wahre HeldenBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Xtremkegler Think PínkBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Phaia Ðisturbed EquilibriumBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Asarin TodesflüstererBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Moel AelinosBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Meemee InfusedBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Nyhraz  Blackhand-EU81Not updated
80Marybel  Blackhand-EU81Not updated
80Cheysula SingleplayerBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Tasjin Wächter von WalhallBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Rucoron InfusedBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Coom no Risk no FunBlackhand-EU81Not updated
80Blackkyd Guardians of GloryBlackhand-EU81Not updated
93Ðark noneBlackhand-EU80Not updated
93Nylîn EchøesBlackhand-EU80Not updated
93Gabbahead NachtschwärmerBlackhand-EU80Not updated
93Bloodoorem Twentyfive RandomsBlackhand-EU80Not updated

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